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      A Message From Our President, Shawn Cole

      When Ash Wendt and I envisioned Cowen Partners Executive Search, we set out to build the executive search firm we couldn’t find—one that embodied our unwavering belief in excellence. A firm where dedication and quality of client engagement are paramount, leaving behind the notions of client or candidate ownership. We cultivated a culture where driven

      Ready to Innovate? Check Out These 6 Strategies for Growth

      “Innovation” is a ubiquitous term in the business world. And that’s for a good reason: When you want to set your company apart from competitors, you need to prove that you can offer customers an unparalleled experience. With that in mind, successful innovation can lead to incredible growth, but knowing how to pull it off

      How to Find a Chief Operating Officer to Take Your Company to the Next Level

      As a business executive, you understand how having the right people in key roles can make or break your organization. This statement rings particularly true for the chief operating officer role. The COO is responsible for not only developing successful operations strategies but also driving growth in every part of the business. If you don’t

      What to Look for When Hiring a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

      Does a chief human resources officer (CHRO) belong in your executive team? Many CEOs discover the strategic value of having a CHRO on their board. This strategic role can help you manage your organization’s most important asset: your employees. In an age where business leaders struggle against talent shortages and employee turnover, a CHRO can

      Salary Negotiation Tips for HR Professionals

      Salary negotiations can be challenging, but they’re a vital aspect of ensuring that your employees receive fair and just compensation. By mastering the skill that goes into these discussions and deliberations, HR professionals can improve the employee experience, which can go a long way toward improving your company’s retention rates.  With that in mind, here

      How Executive Search Differs From Traditional Recruiting

      When it’s time for a major leadership transition, your organization needs more than a standard recruiting firm. Instead, you need an executive search firm to aid your quest for the next C-level executive.  How does an executive search firm differ from a standard recruiting and staffing service? Learn more about the role that executive search

      A Change in Perspective: The Next Generation of Credit Union Leadership

      In the coming years, the American workforce is set to experience a major shift. As baby boomers retire, younger generations are poised to take the reins in virtually every industry.  This transition is smoother in some sectors than others. In the world of credit unions, it’s becoming a somewhat bumpy ride. This is an era

      It’s All in the Process: Optimizing Your Strategy for Recruiting Your CEO

      Depending on how long your company has been in business, you might have plenty of experience recruiting new employees as positions become available. Often, your recruitment strategy for different roles looks more or less the same.  However, when it comes to recruiting your next CEO, your process is (or at least should be) a little

      Looking for Your Next CEO? Understand These Best Practices First

      Hiring a CEO isn’t like hiring any other employee. While it’s true that every employee has an impact on your business, CEOs have the greatest impact of all. Some research even indicates that your CEO’s performance can predict 40% of your company’s outcome. With that much at stake, it’s imperative to make sure you have

      How a People-First Approach Can Lead to Unprecedented Growth

      When Rob Waldron became CEO of Curriculum Associates, a workbook company that then released only printed materials, the business appeared to be on the verge of collapse. It was running out of money and failing to keep up with the digitizing world of education. Waldron was able to completely turn the company around. Under his

      What Sets an Owner Apart From a CEO?

      To some people, a business owner is just about the same as a CEO. After all, owners and CEOs both sit at the top of a company’s hierarchy.  However, in most cases, owners and CEOs have different responsibilities. And as a business grows, an owner might make the decision to hire a CEO. Here’s what

      What Sets Enterprise CEOs Apart From Startup CEOs?

      What makes a good CEO? The answer to that depends on the type of business you’re running. While there are significant areas of overlap, enterprise CEOs must lead and strategize in a way that’s much different from startup CEOs. If you’re beginning to search for the right CEO for your company, it can be helpful

      Is It Time to Change Executive Leadership?

      Your C-suite executives are an integral part of your business’s day-to-day functioning — and maybe even its identity. Once you’ve found your C-suite, you might start to view these leaders as permanent fixtures in your company.  While this mindset is understandable, it puts your company at risk of stagnation. Here’s a look at why, when,

      Your Next Great Employee Might Not Be Looking for You

      If you’re recruiting for a new role, you’re certainly dealing with active job seekers — people who have gone to some trouble to find job opportunities and apply for them. Depending on where you’ve advertised a position, you might be inundated with job seekers. However, no matter how many people you have lining up, you’re

      Does Your Sales Leadership Recruiting Process Need a Facelift?

      Once your business discovers a particular process that works, you might be tempted to lock it in and continue relying on it indefinitely. After all, if the old adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is to be believed, you should stick with the recruiting processes that have continually given you success, right?

      5 Tips for Sharpening Your Cybersecurity Protocol

      Does your business have a chief information security officer (CISO)? This role might sound futuristic, but with cybersecurity threats growing by the day, it’s essential that you protect your company. Whether you’re a CEO, another executive, or even a CISO yourself, creating and maintaining a robust cybersecurity protocol is an instrumental part of your business’s

      5 Tips to Sharpen Your Cybersecurity Protocol

      Does your business have a chief information security officer (CISO)? This role might sound futuristic, but with cybersecurity threats growing by the day, protecting your company is essential. Whether you’re a CEO, another executive, or even a CISO yourself, creating and maintaining a robust cybersecurity protocol is an instrumental part of your business’s health. Here

      Is Your CFO Hiring Budget Realistic?

      Ask anyone “Who is in charge of a company?” and they’ll tell you it’s the CEO. That may be true, but a competent CFO is essential if you want your company to move in the right financial direction. Hiring the right CFO for your company is often harder than it sounds. Competition is fierce for

      5 Tips for Developing an Infinite Mindset in Business

      For many business leaders, success is measured in terms of short-term gains and profitability. But in the 2018 book The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek argues that true business leadership is about cultivating an “infinite mindset,” one built around long-term gains rather than short-term results.  Adopting an infinite mindset is critical to your company’s resilience and

      Your Complete Guide to Hiring the Right CFO

      Hiring for any position in your C-suite requires an in-depth understanding of the role you’re looking to fill and how the candidate you ultimately choose will move your company forward.  With that said, as you move to execute your CFO hiring strategy, you and your team will likely have a lot of questions, ranging from

      How Executive Search Continues to Evolve With the Times

      As the business world continues to shift, so must the recruiting tactics of top companies and the executive search firms that assist them in finding top talent. In a recent survey, more than half of companies reported that they are making changes to their talent-sourcing strategy to close skills gaps and meet changing demands.  Learn

      Finding Success as a CEO in the Age of Accountability

      Nowadays, it’s impossible for CEOs to get away with doing as they please. The next generation of investors and shareholders greatly value authenticity and sustainability, an assertion that is backed by the fact that environmental, social, and governance fund assets reached $2.5 trillion at the end of 2022. ESG standards are gaining greater popularity with

      5 CEO Archetypes: Which One Is Best for Your Company?

      Every CEO candidate is different. But if you spend enough time analyzing candidates for a chief executive role, you’ll see five distinct profiles emerge.  Depending on the needs of your business, you might find that one type is better for your company than another. Here’s a quick overview of the five CEO archetypes, as well

      Today’s CEOs Are Multifaceted Leaders

      In the past, the role of a CEO was to lead a company. That’s still true today, but in an interconnected world, a chief executive’s sphere of influence is wider than ever. As Harvard Business Review claims, “Today’s CEOs don’t just lead companies. They lead ecosystems.” The challenges facing today’s CEOs are arguably more varied

      A Glimpse Into the Shifting Priorities of Private Equity Leadership

      Each year, the Ernst & Young Global Private Equity Survey closely examines the world of private equity executives. This year, CFOs and COOs seem to have one particular thing on their minds: talent management. The focus on talent has been shaped by emerging industry trends and a consistent focus on growth, among other industry shifts.

      Is It Time to Change How You Hire Executives?

      You know how to recruit and hire great company leaders. Or do you? In a world changed by both COVID and technology, the archetype of a successful CEO is changing, too. Executives are much like brand ambassadors — if customers, shareholders, and even other employees like your executives, they’re more likely to support your company

      Why Character Counts in CEO Candidates

      A great CEO can take a struggling company and make it a success. And if your company is already successful, the right CEO can build on that success, creating revolutionary gains for your business. Obviously, when you’re looking for your next CEO, you should focus on hiring someone with a great performance record. But recent

      Is Your Management Team Working for You?

      What’s the biggest issue facing today’s private equity firms and portfolio companies? You might think it’s the impending recession or record-high inflation.  However, a survey conducted by management consultant company AlixPartners has found otherwise — a significant portion of surveyed private equity firms and portfolio companies named recruiting and retaining talent as one of their

      Does Long CEO Tenure Help or Hurt a Company?

      It might sound ideal: a successful company led for many years by a dedicated, long-standing CEO. After all, people tend to get better at their jobs as they gain more experience, right? That reasoning may sound logical, but research indicates that long CEO tenure may actually be counterproductive. Here’s a closer look at why long

      Drawing the Line: Where Does the CEO End & the Board of Directors Begin?

      In a perfect scenario, a CEO and board of directors work together to guide a company in the right direction. But in practice, there’s often some confusion — on everyone’s part — about what each is responsible for. Here’s a look at how to set clear, effective boundaries between your board of directors and your

      Value Creation Teams: PE Firms’ New Secret Weapon

      Successful private equity firms tend to see massive profits when buying and selling companies. And historically, they’ve been able to achieve those profits through buying and selling alone. That’s not the case today. In the current economic climate, the model of flipping companies isn’t enough to generate massive profits — or, at least, generate them

      Stop Hiring for Charisma: 5 Traits to Look for Instead

      You’re getting ready to hire a new CEO, and you’re down to two candidates. Both are equally qualified, but one has charismatic magnetism like you’ve never seen before. The other does not. Which do you choose? If you’re like most hiring managers, you’d go for the charismatic one in a heartbeat. It’s easy to see

      CFO Succession Planning: Make Sure Your Finance Team Is Ready for Anything

      Good CFOs will constantly optimize your company’s financial strategy, but great CFOs will do so while also ensuring that there’s a team of finance professionals ready to step in and take their place.  When it comes to your company’s finances, nothing should be left up to chance. With that said, CFO succession planning is essential

      Seven Strategic Reasons to Work With an Executive Recruiter for Your Search

      Hiring at the executive level is a critical process, and the outcome will affect your company for many years. The person you hire will play a role in determining the direction of your company, aligning the business, inspiring and mobilizing employees, and engaging with stakeholders. Finding the best executive for the job is not just

      Four Critical Steps Every CEO Candidate Should Take on Their Journey to the Top

      Do you envision the role of CEO in your future? It’s a worthwhile goal to have, but getting there is a challenging journey not everyone is built for. It requires honest introspection and hard work. The road to the top is paved with learning, humility, and results. You must display solid leadership traits like objectivity,

      What Are Some Executive Resume Red Flags?

      It’s never a great idea to submit a poorly done resume with a job application. But when the application is for an executive position, the stakes are even higher — meaning a low-quality resume is an especially bad sign. After all, executive positions demand an enormous amount of focus and dedication. If an applicant can’t

      How to Find C-Suite Talent for Your Private Equity Firm (& Convince Them to Choose You)

      Hiring the right talent is important for any business. But it’s especially critical in the ultra-competitive world of private equity firms, where a company’s success or failure often hinges on the caliber of its employees. Whether you’re hiring for one open position or 20, you know that you need to attract top talent. But that

      CFO Succession Planning: Ensuring Your Company’s Future Success

      Knowing your company has a competent, engaged CFO is a great feeling. But what if something unexpected were to happen and leave your finance department without a leader? If you have a detailed, long-term CFO succession plan, you should be able to switch to new leadership with relatively little disruption. However, if you haven’t invested

      Work Experience: The Critical Element to Building (and Benefitting from) Human Capital

      Human capital makes up a significant portion of both global and individual wealth. A person’s ability to use their education, training, intelligence, skills, and even health to provide what employers value and make a living for themselves is a crucial part of how life works in many countries. However, the capacity to build human capital

      Think Your Employees Need to Return to the Office? You Might Just Need Better Performance Management

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce made an unprecedented shift to remote work. And while some employees have started heading back to the office, many have not. In 2023, 28.2% of full-time employees work from home part of the time. About 12.7% are fully remote. Even though remote work has become more popular across industries,

      5 Ways Executive Search Firms Support the Talent Management Priorities of Private Equity Companies

      In recent years, private equity firms’ desire for top talent has reached an all-time high. This high level of demand is in response to a recognition across the industry that having the right people in key executive roles is a critical factor in how private equity firms are able to maintain growth amid significant market

      AI Is Upending the CPG Industry. Can Your Company Keep Up?

      Artificial intelligence might sound like something out of a sci-fi film. But as we’ve seen in recent years, this rapidly developing technology has already begun to integrate itself into the fabric of our lives. Unsurprisingly, AI has shown great promise in the business world. The many everyday uncertainties of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry

      Jenny Dearborn SAP

      Former Chief Talent Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. When Jenny Dearborn gets stuck, she often thinks back to her “forever mentor,” Karie Willyerd, and considers “what would Karie do?”  “That’s what a mentor does,” Dearborn

      Company Culture & Culture Fit Leadership Guide

      Company culture can attract, inspire, and retain loyal executives, teams, and customers while setting a business apart from competitors and making it impervious to shifts in markets, industries, and society in general. In fact, modern brands and businesses are leveraging company culture in exciting new ways to recruit stronger teams, grow in new spaces, ad

      Demand Gen Leadership Guide

      Demand generation can be a crucial component of any company’s marketing and sales strategy, driving revenue, growth, and more customers to businesses in any industry. From lead gen and lead nurturing to data analytics, digital marketing, customer experiences, and beyond, demand gen leaders in C-suites focus on the key activities that are essential to amplifying

      Remote Hiring: Tips & Best Practices for Assembling a Successful Virtual Team

      According to a study from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 74% of employers are offering some type of remote work opportunity for their employees, and 16% of businesses are fully remote.  Suffice it to say, virtual work is here to stay, but assembling a virtual team can be challenging. With that being said,

      Onboarding Excellence: Creating a Seamless Transition for New Hires

      Data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicates that 20% of all employee turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. It is, therefore, critical that your onboarding process be designed to not only integrate new hires into your company culture but also improve employee engagement in order to retain star talent. 

      Hiring for Growth: Scaling Your Workforce to Match Your Business’s Expansion

      Growing businesses often make one of two equal and opposite mistakes. The first is hiring more people than the business can currently sustain, while the second is hiring too few workers, thereby preventing the business from achieving and maintaining growth. As you work to avoid these errors, ensure that you adhere to and follow some

      Sandy Carter Unstoppable Domains

      Chief Operating Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. Sandy Carter exudes so much energy that some, she acknowledges in her LinkedIn bio, have referred to her as the “original Energizer Bunny.”  In a given month, you

      Understanding the Differences Between a Chief Sales Officer and a Chief Revenue Officer

      When it comes time to spur your organization’s revenue growth, you’ll likely want an executive to lead the charge. A Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) can help, but understanding the differences in their typical responsibilities can help you decide which suits your company.  Chief Sales Officer: Responsibilities and Salary Think of

      Unraveling the Roles: Chief People Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer & Chief Administrative Officer

      Written by Thomas Paik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader CPOs vs. CHROs vs. CAOs The roles of Chief People Officer (CPO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) all play significant parts in an organization’s management structure, but they differ in their primary areas of focus and responsibilities. The Chief

      The Crucial Role of Great Leaders in Building Successful Teams

      Great leaders form the bedrock of any business. Without the appropriate leadership, successful teams cannot be built. Leaders play a pivotal role in motivating, inspiring, and driving their teams, making it imperative to find the ideal supervisors and executives for your company in order to achieve success. Great leaders often share the same characteristics. In

      Unlocking Success: Strategies to Identify the Ideal Sales Leadership for Your Company

      Sales serve as the cornerstone of achieving corporate goals, regardless of the size or sector of your business. They are the lifeblood that sustains any organization. Without securing repeat business from existing customers and acquiring new clients, your business will face significant challenges in its growth trajectory. While enhancing go-to-market strategies and refining sales pitches

      Sales Development & Early Growth: The CEO’s Role in Nurturing Startup Success

      During the initial stages of a startup, the workforce is typically small, and sales representatives are often absent. As the CEO or founder, this means you are responsible for pitching and selling the product to potential clients. At this crucial juncture, engaging in sales exploration becomes imperative as it allows you to gain a deeper

      Private Equity Now Runs on Talent

      The operating model of many PE firms is changing. In the past, the objective was to pick up bargain-bin companies at wholesale prices, quickly restructure them for profitability, and then offload them for a return. However, growing competition has made it more challenging to find undervalued bargains ripe for improvement. PE companies are finding they

      Today’s Executives Don’t Want to Work Either

      You’ve heard of quiet quitting and the Great Resignation, but there’s another rising concern that companies should be aware of. A recent Workforce Institute at UKG survey found that 40% of C-suite executives plan on quitting next year.  Even more interesting is that the ones who plan to leave aren’t baby boomers nearing retirement. They’re

      Is Your Next Executive Hire a Former College Athlete?

