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      Demand Gen Leadership Guide

      Demand generation can be a crucial component of any company’s marketing and sales strategy, driving revenue, growth, and more customers to businesses in any industry.

      From lead gen and lead nurturing to data analytics, digital marketing, customer experiences, and beyond, demand gen leaders in C-suites focus on the key activities that are essential to amplifying brand awareness, growing different marketing channels, aligning marketing and sales teams, and making more informed, data-driven decisions.

      Highlighting what it takes to maximize ROIs from sales and marketing efforts, this guide on demand gen leadership provides a deep dive into several important facets of this space, including the following topics (simply click on a title or phrase to jump to any section).

      Demand Generation Leaders & Teams

      Demand gen leaders are typically Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Directors of Demand Gen, and executives with other titles who are charged with building, managing, and steering teams toward next-level success.

      To do that, demand generation leaders and their teams generally focus on multiple revenue-driving objectives, including customer engagement, market research, campaign development and rollout, and so much more.

      Here’s what it takes to put together and lead a successful demand gen team in any company or industry.
      Keep in mind that some C-suites and demand gen teams may evolve from the marketing or sales team, depending on the structure of the organization.

      Demand Generation Recruitment

      Recruiting top talent for your demand generation team means hiring professionals and executives who bring the right skills, experience, qualifications, and soft skills to the table. It also means recruiting demand gen leaders and team players who fit with the company culture and, therefore, will be better prepared to propel an organization forward in terms of revenue growth.

      To help modern C-suites hire the right professionals for their team, here are some essential demand generation recruitment resources.

      Demand Gen & Sales

      Demand generation leaders and teams can work closely with sales leaders and reps — or they can be one in the same team, diligently striving to nurture leads, increase conversions, streamline the sales process, and continually improve a company’s bottom line. In fact, whether demand generation leads, shadows, or mirrors an organization’s sales strategies, here’s what today’s CMOs, CROs, and others must know in order to unleash greater success in their short- and long-term campaigns.

      Demand Gen & Marketing

      Demand generation leaders and teams work in step with marketing executives, campaigns, and strategies to adapt, improve, and deliver better results. In practice, that can mean working with CRMs, aligning marketing materials, defining target audiences, and refining existing campaigns to zero in on what it takes to move the needle, outshine the competition, and outperform others in the same space.

      Demand Generation Growth

      Growth is the name of the game in the realm of demand generation. Specifically, demand gen growth is focused on increasing leads, the brand’s audience, marketing channels, and wins. Growing on every front means keeping all team members moving and pulling in the same direction — and that can take the right demand gen growth leaders who not only make the objectives clear but also cull the right teams and keep those teams inspired at every step toward success.

      Demand Generation Leadership Resources

      Demand gen leaders who achieve the greatest wins don’t necessarily do it alone, and the most brilliant execs often draw their newest strategies out of the latest insights, trends, and resources, both in and outside of their industry. Here are just a few of the astute, revealing, and thought-provoking resources empowering today’s demand gen leaders.

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