At last, an executive search firm that knows how to identify and attract world class leadership talent.


      At Cowen Partners, we believe that recruiting the right leaders—ones that can change the trajectory of an entire organization—requires a meticulous mix of art and science.

      Executives who make a difference do not actively look at job ads. The only way to reach these coveted individuals is to pursue them with the persistence of an elite athlete and the grace of a ballet dancer. One misstep is all it takes to turn away the person who may have proven a catalyst for your organization.

      You’re Only as Good as Your Perception

      First impressions are lasting impressions. To a potential candidate, the executive search consultant is going to be the first point of contact, the very face of your organization. That is why Cowen Partners assigns an experienced Partner to each search—bringing decades of recruiting experience and industry expertise with them.

      Our Partners, flanked by a team of Associates, conduct executive searches for organizations like yours 365 days a year.

      Experience Meets Innovation

      At Cowen Partners, with experience and innovation deep-rooted in our ethos, we believe that quality trumps quantity in all business endeavors. The search for today’s leadership is no different.

      From creating a search strategy and attracting passive candidates to qualifying and strategically selecting the top contenders, we have a field-tested process for every step of the way. In fact, our 12-step due-diligence process is one of the most rigorous.

      At the same time, our team knows that the world of business never stops changing. That is why we’ve embraced agile principles and methodologies to turn our processes into a living organism, always evolving to meet the challenges of a forever-changing world.

      The result of this intersection of experience and innovation is a process that lets us deliver 3X more qualified candidates with the consistency of clockwork—across a wide array of industries and organizations of all sizes—in an industry-leading time of 38 days.

      Begin Your Search Today

      A CEO to steer the entire organization through the realities of the 21st-century economy. A CFO to help navigate the murky waters of an IPO. A superstar sales leader to hit ambitious revenue growth targets.

      Thanks to the unparalleled speed and consistency of our proven and evolving processes, we guarantee results on all searches with an industry-leading 1-year replacement.

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        You succeeded where many others failed; we are grateful for your key role in helping us hire a great candidate.

        CEO Healthcare

        I can’t believe you found someone so fast, yes we want them to start!

        CFO Bank

        I’m really impressed by all the qualified candidates, thank you so much

        SVP Chief People Officer

        I wanted to let you know we are very happy with your services, she has been great for us. Thank you for this assistance.

        CFO Credit Union

        I really appreciate your help finding someone for me and hope our paths cross again. I would definitely consider using you for a new search if I should have one. It was really easy to work with you.

        CFO Software Company

        Even after less than two months, it’s clear she is extremely well qualified and an excellent long term addition to our staff. We are very pleased to have her. Thanks for all the work you did to help make this possible.

        CEO Real Estate Company

        You are adamant in your search. I don’t think we have ever had a headhunter/recruiter so diligent on seeking out candidates as you are.

        VP HR Seafood Company

        You did what you said you’d do and I appreciate that, let me know if you ever need a reference

        CEO Specialty Pharmacy

        We have never seen this much activity from a recruiter before

        VP Talent Acquisition