      Finding a suitable hire for an executive role isn’t easy. You’ll need to consider various factors, like their previous leadership experience, technical prowess, and ability to work toward strategic objectives. And even if the interview flows smoothly and the candidate looks great on paper, there’s no real way to tell whether they’ll be the right

      Recruiting Top Sales Talent From Your Competition

      A stellar sales team is critical to growing organizations trying to expand their footprint and build a customer base. However, finding talented and experienced sales agents can be quite challenging, especially for relatively unknown startups and mid-level companies in competitive environments. One solution is sourcing qualified sales reps from other businesses. Some organizations consider the

      How to Prevent Your Employees From Being Poached

      As a manager or executive, keeping your top talent in your organization and away from competitors probably ranks pretty high on your list. After all, no company wants to lose skilled employees they’ve worked hard to obtain. Essential workers who are integral to your business processes are hard to replace, and losing one can be

      Discovering Exceptional Private Equity Operating Partners: A Guide

      By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search Private equity operating partners play a crucial role in the success of private equity firms. These highly skilled professionals bring their industry expertise and operational acumen to drive value creation and operational improvements within portfolio companies. Finding the right operating partner is essential for private equity firms

      Strategic Decision-Making: Determining the Right Time to Hire a CRO or a VP of Sales

      Revenue serves as the fundamental catalyst for a business’s success, driving its growth and sustainability. Without a steady stream of revenue, a company is bound to stagnate, leading to financial challenges in meeting obligations such as bill payments and employee salaries, including those of the Vice President of Sales (VP Sales), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO),

      Demystifying the COO Role: Exploring the Responsibilities & Significance of a Chief Operating Officer

      In the journey of every organization, there comes a time when discussions arise about the possibility of hiring a second-in-command or a Chief Operations Officer (COO). However, the role of a COO is often shrouded in ambiguity and misconceptions, making the process of finding the right candidate a challenging task. While we have previously explored

      Mastering the Culture Fit Interview to Build Cohesive Teams

      When it comes to the hiring process, it is essential to remember that assessing cultural fit goes beyond evaluating a candidate’s skillset. Recognizing this distinction becomes crucial when designing interviews and selecting the right questions to ask. A skilled hiring manager understands the significance of delving into a candidate’s background, interests, and values during the

      Essential Qualities for Interim CFOs at Private Equity Portfolio Companies

      In the fast-paced world of private equity firms, the role of an interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) holds significant importance. As these firms navigate complex financial landscapes and make strategic investment decisions, having the right person in the interim CFO position becomes crucial. The success of private equity firms often hinges on the expertise, adaptability,

      Decoding the Roles: General Counsel vs. Chief Legal Officer (GC vs. CLO)

      The chief legal officer (CLO) and general counsel (GC) are both important roles within an organization’s legal department, but they differ in their scope and responsibilities. The general counsel is primarily focused on providing legal advice and guidance to the company, managing legal risks, and overseeing legal operations. They typically handle day-to-day legal matters, such

      Melody Zhang Chateau Ste Michelle

      Chief Human Resources Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. Melody Zhang experienced firsthand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as an immigrant entering the U.S. workforce. Nearly 20 years ago, new to corporate America,

      What to Look for in a Turnaround Executive

      When a company reaches the brink of disaster, the board of directors often looks for a new CEO or CFO to step in and turn things around. Declining profits, loss of major customers, and a freefall in share price are all indicators that someone needs to step in fast or risk the company heading into

      Private Equity CEO Recruiting Strategies

      Finding the perfect fit for a private equity firm’s portfolio company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a laborious process. Most potential hires have impressive resumes and backgrounds ‎that initially make them seem like a good fit. Nevertheless, this rarely works out‎, evidenced by the high turnover among private equity CEOs. According to AlixPartners’ Annual Private

      Cowen Partners CFO Movement Study 2023

      Today’s CFOs are grappling with continued, rapid, digital disruption (both within their organizations and the finance function itself), along with a prolonged high-interest rate environment and continued fear of recession. Meanwhile, organizations continue to put an emphasis on, and investment in, bringing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to the c-suite. Amidst that backdrop, CFO movement

      The Ultimate Credit Union Leadership Guide

      How Credit Union Leaders Drive Extraordinary Success Credit union executives are critical to the operations, deals, and long-term success of member-owned financial institutions. Responsible for financial stability, regulatory compliance, and member needs, credit union executives need to be strategic leaders who have their fingers on the pulse of an organization’s policies, missions, and objectives, both

      Public Company CEOs vs. Private Equity CEOs: Understanding the Market

      The information needed to analyze public company CEOs is quite comprehensive and readily available. And these details are so accessible precisely because public companies must fulfill specific reporting requirements, including giving statements about their executive hiring practices and compensation plans.  With a simple Google search (or, if you’re feeling inclined, an EDGAR query), you can

      Who’s Hiring? Your Nearest Private Equity Portfolio Company

      Following record growth between 2020 and 2021, demand for talent across all industries increased at levels unseen in decades. Fueled by economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and access to inexpensive credit, private equity (PE) firms acquired small and mid-size organizations to add to their ever-growing portfolios. Toward the end of 2021, demand for executives

      The Correlation Between Female Athletes & Successful Leadership

      When you think of sports, you likely imagine the latest football game you watched on TV or the volleyball club you participate in every spring. However, sports offer much more than entertainment and general wellness — they’re also a precursor of leadership success, according to one recent EY study.  EY’s research shows that 94% of

      Who Is the Best Fit for a CFO Role: A CPA or an MBA?

      The early 2000s saw multiple accounting scandals, including the crash of Enron and the folding of Arthur Andersen. Those crises shook the business world and led to the development of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), which created a raft of new financial reporting regulations for companies to abide by. With Enron nearly twenty years in the

      Are We Headed for an Executive Hiring Crisis?

      The Great Resignation made headlines in 2021, with scores of employees leaving their jobs amid the pandemic and societal upheaval. But while these issues have receded, another crisis looms in the distance: the upcoming executive labor shortage as baby boomers leave the workforce. Baby boomers — generally defined as people born between 1946 and 1964

      CEOs Are Shaking Up the Way They Select Their CFOs

      Keeping executive talent on board can be tricky when you have highly qualified leaders who excel in what they do. When a senior leader like a CFO decides to leave the organization, it can spell trouble for the rest of the company — this is one reason CEOs try to keep close relationships with their

      Is Your Future CEO a Woman Under 55? Maybe.

      Executives aren’t known for being a remarkably diverse bunch of people. Most are near retirement age and tend to be white and male. According to research from The Corporate Board, the average CEO is 58 years old, with some being quite a bit older, like Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, who is currently 92 and

      CEO Succession Practice Trends: What to Know 

      CEOs have faced numerous challenges in recent years: a catastrophic pandemic, shifts to remote work (and back again), supply chain disruptions, and a floundering economy. As a result, many have placed succession plans on the back burner, ensuring that leadership remained intact to navigate the company through choppy seas. However, as the world has begun

      Leigh Gower Dutch Bros Coffee

      Chief Technology Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. Leigh Gower, as she tells her mentees, was never one to say “here’s my North Star, my career is going to be this, and this is what I’m

      As the Pandemic Wanes & the Skies Clear, CEO Turnover Is Increasing

      At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were so busy putting out fires that their executive succession plans were set aside. Ongoing lockdowns kept most employees working from home, and disruptions to supply chains left many executives with difficult decisions, like replacing long-standing vendors with more dependable ones. The COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain

      CEOs Are Getting Older & That’s Concerning

      Fifty-seven — the average age of CEOs at companies in the S&P 500, according to a recent CNBC analysis. While that’s still far from the traditional retirement age of 67, there are multiple cases where executives continue to hold the top posts well into their 70s and 80s.  For instance, Bob Iger, the CEO of

      All You Need to Know About a Chief Growth Officer 

      In a fluctuating economy, more companies are looking to expand their market reach, and they’re turning to Chief Growth Officers (CGOs) for guidance. According to a recent analysis from LinkedIn, CGOs are ranked fifth among the fastest-growing marketing and sales roles in the U.K. Similar studies from LinkedIn indicate that hiring for CGOs increased by

      Characteristics of a Competent Board Member

      Your company’s board of directors sets the tone for the entire organization. They’ll decide when to bring on new executives and establish specific objectives for various departments to work toward. Typically, their experience in prior executive leadership roles gives them the perspective they need to liaise directly with senior leadership while still maintaining their independence

      Interim Leadership: Beneficial or a Problem in the Making?

      Hiring the right executive to lead an organization isn’t easy. It can take months or years to find a suitable leader who possesses the skills you seek and is the right cultural fit for the company. That’s why many businesses turn to interim leaders who help fill in the gaps while looking for a long-term

      6 M&A Challenges to Be Aware of in 2023

      M&As are attractive to companies seeking to scale or expand their organization quickly without needing to establish their own foothold in a new market.  Businesses that have already “done the work” and align well with an acquiring company’s strategy are often targets of M&A’s, especially those with attributes that reduce their monetary value, like operating

      Why Employers Can’t Afford to Let DE&I Initiatives Go

      With predictions of an impending recession becoming louder and louder, more companies are seeking ways to reduce expenses and protect their profits. Often, some of the first things to go are human resources programs like leadership and diversity training.  Nearly three years after the mass protests that shook the U.S. in 2020 — brought on

      Is Your IPO Delayed? Here’s What to Do

      In the current business environment, some companies are choosing to delay their IPO plans in hopes that the markets will shift over the next year or two and allow them to launch in fairer economic waters.  Startups that devoted much of the past few years to preparing their organization for an IPO are finding that

      The Fastest-Growing C-Suite Roles in 2023

      LinkedIn recently posted some interesting data on the C-suite roles that are growing most rapidly. The list wasn’t full of the usual suspects, like CEOs or CFOs. Instead, the C-suite position with the highest growth was chief diversity and inclusion officer, with an astounding 168.9% increase in hires. Here are the top 10 C-suite positions

      How to Choose the Right Leader in an ESOP

      ESOP companies are unique among their publicly or privately owned business counterparts. Instead of the company being led by outside shareholders or other investors, its employees retain most of the organization’s ownership, and they typically participate in significant decisions that can impact the company’s future. When an ESOP company seeks outside leadership to guide its

      The Sports Leadership Guide

      How Today’s Sports Leaders Are Achieving Champion-Level Success Modern sports leaders are not just focused on winning games, getting to the playoffs, and earning titles. Beyond that, the best leaders in the sports industry are driven to inspire, innovate, and fuel sustainable growth while making a difference and working to achieve big-picture organizational objectives. To

      The Ultimate CTO, CIO & CISO Leadership Guide

      How Today’s Technology Leaders Unlock New Levels of Success Technology leaders — including chief technology officers (CTOs), chief information officers (CIOs), and chief information security officers (CISOs) — can develop and implement key strategies for modernizing an organization’s processes, systems, and operations. Beyond that, today’s CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs are tackling complex, high-stakes challenges, from

      Preparing for an IPO in Today’s Economy 2023

      It’s no secret that business, as a whole, has taken a beating over the past few years. Concerns about a recession and ever-rising inflation rates have CFOs across the country worried. The Federal Reserve has fought hard against recession fears, increasing interest rates nine times since March of 2022, all in a bid to tamp

      Future: Plan for Shorter CEO Tenures

      Baby boomers are known for their commitment to their employers. They often stay with their company for years or even decades, gradually climbing the corporate ladder until they take over senior leadership positions. However, baby boomers are nearing retirement age. Born between 1946 and 1964, the youngest of the generation will reach 67 by the

      The Ethics of Personality Tests in the Hiring Process

      You’ve likely taken a personality test at some point in your life. Whether the test was part of a classroom assignment, taken with friends, or given during an employer’s hiring process, you probably learned a few things about yourself.  Personality tests aim to give individuals insight into their behaviors and actions. For instance, you might

      Changing CEO Priorities in 2023

      The past three years have served as a test for even the sturdiest of organizations in ways we couldn’t have possibly dreamed of ten years ago. The widespread panic that began in 2020 resulting from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic tested the mettle of senior leaders, causing them to shut their office doors and

      Women Outrank Males in Key Leadership Traits

      Pew Research Center recently released a study regarding women in leadership roles, finding that women have led 7.4% of Fortune 500 companies and held nearly 30% of board member roles. Although those statistics indicate that women still fell well below male leadership rankings, they do show substantial progress. As relatively recently as 1995, not a

      The Ultimate CEO Leadership Guide

      How Chief Executives Officers Fuel C-Suite Success As leaders, game changers, and innovators, CEOs set the course for organizations while also influencing industry trends and evolving frameworks. From making strategic directions to building strong C-suites and advancing company growth, CEOs are charged with several top-level responsibilities that can drive short- and long-term success while creating

      The Ultimate Healthcare Leadership Guide

      How Healthcare Leaders Drive C-Suites to All New Levels of Success Today’s healthcare leaders are disrupting traditional frameworks to deliver exciting new breakthroughs and innovations that are reshaping the industry, patient care, and the future of medicine. Relentlessly intent on advancing caregiving and making critical decisions in an ever-changing environment, modern healthcare leaders generally need

      The Ultimate CMO Leadership Guide

      How Chief Marketing Officers Power C-Suite Success Chief marketing officers (CMOs) are strategic decision-makers and forward-thinking innovators who oversee so much more than marketing operations and staff. Beyond that, CMOs are charged with defining and improving customer experiences, launching new initiatives and technologies, retaining customers, and achieving optimal ROIs. Focused on everything from market research,

      Starting from Scratch: The Road to the C-Suite Isn’t Definitive

      Despite what you might think, most executives don’t follow the same path to leadership in their organizations. There is no specific school or educational program designed exclusively for C-level positions. Executives often have a breadth of experience that may not directly relate to directing a large-scale corporation or other similar enterprises. People interested in rising

      Elizabeth Norberg Foot Locker

      Chief Human Resources Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. Elizabeth Norberg says she’s always been a “working student.” And the longtime HR leader means it: For years, even as she held senior executive roles in the

      Rafael Perez Consumer Reports

      Chief Human Resources Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. Rafael Perez didn’t set out to be a CHRO. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Perez planned to become a doctor, like his father. “I was always fascinated

      Ana Maria Sencovici Royal Caribbean

      Chief Talent Officer The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business. Read along to hear their stories. Ana Maria Sencovici’s life and career path have spanned geography, industry, and function. For Sencovici, who goes by AMS, that’s no accident. “The goal for me was more

      Cowen Partners Executive Origin Series

      Have you ever wondered how a company’s leadership team attained their positions? What journey they took to get where they are? The Executive Origin Series by Cowen Partners Executive Search, a global executive search firm, shares the personal journeys of purpose-driven executives with emerging leaders and peers who share similar aspirations. Through this series, Cowen

      Deciding on the Right CEO for Your Organization

      When the time comes to bring on a new CEO to breathe a sense of renewed life into an aging organization, you’ll need to determine your primary objectives and find someone capable of executing them. CEOs, like all people, have different strengths and weaknesses, so selecting one whose strengths align with your organizational goals is

      There’s an Upcoming Shortfall of Experienced Tax Leaders: Are You Prepared?

