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      Cowen Partners is a leading executive search firm that specializes in sourcing extraordinary talent for every C-suite role and leadership position in all types of organizations, from fledging startups and growing small businesses to mid-size companies, major corporations, industry titans, and beyond. Backed by deep expertise, experience, and networks, our highly skilled executive recruiters use a comprehensive search process to identify and source the best candidates for any C-level role.

      Leveraging a personalized approach and innovative strategies, we will work closely with you to understand your company’s culture, goals, and needs — and to deliver the best-fit leaders to fill those executive positions and take your organization to all new levels of success.

      That’s how we have earned national recognition as one of the best executive search firms for C-level recruitment, and it’s why more and more companies continue to trust Cowen Partners when it’s time to hire their next trailblazing leader.

      Discover more about how our executive recruiters can help your organization find its next superstar leader below.

      Executive Search & Recruiting by C-Level Function

      The right leadership can power and refine the trajectory of your organization while paving the way to better performance. When your company is ready to hire its next C-level leader, job ads can’t find that kind of talent that’s integral to advancing organizations and thriving in the roles of chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief technology officer (CTO), chief marketing officer (CMO), and beyond.

      We can — and we can do it more efficiently and with better results than practically any other executive search firm.

      Discover how by exploring some of our executive search specialties below (simply click on a role link that follows to jump to that section on this page).

      Executive Officers

      Cowen Partners’ senior executive recruiters personally manage the executive search process to find, recruit, and place top leaders — including the highest-ranking executive leaders in organizations — in under six weeks, using due diligence and human connection, instead of software automation.

      Chief Executive Officer

      CEO Search

      No matter what type of leader your business needs, our CEO recruiters can deliver exceptional candidates, matched to your company culture and curated from the top 1% of talent.

      Chief Operating Officer

      COO Executive Search

      Whether you need a Chief Operating Officer, a Director of Operations, or a General Manager, our COO recruiters will match you with the best options.



      Cowen Partners uses a proven recruitment process to find top talent for the role of President, matched to your organizational values and objectives.

      Financial Officers

      Sharp, forward-thinking leaders can bring innovative solutions, powerful strategies, and fresh insights to C-suites and several departments within an organization. That can introduce all-new efficiencies, processes, and opportunities for companies to get ahead, mitigate risk, overcome complex challenges, and gain a sharper competitive edge. Whether you’re looking to backfill an open position or grow your C-suite, the finance executive recruiters at Cowen Partners can zero in on the ideal candidates to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

      Chief Financial Officer

      CFO Executive Search

      Cowen Partners conducts more CFO searches in a month than other firms do in a year, and that is due to one very good reason — our CFO recruitment process works exceptionally well.


      Tax Recruitment

      Hire your next head of tax with confidence, knowing they bring industry experience and word-class tax expertise the role.


      Accounting Executive Search

      We are one of the few executive search firms with expertise in finding highly qualified Corporate Controllers and Chief Accounting Officers.

      Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officers

      With candidates for your company’s C-level positions, quality trumps quantity. That’s why we curate a candidate list using a 12-step due diligence process and our senior partners’ years of experience. At Cowen Partners, our executive recruiters know that finding people is easy. That’s why we don’t find people — we connect, curate, and place top talent in leadership roles, including the roles of chief marketing officer (CMO), chief product officer (CPO), chief revenue officer (CRO), chief sales officer (CSO), VP of Sales, and more.

      Chief Marketing Officer

      CMO Executive Search

      We are exceptionally effective at placing world-class CMOs across all industries.

      Chief Product Officer

      CPO Recruitment

      Chief product officers can maximize the value and performance of products and teams. We can find the right CPOs for any company.

      Chief Revenue Officer

      CRO Executive Recruitment

      We excel at placing future-minded CROs in C-suites nationwide. Here’s how we do it.

      Information & Technology Officers

      At Cowen Partners, we are confident in placing the right candidates for your C-suite needs, and we go the extra mile to match world-class talent with specific roles, your company culture, and your unique needs and objectives. In fact, we are so confident in our abilities to match top-tier candidates to practically any leadership position that we offer an industry-leading 1-year replacement guarantee. That’s true for our executive placements across the board, and it’s just one reason why so many organizations turn to Cowen Partners when it’s time to find their next CTO, CIO, or CISO.

