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      Seattle Executive Search Firm | Cowen Partners
      Seattle Executive Search Firm | Cowen Partners

      It is not easy to find a top candidate for an executive role. The process is time-consuming, expensive, and competitive. An executive search firm, however, makes the recruitment process a whole lot easier. A search firm can find some of the best high-level candidates and will even recruit impressive passive executives who are not actively seeking a new role. By using an executive search firm, companies can avoid the cost of a bad hire by ensuring they recruit the right person for the job.

      According to the Economist, 80 to 90 percent of Fortune 250 companies use a recruiter when searching for a CEO. Finding leaders for your business is difficult, but executive search firms like Cowen Partners simplify the process. Cowen Partners is the best Seattle executive search firm for finding top-rated executives. As a leading national executive search firm, Cowen Partners is known for diligently working to meet the recruiting needs of clients. Diligence is not the only feature you should be looking for in an executive search firm, though.  

      What Makes an Excellent Executive Search Firm?

      Dependability is one of the top criteria for an excellent executive search firm. You do not want a firm that is unresponsive and takes an inordinate amount of time to find qualified candidates. You want an executive search firm that provides results so you can make an informed hiring decision. For instance, Cowen Partners only takes 38 days on average to fill positions with qualified candidates. This quick turnaround time helps you quickly fill important roles within your company so you can focus on growing your business.  

      Knowledge of the industry is another important aspect of an excellent search firm. By understanding your company industry, an executive search firm has a better understanding of the skills and experience a candidate needs to succeed. Cowen Partners has expertise in a number of industries from technology and real estate to healthcare and financial services. An executive search firm with connections across multiple industries can connect you with all the top talent you will need. 

      Finally, a top-tier executive search firm will offer post-hire services. It can take a few months before you know whether or not a candidate is working. With a search firm like Cowen Partners, you can rest assured knowing the firm will stay in touch to make certain the new placement is going well and to troubleshoot any problems that may occur. 

      Cowen Partners has a lot more to offer in addition to dependability, industry knowledge, and post-hire services. As the best Seattle executive search firm, Cowen Partners delivers results so that your business can succeed. 

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      Our hands-on executive recruiters in Seattle have experience working with private, public, pre-IPO, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million in revenue to Fortune 1000’s or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite – CEOChief Operating OfficerChief Financial Officer, and include vice presidentgeneral counsel, and other director-level leadership roles.

      Cowen Partners delivers 3X more qualified candidates than the competition. Through our proven retained executive search process, we find, vet, and deliver the top 1% of candidates for positions across the C-suite. Our process works for all industries, including technologyhealthcaremanufacturingretailreal estatefinancial serviceprivate equity, and more.

      Learn how we deliver top talent, no matter the need, with our industry-leading research and resources. Discover the strategy that made Cowen Partners the top retained executive search firm in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and beyond.

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