      Baby boomers, who hold the majority of tax leadership roles in the U.S., are entering their retirement years. According to the U.S. Census, by 2030, all baby boomers will be 65 or older — the traditional age people look to retire. Of course, some will leave the workforce early, though others may elect to stay

      Family Business Center

      Family Business Leadership Strategies & Resources for Success Family businesses can thrive with talented leaders in the right roles, capable of next-level success with experienced professionals heading up recruitment, operations, marketing, sales, human resources, and other vital departments. In fact, from tried-and-true methods to exploring new approaches and opportunities, the leaders at family businesses can

      The Ultimate CHRO Leadership Guide

      How Chief Human Resources Officers Power C-Suite Success Chief human resources officers are forward-thinking decision-makers who sit at the helm of several vital operations, from recruitment and talent assessments to training, compensation, performance evaluations, and more. As advocates of technology, efficiency, and company culture, CHROs are also key C-suite advisors and leaders who are focused

      The Ultimate Marketing Leadership Guide: How Marketing Leaders Contribute to C-Suite Success

      Marketing leaders can play a vital role in any C-suite, innovating and managing essential strategies while overseeing critical decisions, motivating teams, and achieving the best possible results and ROIs from a company’s marketing efforts. In fact, companies with the right marketing leaders in the right roles can establish themselves as thought leaders all while maximizing

      The Ultimate Sales Leadership Guide: How Sales Leaders Bolster C-Suites & Companies

      Sales leaders can be an integral part of any C-suite, devising critical strategies, making key decisions, motivating teams, and paving the way to achieve an organization’s financial goals. In fact, companies with the right sales leaders in the right roles can achieve higher win-loss ratios while seeing sales team turnover drop and revenues increase. That’s

      How Hawaiian Companies Can Benefit From A National Executive Search Firm

      No matter where your business operates throughout the United States, identifying the ideal executive leader to fill a senior leadership position isn’t as simple as advertising the available opening. Organizations must perform due diligence to ensure that their selected candidate possesses the necessary qualifications for the role and that they align with the company culture. 

      Book Review: “Who — The A method for hiring”

      “Who: The A Method for Hiring” is a book written by Geoff Smart and Randy Street that offers a comprehensive guide to effective hiring processes in organizations. The book introduces the “A Method,” which is a systematic approach designed to help businesses identify and hire top-tier talent. The key concepts and steps outlined in the

      The Ultimate Private Equity Leadership Guide

      How Private Equity Leaders Power C-Suite Success Private equity leaders are integral to the success of C-suites and organizations, making critical decisions, devising key investment strategies, and driving better performance and greater growth that aligns with a company’s long-term strategies and big-picture objectives. With the right private equity leaders in the right roles, businesses can

      The Ultimate COO Leadership Guide

      How Chief Operating Officers Power C-Suite Success Chief operating officers (COOs) are forward-thinking, future-oriented executives who devise strategic plansto leverage key business opportunities and set organizations up for success. Sometimes referred as “chief operations officers,” COOs generally manage the administrative, operational, and management procedures of a company, investing in efficiency and productivity while focusing on

      Driving Efficiency & Productivity as an Operations Leader

      Over the past three years, companies experienced major macroeconomic shocks that forced them to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The COVID-19 pandemic was the first shake-up that forced organizations to shut down offices and allow employees to work from home.  Next, disruptions in the supply chain led to widespread shortages of critical components necessary

      Family Offices Are Competing with PE Firms for Investment Opportunities

      Private equity firms have long been sources of investment for startup companies and organizations seeking to scale their operations. However, another investor — the family office — is growing increasingly present in the business landscape.  Family offices typically accumulate large amounts of capital, especially if they’ve been running strong for several generations. They use that

      There’s a Shortage of Talented CEOs

      The past three years have been rocky, to say the least. Macroeconomic shocks affected by a global pandemic, large-scale riots and protests, and Russia’s war in Ukraine, have changed expectations for the role of a CEO.  Other factors, such as the shift to remote work, the reopening of offices, and a mass wave of resignations

      Choosing the Next CEO for a Family Business

      Family-run businesses make up a significant portion of the American economy. According to the most recent census, more than 8 million independently owned businesses with fewer than 500 employees operate in the United States.  Unlike major corporations that often have extensive succession plans, small businesses must make choices as their owners near retirement. They must

      Cowen Partners Executive Search Market Trends in 2023

      The last few years in the hiring market have been full of ups and downs and many changes to work as we know it. We’ve seen a trend toward more remote work during and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year was particularly tough for executive searches, as many companies engaged in executive

      Knowing When to Bring in Outside Leadership for Your Family Business

      As a family business owner, you’ve likely given your heart and soul to building and running your organization.  Whether you started from scratch or inherited the company from a parent or other relative, you know the ins and outs of your operation. You might have plans to scale your business for future growth or pass

      Book Review: “First, Break All the Rules”

      “First, Break All the Rules” is a management and leadership book written by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. Published in 1999, the book challenges traditional management practices and provides insights into effective leadership and employee engagement. Readers can gauge the effectiveness of their current management approach by grasping and implementing the four principles for unleashing

      The Unique Role of a CFO in Family Businesses

      Family-owned businesses tend to fly under the radar – they typically receive less industry scrutiny than large Plc’s and big tech. But their enormous economic impact, estimated at over 70% of global GDP, means that being an operator in these companies is often as challenging an assignment as one can find in any global Plc. 

      When to Consider Hiring an Interim CHRO

      As a business owner or executive, you want to ensure you have the right talent available to support company needs. While you may have a human resources manager or similar person to assist you with your hiring needs, at times, it may be best to bring on an interim HR leader, namely an interim CHRO.

      Cowen Partner’s Top Executive Search Articles & Trends in 2022

      The following articles stand out as the most searched and read from the many articles our national executive search firm published in 2022. The most widely read articles focused on executive development, tackling a looming recession, and a return to office. See below for our top articles and a summary of each.  How Public Companies

      CFO Salary Guide – 2023

      Cowen Partners is a national CFO search firm, driven to create value for our clients, and we have a long-standing record of placing exceptionally qualified Chief Financial Officers across all industries. In this post, we highlight the average CFO salary for both public and private companies based on revenue size. Other variables apply, such as location and industry. CFO Bonuses

      What to Expect in 2023 as a VP or Director of Marketing

      Marketing has seen some significant changes over the past few decades. As the internet has become a prime source of communication worldwide, fewer companies are investing in traditional marketing methods like commercials and print advertisements.  Instead, they funnel their money into digital marketing activities such as social media, informational content, and ad placement through search

      CIO, CTO & CISO Trends to Watch in 2023

      As tech executives close the door on 2022 and welcome 2023, it’s critical to keep an eye on the changing business landscape.  Last year brought numerous developments that are still evolving and will likely continue to affect companies over the next 12 months. A few include the potential for a recession, the increasing desire for

      The CHRO Trends of 2023

      The start of a new year typically gives rise to excitement and the potential for change, and 2023 is no different. After several years of massive challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain difficulties, the rise of DE&I initiatives, and economic uncertainty, organizations are wondering what to expect in 2023.  Unfortunately, there are adverse remnants

      What’s in Store for the CEO of 2023?

      The year 2022 will be remembered for numerous events, including the war between Russia and Ukraine, a subsequent severe rise in inflation, and ever-increasing interest rates. CEOs took on many extra responsibilities, including buffering their companies from a potential recession and protecting their supply chains. The verdict is still out on the current state of

      The Future Trends for CROs of 2023

      You’ve likely heard news reports of a potential recession in 2023. Some economists believe it’s already here, as inflation is through the roof and companies have begun major employee layoffs.  The federal government has stepped in to cool down a hot economy, raising interest rates several times during 2022. Those interest rate increases will make

      What to Consider as a CFO in 2023

      CFOs are tasked with the overall financial health of an organization. Their work ensures that a company remains financially stable, even in tough economic times. In 2023, the CFO’s job will become even more complex as we face a possible recession. News of a potential slowdown in 2022 led to inflation rates unseen since the

      The Chief Product Officer’s Secret Weapon: The Product Road Map

      When you think of a chief product officer, you likely picture them standing in front of a whiteboard, surrounded by analysts and their customer service team, seeking to arrive at the next big idea for their organization. While that image is likely accurate, more goes into creating a product than simply coming up with an

      Executive Positions in High Demand for 2023

      As the transition into 2023 begins, it’s essential to note the changing business landscape witnessed in 2022.  For those in the C-Suite, last year was rife with challenges. Executives dealt with supply chain issues that impacted large swathes of the economy, rising inflation that increased costs across the board, and a sudden war that arose

      Best 25 Interview Questions to Evaluate Company Culture Fit

      Cultural fit interview questions are all about finding candidates who will be a good fit for your company’s corporate culture. It’s important to remember that hiring for cultural fit is different from hiring for a skillset. You may want to consider this when designing interviews and deciding what questions to ask. A good hiring manager

      Cowen Partners Recognizes the Top Personality Tests in 2023

      Cowen Partners, a leader among the nation’s best executive search firms, has announced the winners of its 2023 Best-of Awards Program for personality tests. They have rounded up the best personality tests for employers to identify top job candidates, all while working remotely and avoiding face to face interviews. Are you still interviewing and on

      Successful Tax Leadership in an Ever-Evolving Tax Climate

      Taxes make up one of the most complex areas of accounting, as, unlike other departments, tax professionals must stay abreast of both the regulatory and legal landscapes in combination with accounting standards. Company structures are changing, too, with the advent of globalization in the 1990s leading many organizations toward expanding their footprints abroad.  While globalization

      How Public Companies Can Learn from Private Equity

      Private equity has long been a fast way to earn quick, massive returns on investment. Private equity firms invest in undervalued or underperforming companies and seek to make significant changes to their operations, often leading to dramatic results.  With the right company and strategic decisions, private equity firms can realize their return within two to

      How to Navigate Your Way to the C-Suite

      In today’s competitive environment, the road to management — the C-suite — is often unclear. How do people get the jobs at the top? What skills and qualities do leaders have that set them apart from everyone else?  Identifying what it takes to get to the top of a company isn’t always straightforward. The necessary

      How to Make Your Interviews More Effective

      Executives have busy schedules that often revolve around meetings and interviews. They interview potential new hires, discuss daily affairs with senior leadership, and meet with potential clients, vendors, or investors. Each meeting or interview has a purpose; failing to understand that purpose and plan for it results in a useless waste of time. To make

      Solving Critical Problems Through Innovation

      Innovation is paramount to anyone seeking to implement positive change in their personal life, company, or community. Through innovation, people seek creative ways to solve complex problems and push society forward.  Some innovations result in only minor changes, like a few minutes saved in our day, while others have long-lasting positive consequences, like finding a

      Aligning Executive Pay to Drive Performance

      Executive compensation is often a hot topic around the boardroom table. Ideally, the board wants to ensure that its executives receive fair compensation for their efforts but also have a special incentive to reach specific goals for the company’s growth.  A poorly designed executive compensation package can result in management leaving for greener pastures or

      So Why Do You Want to Work Here?

      There are several common questions you’ll hear if you’re on the lookout for a new job. Alongside such typical inquiries as “Tell me about yourself” and “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” comes this one: “Why do you want to work here?” While you might have heard lots of advice on answering

      Businesses That Thrive During a Recession

      All the red flags indicating a looming recession are up. Inflation is increasing, interest rates are sky-high, and mass layoffs have begun.  Over the last few months, we’ve seen 11,000 people dismissed from Meta, 14% of the workforce cut at Stripe, and 550 employees dismissed from Opendoor Technologies. Twitter, Amazon, Zillow, and Disney announced their

      Why You May Need a Chief of Staff

      The chief of staff role is common in the military and government. It’s usually a very prominent role, and the people who fill it act as advisors to top military brass and high-level government officials.  The role is not quite as common among civilian organizations, but that may be changing. What exactly is a chief

      Is the Company You’re Planning to Work for Stable?

      Lots of effort goes into looking for a new job. You’ll need to take a sharp pen to your resume, prepare cover letters, undergo the interview process, and potentially take a few tests. Ideally, you’re searching for a company offering a role in your desired career path that also provides an excellent benefits package. However,

      Operating Models for Private Equity Firms

      Private equity firms look for companies that have the potential to grow much bigger than their current size. For whatever reason, the existing company isn’t maximizing its full capabilities. Many times, the problems are financial.  With an additional monetary boost and qualified advice, these organizations can increase their market share and meet growth expectations. In

      Book Review: “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts”

      “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts” is a book written by Annie Duke, a former professional poker player, and published in 2018. The book explores decision-making processes and strategies by drawing parallels between poker and real-life decision scenarios. Here’s a summary of the key concepts: Annie Duke emphasizes

      How to Save on Recruiting Fees

      Finding workers in a highly competitive environment is challenging. Companies struggle to fill jobs in all roles, from entry-level to executives. Matching open positions with the right talent is an ever-present concern. Organizations want to ensure they spend their money on people who will stay in the role and contribute to the company’s success. More

      Attributes & Styles of Corporate Culture

      Corporate culture may seem like a buzzword, but it’s not. Just like a country, city, or family, every organization has its own culture that defines it. Executives seeking to define their corporate culture must do so thoughtfully and carefully.  A company’s culture includes its encompassing goals, vision for the future, and shared beliefs. While leaders

      How to Build a Balanced Business Scorecard

      Company executives are always seeking to improve business performance and operations. After all, continued success reaps financial benefits, pleasing customers and investors.  However, senior leadership knows that concentrating on a single performance measurement, or even on a particular division, isn’t enough to drive performance. Instead, executives must take a holistic approach to success. They can

      Building a Growth Mindset

      Many leaders espouse the benefits of a growth mindset, but they may not employ one in their own lives. People with a growth mindset genuinely want to expand their knowledge and are open to opportunities. Too often, people believe they have a growth mindset but suffer from a fixed mindset, where they struggle to overcome

      How Questions Can Improve Your Effectiveness As a Manager

      Asking questions is a part of life. You likely ask questions when you order food or want to learn more about your children’s day at school.  Some professionals, like doctors and lawyers, are trained to ask questions: Although of a different nature, business managers must ask their staff and colleagues questions to keep daily operations

      How to Coach an Alpha Male

      Alpha males tend to dominate executive roles and senior leadership positions. These men have high levels of confidence and are usually very intelligent. They use their sharp decision-making skills to drive organizational performance and manage their employees, often with an iron fist. Pros vs. Cons of the Alpha Male in the C-Suite We’d be hard-pressed

      Understanding & Developing Self-Awareness

      If you were to ask someone if they felt they were self-aware, they’d most likely say they were. However, self-awareness is actually a rare trait. According to a recent study, only 10-15% of the population possesses self-awareness. Many people don’t realize what self-awareness really is. They may be reflective and curious about their personality and

      Venture Capital Investments in Practice

      People often imagine venture capital investors as economically endowed heroes coming to the rescue of fledgling startups. The venture capitalist provides the money and mentors the founder, and the company grows exponentially in just a few short years. But in practice, venture capital works quite differently. Most venture capitalists are firms created and controlled by

      How to Resonate with Your Audience Through Public Speaking

      The idea of giving a speech or presentation to a crowd often sparks high levels of fear, even in the most confident people. There’s something about standing in front of large groups that gives rise to our most hidden self-doubts: Will they listen to me? Is my talk boring? What if my mind goes blank

      How to Make the Most Out of a Consulting Arrangement

      Thousands of businesses use the services of a consultant each year. Often, they seek help for challenging organizational problems like declining revenues or poor employee satisfaction. While some consulting arrangements lead to successful outcomes and new opportunities, others waste time, money, and effort. To ensure that your organization gets the most out of its next

      Avoiding Self-Destructive Tendencies as a Company Founder

      Entrepreneurs face many pressures as the owners and leaders of organizations. In times of economic downturn, stress increases as revenues decline and funding dries up. Other problems, like poor product reception or difficulties deciding on the strategic direction of an organization, can also cause issues. Instead of giving in to the worst aspects of their

      The Key to Understanding Leadership

      Countless books, movies, articles, and podcasts seek to uncover the secrets to becoming a good leader. But they so often fail to provide practical guidance.  Some focus on describing characteristics of leaders in large companies, like Steve Jobs of Apple or Mark Zuckerberg of Meta. Biographical character studies can be interesting; however, anecdotes about a

      How to Negotiate Your Next Job Offer

      You may be interviewing with multiple companies if you’re in the market for a new job. At some point, you’ll receive an offer for a new role. However, before accepting the job, you’ll want to ensure that the position is right for you and offers fair compensation for your efforts. Knowing how to negotiate your

      Flourishing During a Recession

      The economy has been a regular topic of conversation throughout 2022. Despite ongoing job growth, inflation is at a 30-year high. The Fed is engaged in a battle to fight a recession and continuing inflation by increasing interest rates, but so far, their actions haven’t been enough to tamp down rising prices. Companies are well

      The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Resignation Letter

      When it comes time to leave a position you’ve held for several years, you may wonder whether you need to write a resignation letter. After all, you’ve likely already told your boss and colleagues you’re leaving. So, is there any reason you need to document your transition further? Writing a resignation letter isn’t like writing

      Wrapping Up a Job Interview: Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

      Job interviews are an excellent way for potential employees and employers to get to know one another. You should think of them as a two-way street: they’re assessing how well you’d perform in a role, while you should be determining whether the position and the company are a good fit for you. Rather than being

      Is It Imposter Syndrome or Something Else?

