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  • Corporate Office: (360) 947-2804
  • Corporate Office: (360) 947-2804

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The recruiting industry is filled with a lot of inconsistencies.
Some agencies focus on specific regions of the country. Others only work in one or two industries. Some shops boast professionals who have been at it for 30+ years and do everything on paper. Other firms are filled with eager grads with lots of energy but not much direction.

Our people have experienced each of these scenarios, and then some.
We pushed against the edges so far that the logical choice was to do things differently: Quality over quantity. Teamwork over tension. And lasting partnerships over lofty promises.

Quality over quantity. Teamwork over tension. And lasting partnerships over lofty promises.

We continue to push against the edges for our clients.

Much of our industry is based on “how many” and “how fast.” We understand the need for quantity and speed, but our aim is “how precise.” This laser focus is one of the main reasons our clients call back when new positions open in their organizations.

Our employees enjoy being part of something different.
Our model is built on due diligence, process, critical review, and teamwork. Working this way allows us to extend our reach across the country to connect experts with experts, and help shape the way companies and professionals grow.

That’s Cowen Partners.

Cowen Partners Shawn ColeShawn Cole
Managing Partner

My Clients are both small and large public and private companies and a significant amount of my time is spent recruiting for executive accounting and finance positions. A passion of mine is working with growth companies in need of experienced senior financial leaders capable of raising capital and scaling.

Cowen-Partners Ash WendtAsh Wendt
Managing Partner

I specialize in enterprise B2B sales & marketing recruiting and my clients typically want to expand their sales team nationally. Client industries include; software, telecom, packaging, and food & beverage.

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