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      Demand Generation Executive Job Description

      The following presents a generalized demand generation executive job description, crafted for a VP role. For interview questions to use during the next phase of your recruitment process, check out our Top Demand Generation Interview Questions. We also invite you to get the latest insights on why demand generation matters and how to make it work for your company here.

      Company Description

      Manage a portfolio of new logo acquisition campaigns; Identify new opportunities to create prospect awareness and engagement within our addressable market Develop strategic, timely campaigns to support quarterly themes, leverage industry trends and solve our prospects’ problems Manage vendor relationships, onboarding, administrative tasks, day-to-day communications, and traffic.

      Establish and track a continuous series of experiments for campaign optimization per channel and segment Work closely with the demand generation team on mapping and maintain marketing database segmentation to personas. Work with our marketing and sales teams to monitor campaign funnel metrics, share insights, and feedback. Collaborate with our design and content teams on asset spec and deliverables timing Support the optimization of our behavioral lead scoring model Develop end-to-end Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and update as needed.

      Demand Generation Executive Responsibilities

      • Plan and execute end-to-end demand generation programs, which include, but are not limited to, webinars, emails, nurtures, paid media, content syndication, etc.
      • Develop and execute innovative, multi-channel campaigns to drive enterprise MQLs and sales pipeline, while closely monitoring conversion rates and optimizing campaigns at each stage.
      • Manage agency and contractor relationships, expectations, and budgets
      • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to drive net new prospects to a large-scale digital conference. Communicate internally to the business on progress and results, and support project management to execute conference and provide a delightful experience to prospects and existing customers.
      • Own the customer webinar program by partnering closely with product marketing and sales. Provide a stage for customers to share their stories, ensure that customers have a seamless experience, and communicate progress and results to internal teams.
      • Partner with SDR team to ensure quality lead delivery and proper follow-up according to established SLAs. Build a consistent feedback loop and continuously improve and optimize lead hand-off processes in conjunction with the Marketing Operations team.
      • Own campaign strategy and implementation plans with execution support from web, design, and field marketing teams.

      Demand Generation Executive Qualifications

      • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or related field
      • Minimum of 7 to 10 years of full-time marketing experience
      • 3+ years of demand generation/campaigns experience
      • Experience implementing enterprise-level demand generation programs
      • Tactical, hands-on experience with lead forecasting, reporting, and analysis
      • Proven experience working with paid media and content syndication vendors
      • Experience developing compelling messaging and voice across all digital channels
      • Experience managing third-party vendors including agencies and contractors 
      • Experience partnering with SDRs and sales teams to coordinate, communicate, and deliver offers and campaigns that resonate deeply with customers along the buyer’s journey
      • Must be a self-starter who excels at multitasking and thrives in a fast-paced environment
      • Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritize and shift workload to meet deadlines

      Preferred B2B Demand Generation Executive Experience

      • Market-Certified Expert
      • Experience building lead generation strategy for SaaS company

      What We Offer

      • Competitive compensation package, including 100% employer-paid medical, dental, vision premiums and HSA contributions
      • Generous paid time off policy
      • Bonus plans
      • 401k
      • Currently working 100% remotely.

      Demand Generation versus Lead Generation

      Demand generation can include a variety of communication channels from blog posts and social media messaging to targeted promotions and list creation. When all is said and done, demand gen is typically involved in every aspect of a business’s sales funnel. Every marketing strategy should include some sort of demand generation process for attracting people to the brand and pushing them through the sales funnel.  

      A lot of companies actually mistake demand gen for lead generation. These two terms, while related, are not the same thing. Lead generation refers to a specific subset of demand gen. Demand gen attracts people to business and piques interest in the overall brand, product, or service. Lead gen then comes in and turns the interested parties into more concrete sales leads by collecting contact information. 

      Every company needs some form of lead generation if they want to continue growing and to see success. Without lead generation, targeted marketing efforts are much more difficult. Once the lead generation is complete, demand gen takes back over to continue pushing people down the sales cycle with more targeted content and value. 

      The problem with demand gen is that it takes a lot more work and manpower to accomplish successfully than businesses realize. This is not a process that can be managed by a single employee. To properly run a demand gen strategy, you need a full team or department working on the process. 

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