      In the 1970s, psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes created a theory that women were plagued in the workplace by a condition known as imposter syndrome. They believed that women with imposter syndrome believed that they weren’t intelligent or capable at work, even if they had a reputable education and skill set. The findings

      Selling in a Recession

      As surging interest rates battle against 40-year high inflation, sales teams face the growing prospect of selling in a downturn.  Naturally, recessions hardly feel great for business, especially when you’re in sales. Warm prospects may rapidly cool during this period, and previously receptive leads may postpone buying decisions until after the slump or pull out

      How to Retain & Grow Customer Accounts 

      According to Gartner, organizations enjoy their best sales growth avenues from existing customers. They can unlock greater revenue and cross-sell/upsell opportunities by maximizing business with existing customers. The statistics are clear – companies are 6-7 times more likely to gain a new sale from an existing customer, compared to an only 5%-20% likelihood of closing

      COOs & Operations Leaders’ Role in an Organization

      Chief operating officers (COOs) are forward-thinking corporate executives who can see the big picture from a great distance and develop strategic plans to take advantage of business opportunities and position the company for success. The chief operating officer (COO) is responsible for managing the organization’s administrative, operational, and management procedures and keeping all levels of

      Benefits of a Consultative Sales Approach

      At the risk of stating the obvious, it might be essential to start with the fact that buyers want to be understood in today’s marketplace. Historically, this was not always so. At some point in time, buyers were content with basics like quality service and fair pricing. These days, modern buyers have higher expectations for

      How CFOs Can Drive Revenue Growth

      CFOs play a pivotal role in driving revenue growth in organizations as they sit at the center of all financial operations in the organization. Because of this specific role, it is conceived by many that CFOs have little business with revenue. However, CFOs, in essence, are not merely bean counters concerned with cutting costs. They

      How Much Do Private Equity CEOs Earn?

      A private equity firm often seeks to enhance its return on investment by revamping the executive team. When a private equity firm takes majority control of an organization, it can implement strategic decisions that alter the company’s short- and long-term vision. Choosing a new private equity CEO isn’t easy. PE firms must find someone who:

      The CHRO Playbook: Start Your CHRO Journey on the Right Foot 

      New CHROs tend to get excited about their roles because they have the opportunity to revamp an organization’s human resource function, implement new benefits solutions, and bring new life to a company. Some CHROs fill an existing position, while others join the organization in a completely new role. Whether you’re the newest member of an

      The Best Talent Assessment Tools for New Applicants

      Hiring a new employee is a significant expense. You want to make sure that your new worker has the hard and soft skills to meet your needs. If you make a mistake, your organization can lose money. The productivity of your other employees can decline, and you may face challenges in the working environment. A

      Help! No One Wants to Go Back to the Office

      After two-and-a-half years of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, most workers are unwilling to return to the office full time. According to a McKinsey survey, 87% of employees who have the option to work remotely at least part of the time take it.  The same survey notes that 21% of job hunters are

      Why Your Company Needs a Total Rewards Package

      As a business owner or senior manager, you’re already familiar with using salary and benefits packages to attract and retain employees. However, you might not have heard of total rewards packages.  Essentially, total rewards encompass a combination of tangible and intangible benefits. Rather than concentrating on the standard compensation of salary, health care, and vacation

      The CMO Playbook: Your First Days as a CMO

      Stepping into a new role as CMO is an exciting time. You’ll be joining an organization you’re likely unfamiliar with and given the task of growing revenues and expanding market reach.  You must have a plan in place for your first days on the job. While you may not make significant organizational changes in your

      How to Establish Your Organization’s Product Management Model

      Organizational strategy isn’t always clear, especially regarding product management. Many employees contribute to the final development and sale of a company’s product, including engineering, technology, and marketing teams.  Organizations can define their product management structure, allowing teams to focus on specific aspects of product development. A simplified management structure encourages teams to work together without

      Understanding Employee Attrition & Retention

      Organizations want to hold on to their employees. Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and managers spend lots of time training them to produce results and meet business objectives.  When employees leave an organization, they take their knowledge and skills with them. Managers then have to find new people to fill their roles and

      Millennials Are Changing the Objective of Work

      The millennial generation consists of people born between 1981 and 1996. It’s the largest age group in America today, consisting of approximately 72 million people, roughly 24% of the U.S. population.  Millennials are the first generation to grow up without the heavy drumbeats of war, poverty, and discrimination that prior forebears experienced. The Silent Generation,

      Managing in a Recession

      Amid the Federal Reserve’s implacable rate hikes targeted at rising inflation, corporations and small businesses across the US are increasingly tightening belts at the prospect of a coming recession. While a recession, much like the seasons, is a natural phase in the lifecycle of any economy, it can spell difficult times for companies and consumers

      Business Turnaround Strategies

      Amid an increasingly uncertain commercial landscape, many companies find their business threatened or on the brink of failure. Various factors may be at play here, from a rapidly evolving market to poor performance or a failing business model, but they all carry the same bottom line for companies – change or die.  Businesses in this

      Getting Back to Work: The Best Return-to-Office Strategies for Your Remote Teams

      By now, public health concerns have largely diminished, giving companies the “all-clear” to return to a regular workday. But many companies are finding that easier said than done.  According to at least one recent survey, nearly two out of three (64%) remote workers would prefer to quit rather than return to the office. Managers find

      At-Home vs. In-Person: Why Remote Opportunities Are Beating In-Office Companies

      During the 2020 pandemic, American workers got a taste for remote work. But even when things returned to normal, the workplace didn’t.  Not only has remote work exploded in the American workforce, but researchers from the University of Chicago believe that by 2030, between 50 and 80 million of the world’s desk jobs will transition

      Filling the C-Suite: Top Strategies for Executive Recruiting

      American companies face a looming challenge when it comes to filling executive positions.  According to the career site, 75 million baby boomers are expected to retire in the coming years. Given that many of these seasoned employees occupied C-level positions, hiring managers will need to consider their executive recruiting strategies for the years ahead. 

      How CIOs & CTOs Help Manage Cybersecurity Risk

      Cyberattacks are no longer the exclusive domain of the chief information security officer (CISO). In fact, cyberattacks have become the leading business risk. Survey data from PWC shows that 40% of respondents list “more frequent and/or broader cyberattacks” as a serious risk. Another 38% call these attacks a moderate risk.  Managing these threats will require

      CISO Salary Considerations: The Costs & Rewards of Cybersecurity

      Technology plays a critical role in a variety of industries, which naturally raises concerns about security. It’s no surprise that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has become one of today’s most sought-after and well-compensated tech positions.  A CISO’s salary is based on the evolving roles that these professionals play. The following discussion unpacks salary

      Shifts in the CISO Reporting Structure

      The roles of chief information security officer (CISO) and chief information officer (CIO) often run in parallel — so much so that until recently, the CISO would customarily report directly to the CIO.  But recent changes have shifted the CISO reporting structure. Now, CISOs have a range of other reporting pathways, often customized to a

      Changes in Modern Leadership: Finding the Right CEO for Your Organization

      There are a lot of factors to consider when finding the right CEO for your company. Generally speaking, the most critical factor is finding someone with the right skill set and experience, but you also need to ensure they’re a good fit for your company’s culture and vision.  As you decide who the right person

      The Modern Credit Union CFO

      A successful CFO candidate synthesizes old-school accounting with new-age technologies to successfully lead the CU toward a better bottom line. Credit Union Times | By Shawn Cole, Cowen Partners Executive Search With increased market volatility and advancing digital infrastructures appearing across all industries, credit unions, traditionally regional and relatively conservative financial institutions, are emerging as

      Executive Search Firms: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations 

      Executive search firms are companies that specialize in finding and placing senior-level executives, usually in upper management positions. Their roles include candidate sourcing, assessment, placement, and managing the entire recruitment process on behalf of their clients, which commonly include nonprofit organizations.  In addition to these main roles, executive search firms often provide additional services such

      Core Insights into Credit Union Leadership for a New Era

      Credit union leaders must adapt to a new era in which members expect more from their credit unions. They must be prepared for this changing landscape and the challenges that come with it.  While navigating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, credit union leaders also need to find the right ways to engage their members

      How Top CMOs Change Their Brands’ Trajectories

      Although the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) has existed only for approximately 30 years, the job descriptions of modern CMOs are starkly different than those of professionals in the 1990s.  The CMOs of the most recent generation certainly provide their brands with world-class expertise and a prowess for increasing online visibility, but now they

      What to Hire & When

      As a startup founder, you could be making any of your first hires soon. If you’re doing well and can afford to hire an experienced executive, they could be a great asset to your company. But… What kind of executive should it be? A CEO, COO, or President? How do you define the role and

      The Lines Are Blurred Between Private Equity and Executive Search

      Private equity, venture capital, and the curating of executive talent have an inherent synergy between them. All of these groups know that human capital represents the key driver of long-term value creation and financial performance. As private equity grows to all-time highs by any metric one chooses to use – closed deals, new funds, number

      How to Implement Intentional Hiring Practices into Your Recruitment Strategy

      Intentional hiring is the practice of developing a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a candidate before you start to hire. It allows you to actively seek out the best possible candidate, instead of passively accepting whoever applies for the position. Intentional hiring gives you control over your hiring process, rather than

      How to Make an Aspiration Hire & Aggressively Grow Your Business

      What if you could hire a person who has been in your industry for many years or who has successfully scaled a business like yours to the highest level? How long would it take you to accomplish those same goals?  The answer is simple — you could get there much faster than if you hire

      How to Keep Your Employees from a Headhunter Like Me

      As a headhunter, I’m looking to find your most talented employees and get them into promotions and better-paying positions with my clients. I look for candidates with a solid work history and set of skills, and I seek to match them with the compensation and benefits that they deserve. If I don’t scare you, the

      How to Find & Hire the Right People: An Executive Recruiter Explains

      Hiring is one of the most difficult things you will ever do as a business owner, but it’s also one of the most important. A bad hire can cost your business money, time, and resources that you don’t have. However, if you want to be successful at hiring highly-qualified people to take your business further,

      Cowen Partners CFO Movement Study 2022

      This report presents the findings of our study of the 264 CFO transitions in the first half of 2022 at the Fortune 500 and notable companies as of July 22, 2022. Individuals included in this study obtained a new CFO position within the 2022 year at a Fortune 500 company or a company of note.

      Recruiting Your Next Hospital CEO: 8 Skills to Look for When Hiring

      Written by Bruce Henry, Healthcare Executive Search Practice Leader Hospital CEOs are the heartbeat of their organizations. They are responsible for leading and managing an entire team as well as an organization’s finances and operations. As a result, hospital CEOs must possess a diverse set of skills to be successful in their roles. Here are

      Private Equity Healthcare CFOs: Finding the Right Fit for Your Organization

      Written by Bruce Henry, Healthcare Executive Search Practice Leader Healthcare is a complex industry with many moving parts and stakeholders. The CFO plays an essential role in the success of any health system and can be the difference between success and failure.  Healthcare CFOs are in high demand as the industry continues to grow and

      How to Choose Between a Full-Time CMO & a Fractional CMO

      There’s no doubt that CMOs offer a lot to organizations. Their marketing expertise and understanding of customer behavior are often enough to propel a new business or startup company to new revenue heights.  However, small businesses and startups often lack available funds, and this prevents them from attracting the most experienced marketing minds to their

      Knowing When to Hire a CRO or a VP of Sales

      Revenue is the key driver behind the success of a business. Without revenue, a company stagnates and will eventually run out of money to pay its bills and the salaries of its VP sales, CRO, and other sales employees.  Thus, once a company grows beyond a basic startup mentality and needs to scale its revenue,

      5 Critical Skills Your Next COO Should Possess

      The COO role is often one of an organization’s most misunderstood executive positions. While the responsibilities of a CEO or CFO don’t vary too much from one company to another, the COO’s oversight can differ tremendously.  Oftentimes, a COO’s responsibilities overlap those of other executives, leaving executives and employees confused about whom to ask for

      2022 CFO Salary Guide

      The Wall Street Journal published a list of the five highest-paid CFO’s late last year. The list cited high power executives, including: These numbers are a far cry from the national average CFO salary. According to Payscale, the average CFO will receive a salary of $133,000.00.  Regardless of the total dollar amount, however, we must delineate salary

      Tips for Selecting the Best CEO

      When you hire a CEO, you’re not just looking for someone who can run your company — you’re looking for someone who can make it more successful. The best CEOs are passionate about their work, have great management skills, and are good at building teams that work well together. There are many ways to find

      6 Questions & Answers to Help You Shine at Your Next Job Interview

      Job interviews tend to be nerve-racking experiences. You know you have the skills and expertise to execute the role, but you must sell yourself to your interviewer. Unless you have an innate ability to handle job interviews like a pro, it pays to prepare for your next interview. Studying typical job interview questions is a

      6 Traits to Look for in a Post-Pandemic Executive Hire

      Today’s CEOs need to be ready for anything. The global pandemic has brought about a new era of uncertainty for business leaders and their teams as they attempt to navigate an increasingly complex environment full of new risks, challenges, and opportunities. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top six characteristics

      Hiring for Today’s CEOs: What You Need to Know About the Modern Executive in a Post-Pandemic World

      The world is changing. Before the pandemic, the main hiring factor for new CEOs was their efficiency and ability to achieve objectives. In a fast-paced environment, the right person could be counted on to make the right decisions and deliver results. They had strong track records, large networks, and impressive degrees from prestigious schools. They

      8 Attributes of a Great Credit Union CEO

      It takes an exceptional person to lead an institution that truly belongs to its members. What makes a great credit union CEO? The answer is not as simple as you might think – it’s not just about having the right skill set or experience. As with any business, a CEO has to have the necessary

      Setting the Right Compensation for Your CMO in 2022

      As the captain of a company’s marketing efforts, the CMO role has many responsibilities, including overseeing a marketing team. Choosing and hiring a CMO involves selecting someone with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Setting an appropriate salary and benefits package is not easy for most companies. While traditional, less senior marketing roles often have

      It’s Time to Elevate the Roles of CHROs

      Written by Thomas Paik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader The CHRO role has been traditionally limited to hiring for open positions, designing compensation and benefits packages, and ensuring compliance of the company with federal and state hiring regulations. Until now, a CHRO’s responsibility for an organization has not been proactive but reactive —

      How to Combat Loneliness as a CEO

      There’s a famous saying — “It’s lonely at the top.” CEOs often find this saying true. In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review found that over half of CEOs feel lonely in their role, and 61% indicated that feelings of loneliness hinder their performance. As the individual with the most significant level of responsibility

      How CEO Turnover Can Hurt Private Equity Investments

      When a private equity company chooses to invest in a growing company with potential, they often bring a new CEO on board to support their initiatives for the company. This move is intended to increase revenues and profits.  A new private equity CEO is often helpful for guiding the company in a new direction designed

      How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

      Nowadays, with the rise of one-click job applications, writing a cover letter may seem unnecessary. However, cover letters are one of the best ways to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. If you write a compelling cover letter, you can stand out from other applicants and secure an interview. While you don’t always

      What Should a CEO at a SaaS Company Earn?

      CEO earnings vary widely and depend upon many different factors, including their location, their experience, and the type of industry they work for. SaaS CEOs are no different. A CEO salary survey in the SaaS industry can turn up a wide variety of base salary earnings — from $1 to over $900,000 per year.  On

      Startup Equity: Who Gets What?

