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Cowen Partners, a national sales and marketing executive search firm, outlines some of the best interview questions for your next demand generation marketing leader. We have put this in script form for ultimate convenience.

Intro to an Interview for a Demand Generation Executive Position

Thank you for coming, you have seen the job description and I assume visited our website, what questions do you have for me? The best marketers have questions about your business, client profile, and current marketing function. Be open and honest with them.

14 Key Demand Generation Interview Questions to Ask

  1. If we hired you, what would your first 30, 60, 90 days look like.
  2. Based on what you know about what we do, what would you do to generate leads, and why?
  3. What would you do to find out if our content marketing strategy is working?
  4. Provide them with a current client acquisition problem you have and ask them how they would address it.
  5. How did you drive revenue in your last role?
  6. What marketing channels do you have experience with, and can you rate yourself in those areas?
  7. How do you measure lead quality?
  8. Tell me about your B2B/ B2C experience, how much of each and what company?
  9. Tell me who you reported to in your previous roles and how did you interface with the sales team?
  10. Please go over your career progress and explain your reason for joining/ leaving your previous employers.
  11. Tell me about how you work with creative people? How do you work with sales?
  12. Tell me about something new you have learned?
  13. What are you an expert in?
  14. Thank you for your time and for answering my questions. Is there anything else I should have asked or I can tell you?

Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

Demand generation can include a variety of communication channels from blog posts and social media messaging to targeted promotions and list creation. When all is said and done, demand gen is typically involved in every aspect of a business’s sales funnel. Every marketing strategy should include some sort of demand generation process for attracting people to the brand and pushing them through the sales funnel.  

A lot of companies actually mistake demand gen for lead generation. These two terms, while related, are not the same thing. Lead generation refers to a specific subset of demand gen. Demand gen attracts people to business and piques interest in the overall brand, product, or service. Lead gen then comes in and turns the interested parties into more concrete sales leads by collecting contact information. 

Every company needs some form of lead generation if they want to continue growing and to see success. Without lead generation, targeted marketing efforts are much more difficult. Once the lead generation is complete, demand gen takes back over to continue pushing people down the sales cycle with more targeted content and value. 

The problem with demand gen is that it takes a lot more work and manpower to accomplish successfully than businesses realize. This is not a process that can be managed by a single employee. To properly run a demand gen strategy, you need a full team or department working on the process. 

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