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      Why We Started Cowen Partners Executive Search

      Cowen Partners saw an opportunity not being met in the market. We saw that most executive search firms had a narrow focus on specific regions, or working with one or two industries. Others were filled with partners whose processes were out of date with today’s modern demands. Or worse, large firms were overstaffed with eager grads who had zero experience and no senior team support.


      Cowen Partners Focuses On One Principle: Quality

      Our team was developed to anticipate clients’ needs proactively, then develop a wide variety of networks where personal attention replaced automated online job ads. The reason why? Due diligence. It’s why we successfully place top executive talent in 38 days, on average.

      Cowen Partners | Precision Over Quantity

      We believe in sending the right candidates right away. That’s why our model focuses on precise placement of key talent. You don’t want a massive list of candidates, you want a list of the right candidates ready to lead. That’s where we come in and why clients come back to us, again and again, to place executive leadership.


      Our Team Places Talent For Trajectory Level Growth

      When you choose Cowen Partners, you get senior partner led searches, due diligence run networking, candidate vetting, critical review, and high level teamwork geared towards one goal: placing top talent, right away, for your role. This is how we became, and stay, a leading team of executive search consultants. Are you ready to make your next role the right one for massive growth?

      Make an Informed Hire With Cowen Partners

      Cowen Partners | A Look At Our 4-Step Executive Recruiting Process


      Cowen Partners has a proven process for finding, vetting, and providing curated candidates lists filled with top talent that lead to trajectory level growth for your company. Our process has been field tested and proven to work. This process is how we successfully place candidates across the entire C-suite range in every type of industry.


      Our greatest advantage is transparency of our process. Other executive search firms obscure their process, use confusing acronyms that are hard to understand, and purposefully conceal what they are doing. We know our process works and that other firms don’t have the skill to duplicate it. That’s why we share it with our clients before we are retained. Discover how you’ll find your next candidate by reviewing our process below.


      1: Tailor Our Search Strategy


      Every organization and industry is unique. There’s no ONE solution that will work for everyone. That’s why we work with your hiring managers and team members to identify what the right fit is by:

      • Identifying the core competencies they need
      • Matching their personality to your company’s culture
      • Matching compensation to expectation


      Our senior led executive search team finds these details using competitive compensation analysis to understand how location, industry, and economic trends determine fair valuation. This analysis allows us to fairly value their talents so you attract the right list of high-caliber candidates.


      2: Find And Curate Candidates


      After we’ve established the key traits we are looking for and what compensation will incentivize them, our team begins the recruitment drive. We reach out to matching candidates using existing lists and our network of resources.


      Our experience shows that the right candidate is identified 90% of the time in the first 30 days with this process.


      This process generates a list of 50-200 qualified candidates for an executive search. During this process, we stay in touch with you so we can work together to tighten search parameters for filtering. This is key to when we start the connecting process.


      3: Curating & Qualifying Candidates


      After we’ve established a list of qualified candidates, we move to evaluations. Our team implements the 10/5/2 search method. Here’s how it works:


      We take the qualified list and narrow it to ten candidates based on the data, parameters, and goals our team established with yours. We schedule a meeting with the key members of your team to curate that list to 5 candidates. 


      We take the top 5 candidates through a rigorous, person led, due diligence process. This includes competency-based interviews, deep dive personality assessments, and more. Our process is nuanced so we can tailor down to a list of bespoke picks ensuring immediate results. This approach also protects you from getting the right talent but the wrong fit for your company objectives and culture (mismatches, on average, costs clients $240,000).


      This process finds your next leader in as little as 6-9 weeks.


      4: Selecting Your Candidate


      Once our executive search team has narrowed your options, we share the results. You get a deep look into your candidates’ competency evaluations and behavioral assessments. You then get to select the two most qualified finalists.


      Our team matches your needs to our referencing process. Every step of the process is tailored to your needs and ideal outcome. From here, you move into negotiations. These are simple and transparent conversations due to pre-vetting and the compensation analysis from earlier.


      From here, the timeline shifts to your company and moves at your pace. We support you so you can act with both urgency and purpose.


      Once you reach an agreement, our team works with you to ensure onboarding moves quickly. We also schedule consistent check-ins to ensure the candidate is proving the right fit for your company’s long-term goals.


      Are you ready to connect with world class talent to grow your organization? Contact us using the form below and we’ll connect you with the right executive leader necessary for trajectory level growth.

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      Do you have what it takes to find and recruit world-class executive talent for our clients?


      An Innovative Workspace

      At Cowen Partners, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the executive recruiting field. We invest heavily in tools that support research, and our methods are continually redesigned, tested, and improved. We aren’t afraid to try new recruiting strategies and explore new ideas. Part of the reason our firm is nationally ranked is because we listen to our recruiters’ feedback and give them a voice in the company.


      An Opportunity for Growth

      When you become an executive recruiter for Cowen Partners, you enter a stable career track with many opportunities for growth. We understand you want to be challenged and to continue growing professionally. When you join our company, you’ll have the chance to lead unique client projects that will not only help clients successfully grow their business but will also keep you engaged with your work. If you’re looking for an exciting challenge with plenty of rewards, we have a plethora of opportunities for you to tackle.


      The Perfect Work/Life Balance

      To work hard, we believe our employees need plenty of rest which is why we offer a generous amount of paid time off. A healthy work/life balance is crucial to the happiness of our employees and makes it easier for everyone to do their job well. The office is also located in a walkable neighborhood, so employees have the opportunity to stretch their legs and take in the fresh air during the workday. We did our best to create a modern office where employees can feel at home and take advantage of flexible work hours.


      A Competitive Compensation

      In order to recruit the best talent for our clients, we need top talent working for our firm, which is why Cowen Partners offers a very competitive compensation and benefits package to all executive recruiters. We recognize the talent and experience you bring to the table, and we know you deserve to be fairly compensated for your skills. Along with a generous salary, Cowen Partners provides the resources you need to be successful in your position. Together with a team you can work to achieve great things for our clients. Your hard work will also be recognized by our company through bonuses and other compensation opportunities.


      A Diverse Workplace 

      Cowen Partners is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. We want employees to feel at home in the office and safe to be their true selves. Respect is of the upmost importance at Cowen Partners, and we strive to build a workplace that fosters empowerment and belonging amongst our employees. We believe having a diverse and inclusive workforce is part of what makes our team successful.  Different perspectives bring new ideas and innovative methods for achieving success. If you have a unique perspective to bring to the table, we want you on our team.

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