      Founding a startup is incredibly exciting. It’s almost like a new baby: lots of promise, years of hard work, and knowing that you’ll succeed in bringing something into the world that will make a positive impact. However, like parenting, startups are often clouded by cofounders and initial employees who bicker over who does what and

      What to Look for When Hiring for Cybersecurity

      While the importance of cybersecurity has long been known, companies have been slower to recognize the need for a cybersecurity strategist within their ranks. Many leaders assume that a solid cybersecurity plan is only required for businesses that house significant amounts of information on their customers, such as banks, the government, and tech powerhouses. However,

      5 Top Tips for Hiring in the Crypto Industry

      Cryptocurrency, Web3, NFTs, Blockchain and the metaverse have dominated financial news over the past few years. We saw the value of a single Bitcoin rise to a staggering $67K in November 2021 before crashing to $30K in June 2022. NFTs have earned endorsement from numerous commercial brands and celebrities, including Paris Hilton.  Those familiar with

      CFO Compensation in 2022

      CFOs rank among the highest-paid employees in the United States. Their responsibilities require them to lead the financial arm of a company’s operations and sometimes other departments. The compensation for a successful CFOs varies widely and depends on several different factors.  This article will examine the components that determine a typical CFO’s salary and the

      Credit Unions in the Digital Age

      Like other companies, credit unions face new challenges brought on by technology.  Technological development has soared over the past decade, and COVID-19 showed that many businesses could still maintain their operations, even when most of their employees were working from home.  Throughout the numerous lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, consumers became more accustomed to being

      Succession Planning for Family Businesses

      Owners of successful businesses must face the fact that eventually, they will retire. An appropriate succession plan can ease the disruption often caused when the company owner leaves. If the owner chooses to hand over the leadership reins to a family member, they must ensure that the succession is seamless.  Mistakes Made in Succession Planning

      Cowen Partners Executive Search Market Trends in 2023

      The last few years in the hiring market have been full of ups and downs and many changes to work as we know it. We’ve seen a trend toward more remote work during and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year was particularly tough for executive searches, as many companies engaged in executive

      VP Sales Salaries by Industry in 2022

      Vice president (VP) of sales is a very focused executive position that typically requires a high level of education, experience, and leadership. In addition, VPs are phenomenal communicators who run point on big-picture tasks to set expectations early and often throughout the organization. It adds up to a lot of work for typically commensurate pay.

      Account Executive Salaries in 2022 by Industry

      Account executives form the foundation of an entity’s sales team. They act as a liaison between clients and the company, more akin to a senior salesperson. They frequently have a wide range of skills, including marketing, communication, conflict resolution, empathy, and organizational skills. The account executives’ primary focus is on generating leads, completing sales, and

      General Counsel vs. Chief Legal Officer (GC vs. CLO)

      The Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and General Counsel (GC) are both lawyers and leaders in an organization — depending on your company’s size, you may have individuals hired into these roles already, or you may be seeking to create these positions within your business.  Find the legal talent you need with Cowen Partners The differences

      The Role of Personality in the Workplace: Are Personality Tests Accurate?

      Having the “right personality” might have a bigger impact on your value in the workplace than you think. According to a study published by Psychological Science, an Association for Psychological Science journal, job candidates whose personalities “aligned” with a company’s expectations and ideologies earned higher salaries than those who the organization felt did not align. 

      Cultural Fit Interview Questions: Examples of Best Practices

      Cultural fit interview questions are all about finding candidates who will be a good fit for your company’s corporate culture. It’s important to remember that hiring for cultural fit is different from hiring for a skillset. You may want to consider this when designing interviews and deciding what questions to ask. A good hiring manager

      How to Conduct a Cultural Fit Assessment

      When you’re hiring new employees, it’s important to ensure that they will fit into your company culture. A bad fit can cause problems in the workplace, so you should strive to hire only people who are a good match for your company. The first step in creating a strong culture is to understand what your

      Inclusive Leaders – What Are Their Roles in a Workplace?

      By Linda Devonish – Mills, CAE, CPA, CMA, MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Characteristics of an Inclusive Leader                     When conversations and emphasis on diversity practices began over 20 years ago, the acronym D & I, referring to diversity and inclusion, was popular. In recent years, it is not uncommon to see the acronym, I

      How to Become a Successful General Counsel 

      As business environments become more complex and nuanced, more attorneys with formative years in public or private legal practice see themselves advancing their career in general counsel roles. The opportunity to do challenging work while leading a company’s legal department is typically a big draw and this, alongside the sizable executive benefits of the role,

      Defining Your Company’s GTM Strategy

      Having a well-developed go-to-market (GTM) strategy is important in today’s business landscape. A GTM strategy is used to determine the best ways to engage with customers to inspire them to purchase your company’s products or services.  A thoroughly defined GTM strategy includes features related to pricing, sales and channels, product branding, and the introduction of

      Hiring an Effective CMO

      The chief marketing officer (CMO) is tasked with a wide array of responsibilities. They may oversee the strategic sales direction of the company, its marketing activities, and customer satisfaction.  However, studies have found that many CMOs don’t last long in their positions. Harvard Business Review found that over 57% of CMOs had been in their

      Using KPIs to Enhance Business Insights for the CFO

      CFOs have many varied responsibilities. Specifically, the chief financial officer must: Several new trends have popped up in recent years in the CFO boardroom, and one of these trends is using enhanced reporting techniques. One of the primary techniques is using key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide CFOs with metrics they can use to keep

      Unconscious Bias – The Main Barrier for Developing Inclusive Environments in the Workplace

      By Linda Devonish – Mills, CAE, CPA, CMA, MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Unconscious Bias Is it possible for an organization to develop inclusive environments in the workplace if unconscious bias is present among colleagues? Probably not since everybody has biases that they may not be aware of. Anybody that thinks that they do

      Defining the Barriers of Inclusive Environments in the Workplace

      Recognizing acts of exclusion can help companies surmount the challenges of developing an inclusive workplace, concludes a new report by Cowen Partners. Microaggressions and unconscious bias are among the most common obstacles to real progress and true diversity and inclusion in any company culture. April 29, 2022 – Diverse and inclusive environments in the workplace should provide

      Hiring Trends Among Minority CFOs – August 2022

      Cowen Partners recently issued a study, Cowen Partners CFO Movement Study 2022. As a follow-up to the study, this paper presents a review of the literature on CFOs of color hiring trends, diving deeper into the how and why behind the statistics.  Here are some theories that may support the findings of the CFO Movement

      2022 Trends in Executive Search

      Cowen Partners Executive Search outlines some of the trends our experienced executive recruiters are seeing in not only in demand positions, but the hurtles both clients and candidates have to overcome to succeed. “Decisions made today will need to be reconsidered within three months.” – Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank In the post-pandemic

      Is Your Business Ready For The Demands Of Private Equity?

      As Warren Buffett said, “Rule number one: Never lose money. Rule number two: Never forget rule number one.” Whether you are the CEO/founder of a startup or an older, privately held business, there may come a time where you and your colleagues are seeking outside capital. In an ideal world, you are doing so to

      Marketing Communications Plans – How Do They Convey the Message about an Organization’s DEI Strategy?    

      By Linda Devonish – Mills, CAE, CPA, CMA, MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Conveying a DEI Message Through Marketing Communications Plans A key indicator of an organization’s success with its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is cross – collaborative efforts between a Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) and other senior leaders. Should

      Why Strategic Plans Play an Integral Role in Successful DEI Program Implementation

      By Linda Devonish – Mills, CAE, CPA, CMA, MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Strategic planning is a process where organizations define its strategy, direction and its decisions with a long-term view of where it wants to be. Strategic planning is the job of the senior management of any organization. Can Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

      The Ultimate CFO Leadership Guide

      How Chief Financial Officers Power C-Suite Success CFOs are key C-suites leaders, overseeing financial stability, planning, and analyses with a keen eye toward risk, technology, industry trends, and big-picture objectives. With the right candidates in the role of chief financial officer, organizations and their leaders can effectively leverage powerful financial acumen and insights, backed by

      Customer Success:  What It Means, Why It Matters, and More

      Today, customers not only demand great products but great product experience. Consequently, firms are in a race to attract and retain the attention of paying customers, and a focus on customer success is central to this.  But unlike quantitative metrics like sales, revenue, and profit margins, customer success is a qualitative function. There is no

      Hospital Chief Financial Officer Job Description

      Written by Bruce Henry, Healthcare Executive Search Practice Leader The Chief Financial Officer provides leadership and direction to all financial departments for the overall fiscal responsibility of the hospital. Hospital CFO Responsibilities Hospital CFO Job Requirements Minimum Qualifications (Experience, Education & Special Certifications)  Key skills for hospital CFO candidates include: LANGUAGE SKILLS: Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general

      7 Traits of Effective Healthcare CEOs

      Written by Bruce Henry, Healthcare Executive Search Practice Leader Healthcare CEOs are in the unique position of being responsible for an organization that touches and affects the lives of millions of people. The healthcare sector has changed dramatically due to sweeping industry shifts and new government regulations. As a result, healthcare CEOs are facing new

      What to Look for When Hiring Your SaaS Sales Leader

      The growth of SaaS companies has been astronomical over the past decade. As of 2021, the market value of companies in the SaaS industry was $145.5 billion. That number will continue to grow; by 2024, economists predict that revenue from SaaS will top $369 billion.  SaaS companies are benefiting from significant revenue streams from their

      Inclusive Environments in the Workplace: What Are the Barriers?

      By Linda Devonish – Mills, CAE, CPA, CMA, MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Presence of Inclusive Environments in the Workplace Diverse and inclusive environments in the workplace should serve as a sense of normalcy for organizations’ operations. The benefits of establishing a diverse and inclusive workplace should be obvious, and they can include (but

      When to Hire an Executive Coach 

      Until recently, corporations hired business coaches as fixers who would come in, help meet a leadership gap or crisis, and then go on their way. But that attitude has changed dramatically within the last decade and a half.  Companies are now more proactive about their leadership needs and the difficulty of upscaling C-level skills to

      DEI Talent Acquisition Strategies

      Why Are They Essential to Companies’ Sustainability? By Linda Devonish – Mills, CAE, CPA, CMA, MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Various studies have consistently shown trends why it is essential for companies to create diverse teams: Companies these days often attribute their success in part to the development of diverse teams. Gender and ethnic

      What Does a General Counsel Do? 

      As the chief law officer in corporations, the Chief Counsel or General Counsel fulfills the role of principal attorney and primary legal adviser to the board and shareholders. While they frequently report directly to the CEO, the General Counsel’s job is to secure the company’s interests and protect it from operational legal risk.  With the

      Solutions to Modern Leadership Challenges

      The complexity of today’s world has presented several obstacles for business executives. Engagement with individuals from diverse cultural origins and attitudes, for example, is a fundamental challenge for business leaders and managers. On the other hand, external difficulties that have arisen and continue to occur because of technology innovation have made it simpler to interact

      Finding an Effective Hospital CFO: Key Traits to Look For

      Written by Bruce Henry, Healthcare Executive Search Practice Leader A hospital Chief Financial Officer is a highly qualified professional who can significantly impact your organization’s bottom line. The CFO plays an essential role in developing strategies for managing finances for the future and overseeing financial operations. To find the right person for this critical position,

      Demand for Cybersecurity Talent

      Claiming modern technology has completely revolutionized how human beings conduct their activities would be an understatement. In truth, thanks to technology, almost every profession has gone digital, and consequently, their workers have to learn new ways of integrating technology into institutions. Adopting technology has made the world a big global village, making it possible to

      5 Diversity Recruiting Strategies Used by the Fortune 500

      Building the best team possible is about more than finding people who fit well together. A talented team consists of diverse individuals who all bring unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to the table. However, building a diverse team of individuals is harder than many people realize. Poorly written job postings, unclear company values, and unknown

      The Top 9 Sales Books for Fresh Salespeople

      Sales is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding professions – but it can also be challenging, especially when you’re just starting out. Thankfully, fresh salespeople have many resources from which they can learn and grow as they begin their career.  In this article we’ve compiled a list of high-impact sales books that every sales

      How to Identify the Right CEO Candidates for Private Equity Firms

      When it comes to private equity firms, hiring the right CEO is, especially, important. He or she must be able to drive and deliver performance without exceeding a predefined time frame in order to maximize the crystallization of value at the end. However, according to research by Joe Hunt the majority of client stakeholders realize

      Top Diversity Recruiting Strategies for 2022

      Cowen Partners Executive Search believes that your employees should reflect the community they serve and consist of a variety of people, from different backgrounds and experiences. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies are constantly evolving as companies draw correlations between workforce diversity, culture, innovations, community impact, and business results. Shawn Cole, President of Cowen Partners, says

      Chief Marketing Officer Recruitment

      The experienced marketing recruiters at Cowen Partners have a long-standing reputation for excellence when it comes to connecting companies with the brightest marketing minds in their industry. We are up to date on the latest marketing trends, strategies, best practices, and technologies, and we take great care while applying deep expertise to identify the best

      The Rising Demand for Talent in Cybersecurity

      There has been a significant rise in cyberattacks in recent times, which has raised the demand for talent in Cybersecurity even more. Recent reports have shown that there is an ever-growing gap in terms of supply and demand of workforce in Cybersecurity. In lieu of the recent cyberattacks, companies are struggling to hire top cybersecurity

      What’s the optimum number of interviews according to Google?

      Today, Google is one of the most popular companies to work for. Therefore, getting a job at the company is quite hard. Every year, more than two million people worldwide try to get a job at Google. When we look at the ratio from applications to hires we can see that only 0.2% of all

      Private Equity CEO Recruiting Strategies for 2022

      Finding the perfect fit for a private equity firm’s portfolio company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a laborious process. Most potential hires have impressive resumes and backgrounds ‎that initially make them seem like a good fit. Nevertheless, this rarely works out‎, evidenced by the high turnover among private equity CEOs. According to AlixPartners’ Annual Private

      How to Find the Right CFO for your Business

      Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are increasingly vital to every business endeavor. In recent times, they have been on the front line in helping businesses transition to new ways of operation. Along the way, they are also finding opportunities to increase efficiency, boost productivity and ‎reduce costs. Recently, 72% of respondents in a survey by the

      CEO Succession Planning Done Right

      In a rapidly changing and often unpredictable business environment, companies need strong leadership now more than ever. These days, even the best companies with the most innovative strategies will struggle without the right person at the top. Thus, every company must be prepared to deal with leadership changes.  Leadership change is a constant in companies.

      The Evolving Roles CPOs, CHROs & CAOs: How They Can Improve the Workplace in 2022

      Written by Thomas Paik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader How They Can Improve the Workplace in 2022 Recognizing the importance of human capital, companies are increasingly taking steps to create a better workplace environment for employees. Companies might go for the traditional Human Resource approach, hire a Chief People officer or go for

      Cowen Partner’s Top 5 Executive Search Articles & Trends in 2021

      In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and social and cultural issues like the Black Lives Matter Movement, the business landscape has changed drastically from what it used to be. There are new mountains to scale and valleys to cross, and businesses now require different qualities, characteristics, and skillsets from their C-suite executives. The following

      A Profile of the Modern Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

      The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role and what it entails have significantly changed over time. In the past, marketing was more of an immeasurable, trial-and-error endeavor, and CMOs were simply professionals who oversaw the marketing department and took orders from other executives. However, the business climate has changed tremendously. Advancements in technology have redefined marketing

      How to Hire for a SaaS Sales Team

      You’re a Software as a Service (SaaS) founder who is beginning to see success. With a product that is seeing encouraging user adoption, your retention rates are satisfactory, and there are promising signs of revenue growth. However, while these first green shoots of growth are exciting, it’s also an excellent time to ask certain questions,like:

      Chief Financial Officer CFO Equity Grant  

      By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners CFO Executive Search A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is often a key employee for companies, whether at startup or later-stage pre-IPO firms. With their expertise in strategic management and financial accounting, they imbue companies with financial confidence, making them a safer bet for investors.  However, there’s fierce competition for

      Top Marketing Recruitment Trends & Articles

      As the global economy is beginning to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions, consumer behavior has changed drastically from what it used to be. The result of this is that traditional marketing techniques may not yield the desired results with the average prospective consumer.  As a result of this, companies need to

      Does My Organization Need a CSO, a CRO, or a VP of Sales?

      Hiring for executive roles isn’t easy, especially when a whole new sales leader is required to run parts of the organization. Since revenue is often the definer of how quickly a company can scale its growth, many businesses look for someone to lead the sales and revenue efforts.  In the past, the CEO often oversaw

      Responsibilities of a Sales Manager: An Ultimate Guide

      Sales Managers are broadly in charge of planning, directing, managing, controlling, and executing all matters relating to sales and marketing functions in their organization. But what does this mean?  Simply, as a sales manager, you are in charge of staffing and directing a sales team and providing leadership toward achieving maximum profitability and growth in

      Credit Union CFO Job Description

      The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of accounting practices that result in providing a comprehensive accounting system, and for related support functions. This individual in the credit union CFO role also provides counsel to the President/CEO and Board of Directors regarding the credit union’s internal accounting, financial and

      Is Selling Your Business to Your Employees Worth It?