      Chief Technology Officer

      CTO Executive Search

      We have placed highly sought-after CTOs in and outside the tech industry, including in SaaS companies, healthcare organizations, and more.

      Chief Information Officer

      CIO Executive Recruiters

      Our experienced technology executive recruitment team can match you with the best candidates for the roles of CIO and CISO.

      Information Security Officer

      Information Security Officer

      Stay ahead of mission-critical cyber and data security issues with information security officer on your team.

      DEI & HR Officers

      From Los Angeles and Silicon Valley to Austin, NYC, and beyond, Cowen Partners delivers more exceptionally qualified candidates for leadership roles across the C-suite for tech companies, SaaS firms, crypto and Bitcoin companies, credit unions, and more. When it’s time to recruit your next HR executive or DEI leader, it’s time to contact an experienced executive recruiter at Cowen Partners.

      With our proven recruitment processes and guaranteed results, our DEI and HR executive recruiters are highly effective at successfully placing exceptional candidates in all types of organizations, and we also specialize in diversity executive search. That’s why more and more companies are relying on Cowen Partners for their DEI and HR executive recruitment needs.

      Chief Diversity Officer

      CDO Recruitment

      Take DEI initiatives to the next level with a chief diversity officer who fits and understands your organization.

      Chief Human Resource Officer

      CHRO Executive Search

      CHROs are one of our HR recruitment specialties. Here’s what it takes to match the best CHRO candidates with the right roles and companies.

      Chief Administration Officer

      CAO Recruiters

      Advance inclusion strategies, campaigns, and results for any organization with an experienced chief inclusion officer.

      We deliver 3X more qualified candidates for C-suite roles, with the consistency of clockwork, no matter the industry, in less than 38 days. From sales, finance, and marketing to HR, administration, technology, and beyond, our executive recruiters truly understand the unique challenges that modern organizations face with leadership recruitment. And we are keenly aware of what it takes to place highly qualified talent in the right roles with the right organizations, regardless of whether you’re looking for your next legal officer and/or government affairs officer.

      Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

      GC & CLO Executive Search

      Legal executives, including CLOs & GC, can critically guide growth strategy. Here’s how we source the best legal officers nationwide.

      Compliance Officers

      Compliance Officers

      Stay ahead of key compliance issues, regulations, and risk management with your next chief compliance officer (CCO).

      Government Affairs Officers (GAOs)

      Government Affairs Officers (GAOs)

      With government affairs leadership, the best candidates come with experience, prudence, and well-honed decision-making skills. Here’s how we find the best GAOs.

      Board Directors & Board Chairs

      Board leaders determine overall business strategy, critically controlling the course and success of your business. While weak leadership in these key positions can result in inefficient management, poor recruitment, and potentially even business failure, strong board leaders can put organizations on course for extraordinary success. To attract and retain strong board leaders, it can take more than just a basic knowledge of a company’s short- and long-term agendas. It can also require a skilled board executive recruiter, especially when it’s time to backfill open positions, deal with succession planning, or expand board leadership.

      That’s where Cowen Partners comes in, offering world-class board recruitment and succession planning services.

      Board Chairs

      Board Chair Search

      For lasting success, recruit strong board chairs who truly align with your organization’s values and goals.

      Board Directors

      Board Director Search

      Board leadership decides the overall trajectory of your business. We can help you put the right professionals in those roles.

      Executive Directors

      Executive Director Search

      We are one of the few search firms with expertise in finding highly qualified executive directors. Here’s how we do it.

      Consultants, Partners & Professional Services

      Consultants and professional services executives can offer an array of vital services to businesses, advising on anything from accounting, financial oversight, and taxes to compliance, legal matters, marketing, and more. No matter what type of C-level consultant or professional service provider your organization is looking for, Cowen Partners has you covered — and we can connect you with the best options faster than any other executive search firm out there.



      Principal executive placements have included BIG 4 and regional CPA firms, managed services, and IT consultancies.


      Partner Executive Search

      We have extensive experience placing CPA partners, in both tax and audit, AM Law 100 law firm partners, and other managing partners across professional services.

      Experienced Professionals

      Consultant Executive Search

      We have placed experienced principals and future partners at Big 4 and regional CPA firms, as well as managed service providers and IT consultancies.

      Along with the leadership roles above, Cowen Partners also sources elite talent for new and emerging roles, including positions that are unique to specific organizations and industries. Simply reach out to let us know what you need, and our executive recruiters will take it from there.

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