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Average Chief Revenue Officer Salary

According to PayScale, the average Chief Revenue Officer earns a salary of $198,408 per year.

Location, Location, Location

The salary range varies widely depending on location. Payscale says the average Chief Revenue Officer in New York earns 256,000 while Glassdoor offers data for Seattle in the follow graph showing the Chief Revenue Officer average annual salary is $149,920.

Salary VS Total Compensation

One very important factor is salary vs total compensation. Total compensation includes things like bonuses and stock options.The total compensation of the Chief Revenue Officer at Yelp, Inc. in 2015 was $3,167,118 while his base salary is $325,000.

Payscale breaks down the average total compensation for Chief Revenue Officers here;

$196,553 AVG. SALARY

$61,800 BONUS



How Long Will it Take to Find a Chief Revenue Officer?

A 2015 survey by Jobvite indicates that while average jobs are filled in 43 days, it takes an average of 71 days to fill a C-level position and 76 days for a position with “director” or “vice president” in the title.

Cowen Partners average time to candidate is 38 days

Cowen Partners has a strong record of identifying and recruiting Chief Revenue OfficersContact us if you would like to discuss recruiting an exceptional CRO for your company.