      As the owner of a corporation, you must face the fact that, at some point, you’ll leave the business. Whether you wish to retire, want to try something else, or otherwise find yourself unable to run the company, having a proper exit strategy is essential.  While most business owners consider selling their enterprises to investors

      Cowen Partners Recognizes the Top Personality Tests in 2022

      Cowen Partners, a leader among the nation’s best executive search firms, has announced the winners of its 2022 Best-of Awards Program for personality tests. They have rounded up the best personality tests for employers to identify top job candidates, all while working remotely and avoiding face-to-face interviews. Are you still interviewing and on the hunt

      Executive Search Trends to Monitor in 2022

      The executive search industry is undergoing a transformation, and executive headhunters will find more success if they understand the trends that shape the future. The 2020s are shaping up to be a critical decade for the recruiting industry, with many factors contributing to changes in what it means to find the best executive talent. The

      The Modern Credit Union CFO

      A successful CFO candidate synthesizes old-school accounting with new-age technologies to successfully lead the CU toward a better bottom line. With increased market volatility and advancing digital infrastructures appearing across all industries, credit unions, traditionally regional and relatively conservative financial institutions, are emerging as one of the most transitional and rapidly evolving subsets of the

      CEO Evaluation: How to Improve CEO Evaluation for 2022

      The sheer amount of influence a Chief Executive Officer wields over a company makes it challenging to receive objective feedback. Therefore, a company must have a well-thought-out feedback mechanism in place. A well-designed and implemented CEO performance evaluation process can enable the board and the CEO to understand each other’s expectations clearly. Since CEO performance

      Proven Board Diversity Tactics for Modern Businesses

      The corporate case for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as well as representation and leadership at the board level is well established. Board quality is dependent on-board diversity. Diversity helps your company’s board avoid ‘groupthink’ and empowers them with diverse ideas and new approaches that help conquer future threats and embrace opportunities. Overwhelmingly, studies point

      Chief People Officer vs Chief Human Resources Officer vs Chief Administrative Officer

      Written by Thomas Paik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader What Is a CPO vs. a CHRO vs. a CAO? While companies increasingly recognize the importance of human capital, determining how best to nurture their people is less straightforward. Some take the tried and trusted Human Resource approach, leading with a Chief Human Resources

      Top 10 Talent Acquisition Strategies for 2022

      What is the opportunity cost of a poor hire? Although answers differ, from financial and time deficits to potentially dangerous culture and productivity lapses, one thing is sure – the cost is often steep and correcting a mishire can be just as pricey.  As a result, talent acquisition has emerged as a deliberate approach to

      The Future of Fintech & the Importance of Adapting to Current Trends

      The ongoing pandemic has forced businesses to adapt to all sorts of consumer demands. The fintech industry, in particular, has seen a massive shift from traditional in-person checkout options to contactless card readers, online payment platforms, and more. While some pandemic restrictions may now be easing up, the push for more innovative financial technology has

      How to Hire the Best CMOs for Startups in 2022: 5 Insights from Executive Recruiters

      By Ash Wendt, President Cowen Partners Executive Search 5 Insights from Top Executive Recruiters A chief marketing officer (CMO) is an essential role within any startup. The right CMO can build out your marketing team, improve brand awareness, and drive sales. Hiring for this role, however, can be a bit complicated, especially for startups. Many

      How to Find Biotech Chief Financial Officers

      Nowadays, it is easier to find a needle in a haystack than finding an experienced biotech Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The recent boom of biotech companies coupled with the required skill sets has caused the demand for a small group of qualified CFOs. These skill-sets include knowledge in life sciences and capital markets. Studies have

      How to Hire the Right Sales People for Startups: 5 Strategies

      Many startups offer innovative and good products which are launched by qualified engineers, designers, or product managers. Those startups have great products and services to offer. However, they’re often lacking a successful sales team driven by effective sales strategies. The reason for this is simple — in many cases, startups don’t know much about sales

      What Is a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Why Do You Need One?

      Businesses today are regularly under attack from cyber threats. Malware and other viruses are constantly searching for ways to infiltrate companies’ digital security and steal information. Larger businesses, in particular, are often targets of such malicious attacks and even the most prepared businesses can fall victim to these attacks. For example, according to the Center

      The Role of the Modern CHRO: Unlocking the Value of Human Capital

      Written by Thomas Paik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader HR Executive Recruiter Thomas Paik has deep experience supporting global brands through transformational change, specializing in human resources executive search focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and change management. Historically, HR has garnered a reputation as a purely administrative function. Apart from the work they

      Why & How to Develop a Diversity Recruiting Strategy

      Employee values have taken precedence in today’s job search. A high salary and ample benefits are no longer enough to attract top candidates to a company. Now, a business needs to put people first not only through products and services but also through a diverse workplace. In fact, according to a 2020 survey by Glassdoor,

      How the CFO Has Evolved to Become a CEO Business Partner

      In the past, the role of chief financial officer was strictly a senior accountant tasked with crunching numbers. In today’s dynamic business world, the role of the CFO has evolved to into a strategic business partner. In fact, a survey found that 28 percent of participants said their CFO was focusing less on the financial

      How to Sell Your HVAC Business: An Insider’s Guide

      Heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) companies are in high demand by investors seeking to capture a share of the market. According to a recent report from Precedence Research, the HVAC market had an approximate value of $130 billion in 2021, which may grow to $206.89 billion by 2030. Owners of HVAC companies who are nearing

      Navigating the Changing Healthcare Landscape: Understanding the Evolving Roles of CMOs

      Written by Bruce Henry, Healthcare Executive Search Practice Leader The expectations and responsibilities of a hospital’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) have evolved dramatically over the past decade. In order to remain effective, CMOs have had to step into new roles and take on additional responsibilities. Physicians and hospital executives are encouraged to move from fee-for-service

      Private Equity & Talent Shortages

      To become the best in any industry, a company must hire employees who can become leaders. It is an essential phenomenon in most businesses since leaders show other employees how to assist a business in achieving their set targets and goals. Private equity firms are no different, and given the competition existing in the area,

      How to Sell Your Dental Practice: 7 Essential Tips

      If you’re a dentist nearing retirement age, you’re probably wondering how you’ll divest your practice and obtain the money you need for your golden years. The most obvious solution is to sell your practice to another dentist or a professional dental consolidation firm.  Unlike other businesses, dentists have limited options for selling their dental practice.

      Chief Marketing Officer Job Description

      The renowned marketing executive recruiters at Cowen Partners have crafted this chief marketing officer (CMO) job description that you can use and customize. This CMO job description provides a strong foundation for nearly any CMO role — including (but not limited to) private equity CMOs, start-up CMOs, technology CMOs, retail CMOs, healthcare CMOs, and beyond.

      Legal Executive Search: General Counsel Job Description

      About the Opportunity We are looking for an analytical general counsel to optimize our organizational efficiency regarding legal matters. The general counsel will examine and draft IT, employment, real estate and vendor contracts, manage copyrights and trademarks, and preserve business records such as minutes of meetings and resolutions. General counsel will be responsible for: To

      Top Sales Recruiting Articles of 2021

      Considering the dynamic commercial landscape of the past two years, it’s unsurprising that sales and marketing continue to be top of mind for our executive readers.  A common feature of the global economic recovery for companies has been a transition from in-person sales interactions and pipelines to a fully digital customer experience or a hybrid

      Selling Your Family Business: Where to Start

      Determining whether to sell a family business is a tough decision. In fact, whether you’re running a construction company, a dental practice, a software company, an HVAC company, or any other type of business, that company may be: However, keeping the business in the family isn’t always advantageous. Sometimes, family members don’t have the capabilities

      Top Marketing Recruitment Articles 2021

      As the global economy is beginning to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions, consumer behavior has changed drastically from what it used to be. The result of this is that traditional marketing techniques may not yield the desired results with the average prospective consumer.  As a result of this, companies need to

      The Increasing Demand for Talent in the Rapidly Growing Private Equity Market

      The private equity industry is currently the primary driver of growth at recruiting businesses across the United States. According to research group PitchBook, upwards of 40,000 deals involving venture capital or private equity funding, mergers or acquisitions were completed throughout the country last year. Indeed, the sector as a whole has been thriving. Last year,

      Private Equity Operating Partner

      In recent years, private equity (PE) firms have isolated operational improvement in portfolio firms as a frontline tactic, shifting focus away from financial engineering or excessive leverage. As a result, the role of operating partner has become key to PE firms’ investment thesis, which has led to a rise in the relevance and demand for

      How Do Top Executive Search Firms Find Candidates?

      Organizations commonly seek the expertise of executive search firms for senior level recruitment. However, due to the often confidential nature of their assignment, the activities of these companies can seem opaque to an outsider looking in.  Executive search companies typically employ a combination of industry contacts, personal connections, and job adverts to carry out their

      Developing an Exit Strategy for Construction Companies

      As the owner of a construction company, you know there will come a time when you say goodbye to building homes and commercial structures.  Construction is one of the most labor-intensive types of work there is. While you can hire other people to perform the labor for you, at some point, you’ll want to enjoy

      Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Essential Diversity Recruitment Strategies for Modern Businesses

      Commitment to gender and BIPOC diversity has proven to be effective. Yet, pragmatic action in the area of diversity recruitment has been slow. A long-term commitment to the cause and concrete goals are some potential ways through which this exclusion can be rectified. Marketing your company for inclusivity is also important because branding empowers the

      How to Build Company Culture After a Shift to Remote Work

      Office work has changed drastically over the past year and a half. The pandemic made remote work a necessity and it has proven how successful employees can be outside of the office. Even after the pandemic finally ends, it’s unlikely businesses will resume traditional work models. As it stands, remote work is here to stay. 

      Top Strategies for Deciding Between Two Amazing Candidates

      You’ve been through the rounds of interviews, narrowed down your selection, and are finally left with two amazing candidates. You’ve weighed team impressions and reviewed all of the assessments, but the two people seem equally perfect for the job. Who do you choose? Of all the hiring problems out there, being stuck between two top

      Top 5 Personality Tests Used by Employers

      Personality tests are often used by companies for screening purposes, but they can also be used as part of an employee’s development plan or performance management process.  The goal of these types of tests is not only to identify strengths and weaknesses in an employee’s personality but also to provide feedback on how those traits

      Understanding the Wonderlic Test

      The Wonderlic Test is a test for cognitive ability that helps employers determine whether a job candidate is likely to succeed in their position. It’s used by companies to measure, evaluate, and benchmark candidates in terms of problem-solving and aptitude skills, as well as to give an idea of how fast they can think and

      Using an Executive Search Firm: A Guide for Non-Profits

      Although they are less concerned with profit runs and shareholder satisfaction, non-profits still need capable, effective senior leadership. Success, for organizations, is often defined by the caliber of leadership talent they boast in executive positions – and the same holds true for non-profits. When looking to fill these positions, non-profits may rely on internal resources

      Why is Succession Planning Important?

      Because Your Legacy Is Important In every company, employees will quit, retire, or die in some cases. Transition is inevitable, and organizations know that. However, the majority of companies ignore this fact. Instead, they act surprised or even shocked when a high-ranking employee leaves. Filling the open position is, often, a struggle. With smart succession

      How to Profit From Your Company Culture

      We’ve all heard that it’s important to implement and live your company culture. Not only your employees, but your entire company will benefit from it. But what makes a company culture so important? And how can you create a healthy company culture within your organization? Cowen Partner’s top executive recruiters answer those questions here, sharing

      How to Hire & Retain a Diverse Workforce

      You’ve heard it before: Diverse teams are more creative, productive, and successful. And yet, even after decades of diversity initiatives and training, many companies still struggle to hire and retain a diverse workforce. When you hire a diverse workforce, you break down stereotypes and encourage people to be themselves. A diverse workforce helps your company

      Top CFO Executive Search Firm Articles

      Due to the unique challenges that the year 2020 brought, 2021 saw a revolution in the roles of C-suite leaders, including that of the CFO. For an executive role mostly distinguished by its technical and financial requirements, expectations for the position deepened and expanded as organizations looked to their leaders during trying times.  Our top

      When to Hire a CEO for Your Startup

      By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search Startup founders are dedicated to their companies and the growth of their business. To many founders, it may seem natural to fill the role of chief executive officer (CEO). However, the creator of a product or service isn’t always the best person to manage a business long-term.

      The Importance of a General Counsel in a Private Equity Portfolio Company

      Legal knowledge is difficult to grasp if you haven’t specifically studied it. Even so, it’s important for departments within a company to have at least some understanding of relevant laws and compliance rules related to the business. An understanding of legal and ethical guidelines can help employees avoid any unnecessary mistakes that create legal issues

      Chief Human Resource Officer Role at Private Equity Portfolio Companies

      Written by Thomas Paik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader The role of the chief human resource officer has taken on more responsibility within private equity portfolio companies in the past decade. The role is no longer simply responsible for regular human resource functions. It is now also regarded as a strategic business partner

      The Rule of Four: How to Apply Google’s Research to Your Hiring Process

      As a hiring manager, you undoubtedly know how long and frustrating the hiring process can be for everyone involved. Finding the right person to fill your vacancies can often take much longer than expected. When you find yourself without a staff member unexpectedly, the need to fill this vacancy is greater than ever. As one

      Private Equity Operating Partner Job Description

      Cowen Partners Executive Search Outlines What to Look For in an Operating Partner Operating partners are proven business leaders, functioning as either generalists or specialists, and have established track records of building shareholder value. They are usually more capable of developing strategies and leadership teams than a deal-oriented partner, and they are expected to spend more

      When & Why to Hire an Executive Search Firm 

      Organizations employ the services of executive search firms to find and recruit talent for C-level or senior management roles. Considering that this is a delicate task requiring significant time and resources, it should be done right.  Executive search firms can provide the high-level expertise and technical support that helps unearth and attract standout leadership candidates.

      Best Cyber Security and Technology Articles in Executive Search

      2020 was a pivotal year, and many companies can trace the evolution of their business practises to the events of that year. We see this most clearly in the way businesses operated in 2021, starting with a large-scale transition to remote work. However, with the shift to remote work and other technology integrations into the

      How to Find the Right Sales Leadership for Your Company

      No matter the size or sector of your business, it is essentially impossible to accomplish your corporate goals without being laser-focused on sales. Sales are the lifeblood of any organization. Without obtaining repeat business from current customers and new business from recently-converted prospects, your business will struggle to grow. To address this reality, it is

      How Private Equity Can Build a Leadership Team with Top Talent

      Private equity talent is in high demand but filling vacant roles with the right candidates has never been easy. The challenge has been made even more difficult with the current talent shortage creating even more competition for valuable candidates. At a time when it’s more important than ever for private equity companies to be building

      Private Equity | How a COO & CFO Can Work Together

      In private equity-backed companies, C-suite leaders often work in a fast-paced, results-driven environment with unforgiving timelines for delivering results. For these reasons, leaders commonly use aggressive business strategies to stay on track and advance companies. The issue this need for results can create, however, is a power struggle between top company leaders.  Leadership capabilities and

      How to Build a Championship Front Office

      Written by Sam Torres Sports and Entertainment Practice Leader The ultimate goal for any sports organization at any level, is to win a championship. If you are not trying to win, either in the short term or long term, you are doing your players and fans a disservice. When you look at the most successful

      Sports Franchises | CRO vs CSO

      Written by Sam Torres Sports and Entertainment Practice Leader The backbone of every successful sports team is a strong executive and leadership team with a clear vision of the future. As ownership and general managers bring in players to play for their team, they also bring in sales teams that bring in the partnerships and

      Preparing to Sell Your Business: The Importance of Audited Financials and Due Diligence

      Once you’ve decided to sell your business, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. You’ll need to partner with various advisors to help you with the sales process, and you’ll need to undergo a thorough audit of your financials.  Your financials provide potential buyers with a comprehensive view of your organization’s current and

      5 Steps to Finding the Best CTO for Your Company

      The global pandemic has made businesses acutely aware of the importance of tech updates. According to the 2021 State of IT report by Spiceworks, 76% of businesses are planning for long-term IT changes. Investing in new technology is a smart move for your business, but it requires careful planning and consideration. A chief technology officer

      What is Alternative Data and Why is it Changing Finance? 

      While investment firms and financial advisors have typically relied on traditional information sources like SEC filings and press releases to make investment decisions, there’s a sea change going on in the industry.  Investors are increasingly turning to alternative data sources for faster insights and a fresh perspective in the search for better and more contextual

      What Is the Future of Investor Relations?

      The world of Investor Relations (IR) has always straddled the shared links between companies, stock markets, and the average investor to varied success. It is a weird analogy but IR professionals are much like therapists; commanding a specific mix of tools to help achieve specific goals. A lot of the time, that goal is managing

      The Importance of Hiring the Right VP of Sales

      When it comes to hiring new staff, it’s crucial to choose the right candidates. Thereby, selecting the VP of Sales is especially important. In this article, an experienced sales executive recruiter at Cowen Partners explains why you should make sure you hire the best-suited candidate for the position and how you can do that. VP

      How Executive Search Firms Work

      With the increasing complexity and dynamism of business environments, organizations are under greater pressure to appoint executives that are agile, future-focused, and equipped to succeed in a modern business world. While certain companies can find internal solutions to this conundrum, other enterprises must look outward for top-level candidates who can lead them into the future.

      5 Important Tips for a Successful SPAC Transition

      Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have been around for a long time but it’s only recently that they’ve become more popular. A SPAC has no commercial operations and is formed with the purpose of raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO) with the intention of acquiring an existing company. Between January and August 2021,

      COO Role: Understanding the Role & Value of a Chief Operating Officer

      Every organization eventually comes to the point where discussions turn to the possibility of bringing on a number two or chief operations officer. But due to the rarely visible, misunderstood role that an operations chief plays, prospecting for one can be a difficult task.  We have addressed the question of how to hire a COO

      The Dos & Don’ts of Distributing Equity at a Startup

      You have an amazing staff of highly skilled workers and advisors and would like to offer them equity in the business. You know that startup equity is a valuable commodity but distributing it can be complicated. You only have so many shares of the business to divide and share with others, so it’s important to

      What is the difference between SPAC and IPO?

      Apart from the inescapable specter of a global pandemic, 2020 will be remembered as the year when SPACs emerged as a true contender to the tried and tested IPO. With more than $70 billion in gross proceeds by December, SPACs accounted for 97% of the total money raised in IPOs in 2020, according to the

      Telling a Story | Sports Sponsorship

      Written by Sam Torres Sports and Entertainment Practice Leader How to Elevate Your Sales Pitch with The Right Story Perhaps the most important part of a sales pitch is the presentation, the story is the human side of your organization. The part that gives your franchise emotions, a face, and a heart. It can be

      How & When to Hire a Chief Security Officer (CSO)

      Ransomware attacks have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with a recent attack hindering hundreds of businesses in 17 different countries. In many cybersecurity attacks, criminals infiltrate company networks to steal data so they can hold the critical information for a ransom. The criminals typically demand hundreds of thousands of dollars for the

      Sales | The Ultimate Hiring Guide

      By Ash Wendt, President of Cowen Partners Executive Search Cowen Partners President & Sales Executive Recruiter Ash Wendt has compiled this Sales Executive Hiring Guide to highlight what CROs do and what it takes to hire the best CROs for any C-suite or industry. Cowen Partners, a national sales executive search firm, has put together what

      The Top 10 Alternative Data Providers

      Alternative Data is one of the best approaches that most businesses are using to gain insight into the customer’s mind. The data is compiled through different resources that are different from the traditional ones. The sources include management guidance, broker forecasts, company filings, social media sentiment, credit card transactions, weather data, web traffic, and many

      5 Elements of Company Culture

      Company culture is built around shared values as well as the characteristics of an organization. Strong company culture is beneficial because it helps employees understand expectations and act to meet those expectations. Some businesses let the culture develop naturally whereas other organizations make a concerted effort to cultivate culture. It’s difficult to develop company culture,

      5 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Using Account-Based Marketing

      Businesses utilize a variety of different and effective marketing strategies all with the goal of connecting to high-value clients in the target market. Marketing campaigns typically reach a wide audience, but the leads generated are not always an ideal fit. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to account-based marketing strategies. In fact, according

      How Team Owners & Stadium Executives Plan to Recover

      Written by Sam Torres Sports and Entertainment Practice Leader Besides the public health threat that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to every part of the United States and the world, there were an infinite number of secondary consequences of virus-related shutdowns brought to our communities. One of those was the shuttering of local venues—sports stadiums, arenas,

      8 Business Tech Trends That Are Here to Stay

      It is accepted that there is only one thing that is constant in life: change. In 2020, the world experienced some of the biggest changes. The business environment was not left out as it also experienced several significant shifts. And these changes show no signs of slowing down. At the center of these changes is

      How to Scale Your SaaS Company to $100 Million ARR

      The $100 million annual recurring revenue mark is a significant milestone for SaaS companies that signifies sustainable company growth. While every startup wants to hit this number as soon as possible, it’s a process that takes time. According to Kimchi Hill, on average it takes 4.5 years to hit the $10 million ARR mark and

      How to Choose the Best Private Equity CFO for Your Company

      A chief financial officer (CFO) for a private equity company is a real test of mettle. A private equity CFO is expected to transform a portfolio company and achieve rapid growth within a short timeframe. The high demands of the position, as well as the need to quickly adapt to company practices, have contributed to

      What is the Average General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer Salary?

      Payscale estimates the average General Counsel salary is around $166,438. In 2020, Corporate Counsel carried out a survey of the country’s best-paid general counsels. The survey took into account the base salary, cash bonus, and non equity incentives of these GCs. At the top of the list was Alan Braverman of Walt Disney, with a

      Marketing Salary Guide: How Much Should You Pay Your Marketers?

      Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. To get customers for your business, you have to first attract them to your business. The way to do that is through marketing. However, before you attract customers to your business through marketing, you have to first attract top talent for your company’s marketing positions.  And the right

      The Modern Chief Financial Officer

      There’s a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) crisis in the global economy. According to a 2015 study published by KPMG, 2/3 of surveyed CEOs believe that CFOs will increase in their significance over the next three years (which, incidentally, they have). Yet, 1/3 of those CEOs feel that their CFO is not up to the challenge.

      Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: Why You Need to Know the Difference

      Recruitment and talent acquisition may seem like the same thing, but these two hiring strategies are very different. It’s important to understand the differences between these hiring methods so your company can implement the best hiring process possible. Below outlines the company mindset and processes that differentiate recruitment and talent acquisition. What is recruitment? Recruitment

      Stadium Reopening: Highlighting Improvements

      Written by Sam Torres Sports and Entertainment Practice Leader It is sometimes hard to imagine sports before the pandemic; with crowded bleachers, standing hand in hand with your fellow sports mates, or friendly banter with the opposing fans. When it all stopped, many of us lost that social feeling. Sports were simply not the same

      Why Digital Transformation Is Important to the Future of Credit Unions

      The coronavirus pandemic made digital transformation a necessity for all sectors of business, but especially within the financial industry. Credit unions, in particular, are struggling to attract younger customers to their services. This is largely due to the lack of available digital services and functionality. Younger generations are accustomed to accessing accounts, paying bills, and

      A Private Equity CFO Wears a Lot of Hats

      As a private equity Chief Financial Officer, you must be flexible and wear many different hats. Before a business is acquired by a private equity (PE) firm, a Chief Financial Officer might be perfectly fine filling the role of the accountant. After a business is acquired, however, this is no longer the case. A private

      Chief Marketing Officer | Ultimate Hiring Guide

      Ultimate CMO Hiring Guide for Exceptional Marketing Executives By Ash Wendt, President of Cowen Partners Executive Search Cowen Partners President & CMO Recruiter Ash Wendt has compiled this Chief Marketing Officer Hiring Guide to highlight what CMOs do and what it takes to hire the best CMOs for any C-suite or industry. Cowen Partners, a national

      Defining Culture

      What Is Company Culture? Company culture is the term for the behaviors and attitudes of an organization and its employees. Also known as “corporate culture,” “organizational culture,” or “workplace culture,” company culture can be seen in the interactions of the people in an organization with each other, along with the values and decisions that they

      The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Information Security

      Every business knows how important it is to manage information security but deciding how exactly to protect that information is a topic for debate. In most cases, companies can agree hiring a chief information security officer or CISO, is the best answer. The debate, however, is whether to hire a full-time position or outsource information

      Chief Information Officer vs. Chief Technology Officer: The Difference and Why it Matters

      The Difference Between a CIO versus a CTO & Why It Matters When it comes to managing a company’s technology, there are two executive-level positions that take the lead: Chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO). People mistakenly view these two positions in the same capacity because they both involve technology. However, a

      Your Company Should Reflect the Community You Serve

      Diversity in workspaces isn’t just a perk considered by professionals and job seekers today. Top talent takes it as one of the primary deciding factors while choosing a new organization to work for.  Not only that, diversity has a wide set of benefits for organizations too. They can harness the innovative ideas coming in from

      How to Find a Great Private Equity Operating Partner

      By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search A private equity operating partner has always been a valuable role, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the position even more prominent. PE firms are looking to improve value creation at portfolio companies and operational improvements are a big contributor to their success. Drivers of this operational

      What is Executive Search & How Does it Work? 

      When looking to fill leadership roles, many companies find in-house executive recruitment to be challenging. This is unsurprising, given the widening skills gap in the labor market and the increasing scarcity of top-level talent, especially for senior management positions.  One meaningful solution to this difficulty is collaborating with an executive search firm. As specialized experts

      Which CFO Profile Does Your Business Need?

      The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) has evolved a lot over the years. In addition to the financial responsibilities of a company, many CFOs are now handling technology transformation, outsourcing personnel, and talent management, among other business needs. Given the diverse role a CFO can play within a company, it can be difficult

      Pre-IPO Executive Compensation

      There were 480 IPOs on the US stock market in 2020, an all-time record. This is +106% more than in 2019 with 233 IPOs. It is also 20% higher than the previous record IPO year of 2000, which had 397.  This is indicative of two things. First, we are seeing a higher rate of innovation

      How to Find a COO for Your Company

      If you are at the point where you are prospecting for a chief operations officer, then you are likely experiencing exciting times at your company. Organizations typically require a chief of operations to step in and help scale the management team to cope with exploding growth, or new opportunities.  However, these times can also be

      It’s Time to Reimagine the Chief Marketing Officer Role

      The chief marketing officer (CMO) role has always been a contentious one. Businesses recognize the importance of marketing to a company’s success and growth, but many CEOs and top executives are hesitant to assign a CMO position. Part of the reluctance comes from the inability to track the impact of a marketing campaign on the

      How to Retain Talent with High CMO Turnover

      A chief marketing officer (CMO) is the person responsible for managing the marketing side of your company. This C-suite position ensures your company mission and vision are being accurately conveyed to the public. They also keep the marketing strategy on track so your business continues to reach a larger audience. A successful CMO will ultimately

      How and When Your Startup Should Hire a Recruiter

      The average cost of hiring a new employee is about $4,129, and it takes roughly 42 days to fill an open position. High turnover rates from unwise hiring decisions can have a serious effect on mature businesses, but this onboarding cost is even more crucial for a startup. A young company doesn’t have the time

      When Should Your Company Start Considering Board Recruitment?

      While the answer to this question varies depending on the unique growth stage and opportunities of each company, this is a question every founder asks at some point – often with great reluctance. Understandably, many founders are less than keen on the subject of board recruitment. Stories abound of founders who were pushed out of

      Data-Driven Decision Making | Business Analytics

      Cowen Partners highlights what it means to be a data-driven business and make decisions based on financial analytics and business intelligence. As the leader of a company, CEOs make a fundamentally large portion of corporate decisions, including management, operations, and sales development. In order to do that effectively, they need to have the best, updated

      COO Performance Metrics: How to Measure the Effectiveness of your COO

      By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search The C-Level executives at your company are responsible for either the success or failure of your company. As the CEO, it is your responsibility to ensure that you steer the company to success.  However, you can’t do this alone. You have to work hand in hand with

      6 Types of Marketing Organization Structures

      By Ash Wendt, President Cowen Partners Executive Search A clear marketing organization structure is necessary for the smooth operation of your business. With the right marketing organization structure in place, your business will efficiently meet business goals and keep employees focused on their responsibilities. Need to hire a Chief Marketing Officer? Contact Us The problem

      The Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader

      Great leaders are the foundation of any business. You can’t have successful teams without the right leadership in place. Teams are motivated, inspired, and driven by their leaders, so finding the right supervisors and executive leaders for your company is vital for success.  Great leaders often share the same characteristics. In fact, here are the

      IPO | The Ultimate Hiring Guide

      Working with both public and private companies, Cowen Partners regularly helps pre-IPO companies ramp up for a successful IPO. This includes hiring for SEC regulations and reporting, driving sales, and increasing market share pre-IPO. Consequently, we have put together what we believe is the ultimate guide to hiring for an initial public offering (IPO). Designed

      4 Types of CFO Profiles

      Below are the four types of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) profiles, each with different competencies and areas of expertise. Understanding how each of these roles works within a company can help you determine which CFO profile is best for your business. The 4 Chief Financial Officer Profiles 1. Chief Financial Officer as the Financial Guru

      Why HR Isn’t Enough For Your Next Executive Hire

      Executive recruiters specialize in hiring C-Suite professionals 365 days a year, giving their clients a clear advantage. Chances are, you have taken calls from an executive search firm. In fact, you may have found a job in the past with a headhunter. Still, many CEOs don’t utilize executive recruiters to make internal hires. In this

      Why Use a Retained Executive Search Firm?

      How you hire executive-level talent for your company is a critical decision that can impact your whole business. It’s estimated that onboarding a new employee can cost roughly $240,000, and that’s just for a senior manager position. This number covers hiring costs, compensation, and the price associated with maintaining an employee. If you make a

      How to Build a Successful Demand Generation Team

      Demand generation marketing strategies are tactics used to generate interest and demand for a company’s products or services. What Is Demand Generation? Demand generation can include a variety of communication channels from blog posts and social media messaging to targeted promotions and list creation. When all is said and done, demand gen is typically involved

      When to Hire General Counsel

      In an age when outsourcing is the trend, and companies are relying on outside contractors more than ever to help grow their business and expand their position in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know how and when to in source specialized professional services. Specially, when should a company invest in developing and hiring

      Why Nearly Half of All Executive Searches Fail

      Thanks to technology, anytime you need to fill a position you can post the job online and have a plethora of applicants within a week. You would think that such a large applicant pool would make filling positions easy, but this isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to executive searches. Many people are

      3 Executive Search Recruitment Practices to Develop Diversity in the Workplace

      3 Executive Search Recruitment Practices to Develop Diversity in the Workplace Studies have proven that diversity and inclusion are good for business. Diverse teams are more innovative, more profitable, and simply more engaged. One study even found that companies with more diversity were 35 percent more likely to financially outperform competitors in the market. Even

      Defining a CTO

      What Is a CTO? In an organization, a CTO is an executive-level position that has the responsibility of understanding and implementing the scientific and technological needs of the company in order to meet the business goals. For the technology-related matters, this is the company’s highest level of the executive position as a CTO holds the

      6 Important Skills to Look for in a Product Marketing Manager

      The right product marketing strategy has the power to transform your business. A common mistake businesses make in product marketing, however, is focusing too much on the initial launch of a product. You don’t want to have a successful launch for the product or service to fall flat a few months later. Product marketing is

      Top 20 CFO Interview Questions

      Cowen Partners is a leader among the nation’s best CFO search firms. Regularly featured in Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, and CFO Magazine, the CFO recruiters at Cowen Partners specialize in CFO executive search. Sharing our knowledge and insights about the CFO recruitment process, we have compiled the top 20 CFO interview questions below to help you screen candidates

      Sustainability & Partnerships in American Sports

      Written by Sam Torres Sports and Entertainment Practice Leader Environmental sustainability continues to be one of the strongest global secular trends that is changing the way businesses and governments operate. You have probably noticed by now that nearly every company has a goal of carbon neutrality by a specified date. It is a crucial step

      Ready to Sell Your Software Business? 5 Tips

      Owning a company in the software sector is pretty exciting. Technology is one of the economy’s fastest-growing sectors, and many individuals have grown large companies in software that add tremendous value to our everyday lives. At some point, you may want to sell your software company. You may want to retire — or you may

      Hiring Techniques for Private Equity Firms

      Private equity firms typically hold stock in a portfolio of different companies. Their ownership percentage — especially if it’s in the majority — often allows them to play a role in the hiring of executive and management positions. However, the hiring process employed by private equity firms differs considerably from traditional hiring processes.  Rather than looking

      Pre-IPO Checklist

      Your company is getting ready to go public, and you are excited. You’ve been dreaming of a successful IPO for a while. You and your team, standing at the exchange, ringing the bell and seeing the company’s initials start flashing by on the tickers. Hopefully, the numbers coming in are large, green, and there’s an

      Diversity Recruiting

      Executive-recruiting firms best serve their clients by making a commitment to finding minority candidates. According to Shawn Cole, president and founding partner of Cowen Partners, knowing sources of alternative qualified prospects and digging deeper into the demands of roles can greatly improve diversity executive recruiting. All too often, search firms compare themselves to the professional

      Chief Legal Officer Job Description

      Cowen Partners is a leader among the nation’s best executive search firms for legal executives, enabling companies to harness the power of human capital to fuel their success. With top-rated CLO recruiters, Cowen Partners gives our clients access to the top 1% of human capital to create opportunities that accelerate their growth and market share.

      What Makes a Great Chief Operating Officer (COO)

      Everyone knows the major role a CEO plays in a company, but fewer people understand the significance of a COO. A chief operating officer is typically in charge of the daily operations of a company, and the duties required of this role can vary widely between businesses. The COO role is often seen as the

      What Is Digital Marketing?

      Before the digital era, marketing relied heavily on print media to advertise products and services. Newspaper and magazine advertisements and even billboard signs were common marketing tools used to promote a brand. In today’s technology-savvy world, however, the emphasis is now on digital marketing strategies.  Digital marketing is marketing that uses electronic devices to distribute

      How to Find a World Class CEO for Your Company

      A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive position in a company. When looking to fill this role in your company, you’ll receive plenty of applications from people with acceptable backgrounds and experience who will do an adequate job in the position. However, you don’t want an average executive officer, and you shouldn’t settle

      Sales Team Compensation

      You need to build a solid sales team to lead your business, and one way to attract top sales performers is offering the right sales team compensation plan. If it’s your first time setting up a sales team, however, it can be difficult to determine which incentives to offer your team. By breaking down the

      How to Avoid Interview Fatigue When Hiring Executive Leaders

      Interviews don’t solely benefit the company hiring for a position. Candidates also learn a lot during this process. They get an opportunity to see how your company works and receive a first impression of the business. When trying to hire top candidates, especially executives, it’s imperative to have a smooth hiring process. A significant part

      Defining a CMO

      What Is a CMO? A CMO is a C-level executive position in the corporate sector who is responsible for all the activities related to the creation, communication, and delivering the offerings in an organization to value for the clients, customers, and business partners. The main objective of a CMO is to accelerate growth and increase

      CEO Job Description

      Start your CEO job description with an introductory paragraph that gives the applicant a few details about your company and the working environment. This is your chance to set your company apart from the rest while detailing exactly what you want in the professional who will fill the CEO role. Taking 2-3 sentences to shape

      What to Look for in a Chief Marketing Officer

      When it comes to hiring a new chief marketing officer (CMO), you have to make sure you’re picking the right person for the job. After all, CMO is one of the most critical positions in a company, organizing your business’ marketing efforts and ensuring you can meet the growth goals that spell long-term success in

      C-Suite Org Chart

      At the Top: The CEO, COO, CHRO, CFO, CTO, CMO & More Leadership roles in any organization can include several positions, from the board of directors and the chief executive officer (CEO) on down. While companies may not need to fill every role in the C-suite from day one, leadership at the top will generally

      Average CFO Salary by Revenue

      Cowen Partners is a national CFO search firm, driven to create value for our clients, and we have a long-standing record of placing exceptionally qualified Chief Financial Officers across all industries. In this post, we highlight the average CFO salary for both public and private companies based on revenue size. Other variables apply, such as location and industry.

      Using a Retained Search Firm to Hire Your Next Executive

      A company’s executives are typically also its leaders. Individuals in these positions, including the CEO, CFO, CMO, and CTO, are tasked with leading both individual departments and the overall business.  They are expected to be up-to-date on the latest business trends and have the skills required to push mid-level managers and staff to meet specific

      How to Choose the Right Top Performing Salespeople to Hire

      Hiring salespeople is a serious investment for your business. According to the Harvard Business Review, U.S. businesses spend $15 billion annually on sales training and $800 billion on sales force compensation. Salespeople are the driving force behind customer acquisition and revenue generation so it’s not surprising companies invest so heavily into these employees. If you

      What is the Difference Between a Chief Legal Officer vs General Counsel?

      By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search In-house legal advisors are invaluable to a company. They understand the ins and outs of your business which gives them a better grasp of the potential risks and threats your company faces. High-level positions in charge of your company’s legal matters are even more critical as they

      Corporate Succession Planning

      Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave, retire or die. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available. Taken narrowly, “replacement planning” for key roles is the heart of succession planning. If you have

      The 3 Growth Stages of Sales Hiring for Your Startup

      At the very beginning stages of a startup there are very few employees, and most of the time a sales representative is not one of them. This means you, as the CEO or founder, are likely the person in charge of pitching and selling the product to potential clients. At this point in time, you

      15 Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing a COO

      The chief operating officer of a company is a senior executive-level position typically second in command to the chief executive officer. A COO is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of your business and works to execute the company’s overall business plan. In most cases, the COO qualifications and responsibilities include handling the internal affairs

      The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Successful Sales Team

      By Ash Wendt, President of Cowen Partners Executive Search Cowen Partners President & Sales Executive Recruiter Ash Wendt has compiled this Sales Executive Hiring Guide to highlight what CROs do and what it takes to hire the best CROs for any C-suite or industry. A large part of a company’s success depends on its sales team,

      Chief Legal Officer | Ultimate Hiring Guide

      Companies Need Business Minded General Counsels, Enter the Chief Legal Officer By Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search Cowen Partners Founder & Legal Executive Recruiter Shawn Cole has compiled this CLO Hiring Guide to highlight what it takes to recruit and hire top chief legal officers across any industry. General counsels are currently expected

      Interview: Chief Revenue Officer Questions

      Cowen Partners has assembled a list of the top Chief Revenue Officer interview questions for CEOs and Founders to hire a qualified sales leader.  Before we start, do you have any questions I can answer? Tell me about your ability to work under pressure? What field/ industry experience do you have as a Chief Revenue

      The Best Portland Executive Search Firm

      It is not easy to find a top candidate for an executive role. The process is time-consuming, expensive, and competitive. An executive search firm, however, makes the recruitment process a whole lot easier. A search firm can find some of the best high-level candidates and will even recruit impressive passive executives who are not actively

      Chief Operating Officer (COO) Qualifications

      Cowen Partners has put together a list of COO Qualifications for client companies. The chief operating officer (COO) is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of a business. The COO and CEO work together closely, with the COO typically reporting directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) and considered to be second in the chain of

      6 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

      There will come a time when you’ll need to sell your business. You may want to retire or try something new, or something might happen that prevents you from managing your company full-time. Selling a business isn’t easy, especially one you’ve worked hard to build over the years. It can feel a little like saying

      Stadium Naming Rights

      As an organization, the businesses and sponsors that you align with can be a direct reflection of how the organization will be perceived by the public. Solidifying a sponsor for the naming rights of a stadium establishes credibility amongst your peers and the corporate world in which that company exists. Stadium Naming Right Categories Among

      The Making of a Private Equity Portfolio Company CEO

      CEO turnover within private equity portfolio companies is shockingly high. According to a 2017 survey by AlixPartners, as many as 58 percent of private equity CEOs are replaced within the first two years of acquisition. Switching CEOs after two years can be detrimental to a PE firm’s return on investment given that most PE acquisitions

      Are You Ready For a Private Equity Investment?

      Cowen Partners is a national private equity executive search firm. Working with startups and pre-IPO companies, Cowen Partners has vast private equity and venture capital experience. Whether you are the CEO/founder of a startup or an older, privately held business, there may come a time where you and your colleagues are seeking outside capital. In

      Chief Executive Officer Interview Questions

      The CEO Interview process can be lengthy and daunting for any board. Cowen Partners is a national executive search firm and we have assembled a list of top Chief Executive Officer interview questions for your board to utilize when interviewing CEOs and making the right hire.    Cowen Partners Executive Search   Cowen Partners is

      Interim CFO Manhattan

      An interim CFO serves as a stop gap between the incoming and outgoing CFO’s. Utilized for an unplanned CFO exit or a lengthy executive search, they are great for maintaining critical company processes and momentum. Our team of CFO Consultants have a vested interest in your success. Many have worked at respected companies such as

      Why Value-Driven Organizations Will Excel Post-COVID

      COVID-19 spread like wildfire across the globe and devastated hundreds of macro and micro-communities and economies in its path. Indeed, the virus has scorched our American economic landscape beyond recognition. What was once a healthy, profitable, and tested climate, ripe with clear-cut standards and methods of success, is no longer in existence. Businesses and employees

      Sales Executive Recruitment: How to Build a Winning Sales Team

      Cowen Partners Executive Search outlines sales executive recruitment as part of our sales leadership recruiting practice for companies competing for sales talent. Accomplished individual contributors and proven sales leaders are the key difference between companies positioned to win in the future and those that will fall behind. “Hire salespeople who are really smart problem solvers,

      Sales Executive Job Description

      The sales executive job description you use to recruit C-suite candidates can be a critical first step in the screening process. Similarly, for candidates, the sales executive job description on your resume can be pivotal to establishing your credentials and moving on to the next round of the interview process. What Is a Sales Executive?

      Private Equity Executive Search

      At Cowen Partners Executive Search, we know you need great private equity executives. Whether you’re an HR leader, CEO, or company founder, private equity experienced executives create value and make a real difference in the business. As firms work to increase their operational value, they need to choose great operational leaders who are agile in

      Chief Financial Officer Job Description

      Cowen Partners is a leader among the nation’s top CFO executive search firms. Nothing drives results and creates value for our private equity clients like finding them their next Chief Financial Officer. Our hands-on executive recruiters have deep experience working with start-ups and pre-IPO companies, providing top talent and diverse candidates to fit an array of C-suite recruitment

      Head of Investor Relations Job Description

      The Head of Investor Relations is responsible for ensuring the company is appropriately and strategically positioned with analysts, investors, and all stakeholders. The individual in this role will: Head of IR Responsibilities The main responsibilities for the head of IR position are: Head of Investor Relations Qualifications The head of IR must be a seasoned

      Cross-Cultural Leadership: Leading a Diverse Workforce

      Provided by Maryville University Whether you’re leading a global team of culturally diverse individuals or overseeing an office in a foreign country, you may face unique management obstacles, from communication and decision-making to motivation and teamwork. Managers and leaders can take steps to develop cross-cultural leadership skills to work through the challenges of managing diverse

      What is a C-Suite Executive? CEO vs. CFO vs. COO

      Provided by Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business Shorthand for a company’s top tier of executives, the term C-suite derives from the first letter of the high-level executive titles used by many large enterprises. The most common C-suite titles are chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), and chief operating officer (COO). These C-suite

      Recruiting upper-level management in the age of Covid-19

      Originally published in the Puget Sound Business Journal – Seattle, WA Shawn Cole is President and Co-Founder of Cowen Partners Executive Search. Although the country has experienced higher unemployment rates than those of the Great Depression and the great recession, unemployment rates for senior-level executives have remained low amid Covid-19. Why? Because the value of

      Why Companies Need Business-Minded General Counsels

      General counsels are currently expected to take on more responsibilities than ever before within their organizations. In the past, their main job was to guard the company against legal and ethical offenses, but the general counsel role is so much more than that now. In addition to avoiding legal infractions, general counsels are expected to

      5 Important Questions to Ask in General Counsel Recruitment

      The general counsel position is a major part of the executive leadership team. You need someone who displays great leadership skills, sound judgment, and a strong sense of ethics. Finding a candidate who meets all of these expectations as well as your business needs can be difficult. Before sitting down for an interview, you need

      Finding Top In-House Legal Talent

      Capable in-house legal talent is a vital part of your company’s team, and finding top legal talent is necessary if you expect to compete in today’s economy. You cannot afford to make mistakes when locating the right candidate for Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Counsel, General Counsel, or other key legal positions. As a leading executive

      Recruiting & Hiring in the Age of Covid-19

      The outbreak of COVID-19 at the outset of 2020 left the global economy at a standstill with dozens of countries combatting economic, health care, and educational collapse. As the virus spiraled into an unprecedented pandemic, hundreds of companies halted operations, resorted to layoffs and furloughs, and attempted to stave off financial ruin. While suspending operations

      Defining Diversity Equity and Inclusion

      Diversity and inclusion are more than just policies. Equitable employers can outperform their competitors by considering the unique needs and perspectives of all of their team members. As a result, employees can have deeper trust and loyalty to their employers in a diverse and inclusive workplace. Typically, a diverse and inclusive workplace is one where

      Demand Generation: Why it Matters & How to Make it Work for You

      Organizations around the world are increasingly taking a more strategic approach to their marketing and sales efforts. Considering the highly customer-centric environment companies are now required to do business in, it is crucial to continually find ways to optimize the customer experience at every relevant touchpoint. And demand generation plays a critical role in achieving

      How to Choose an Executive Search Firm

      Receive our  “How to Choose an Executive Search Firm” brochure. Designed for companies seeking an executive search firm service. Reaching out to an executive search firm often plays a key role in answering this question. Executive search firms are talent acquisition specialists who invest their entire careers focused on helping their clients identify, attract, and hire

      Executive Search Case Studies

      Issue A national enterprise software and business intelligence consultancy was having trouble identifying and retaining qualified sales directors. The company had relied unsuccessfully on referrals, job ads, and third-party recruiters for years without success. Solution Cowen Partners was referred to the company by a new board member. With extensive experience in enterprise B2B sales recruiting,

      General Counsel | Capitalizing on In-House Counsel

      General Counsel Can Save Company Cash & Improve Strategy An in-house counsel, such as General Counsel or Chief Counsel, becomes a cost-saving investment when it seeks the right specialty legal advice from trusted and qualified specialists. They can manage outside legal advisors with a keener, more experienced eye, and free up time that would have

      Weekly Remote Hiring Best Practices

      Develop a Consistent Hiring Process: Hiring has been turned upside down due to COVID-19. Having a consistent, structured hiring process has never been more important. Small actions can make a huge difference: Post clear and detailed job descriptions, schedule interviews in a timely manner, and make hiring decisions as efficiently as possible to avoid losing

      Remember Your ABCs: Moving From Theory to Practice When Recruiting for Executive Diversity

      Scanning the headlines today, you will undoubtedly come across stories about the need to build diverse workforces at all organizational levels, particularly the C-suite. The conversation has been driven in large part by the strength of the Black Lives Matter movement, in addition to recent legislation — including California’s Senate Bill (SB) 826 requiring public companies to find female board

      How to Cultivate Employee Loyalty During COVID-19 and Beyond

      American commerce has long been grounded in a kind of Darwinism: It’s about the survival of the fittest in an expansive and cutthroat economic ecosystem. The strongest companies survive; the weak go extinct. It used to be that creating an economic powerhouse meant reducing employees to numbers on a chart; looking at dollar signs and profit margins; and

      The Average Salary of a COO in 2021

      How much do you need to pay a chief operating officer to join your company? The salary of a COO in 2021 depends on a number of business factors, including (but not limited to): COO compensation should also factor in what phase your business is in and what you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, if

      Defining the CFO

      What Is a CFO? A CFO, or chief financial officer, is the highest-ranked financial figure in an organization who is responsible for the financial stability of a business. A CFO has several responsibilities, including (but not limited to): Building a top-notch accounting and financial team Overseeing financial planning and analysis Keeping expenses and revenues in

      Interim CFOs Are Keeping Companies Alive in the Face of COVID-19

      For companies who needed to hire new CFOs at the start of this calendar year, now Interim CFOs are pioneering the post-pandemic economic landscape. For companies who needed to hire new CFOs at the start of this calendar year, now Interim CFOs are pioneering the post-pandemic economic landscape. COVID-19 has catapulted global commerce, healthcare, and

      5 Industries That Hire In-house Counsel the Most

      Finance: Everything from investment banking to private equity, these businesses are littered with high stakes contracts. Tech: Whether software or hardware, tech is littered with legal red tape including patents, litigation, and IPO. Entertainment: With the abundance of copyrights, licensing and royalties, in-house counsel is a must. Oil: It goes without saying, if you are

      Building A Winning Sales Team: Tactical and Strategic Leadership

      “Hire salespeople who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business.” — Ben Horowitz Companies compete for sales talent. Accomplished individual contributors and proven sales leaders are the key difference between companies positioned to win in the future and those that will fall behind.

      Chief Revenue Officer | The Ultimate Hiring Guide

      By Ash Wendt, President of Cowen Partners Executive Search Cowen Partners President & CRO Recruiter Ash Wendt has compiled this Chief Revenue Officer Hiring Guide to highlight what CROs do and what it takes to hire the best CROs for any C-suite or industry. Cowen Partners, a national sales recruiting firm, has crafted the ultimate

      Chief Financial Officer Recruitment: The Ultimate CFO Hiring Guide

      Cowen Partners conducts more CFO searches a month than most executive search firms do all year. That is why we have compiled this industry-defining resource, detailing what it takes to hire top talent for the role of Chief Financial Officer for C-suites in any company, any industry, and any city nationwide. Created for today’s leaders