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      Chief Revenue Officer Job Description

      Executive Recuiter Ash Wendt | CRO Recruiting | Cowen Partners
      Ash Wendt, Executive Recruiter

      Cowen Partners is a national executive search firm specializing in CRO recruiting. We have deep experience in harnessing the power of human capital to fuel success and maximize ROIs.

      Known for excellence and exceptional results, our executive recruiters source top talent across several industries and C-suite roles, including the role of a chief revenue officer.

      Focusing on enterprise sales, Executive Recruiter Ash Wendt has put together the following Chief Revenue Officer Job Description.

      Chief Revenue Officer Job Description

      The chief revenue officer will oversee the company’s revenue streams, working closely with sales, marketing, and other departments to drive revenue growth and reduce risks to profitability. Ideal candidates for a CRO role will possess these key attributes:

      • Customer-Focused
      • Results-Driven
      • Team Builder
      • Channel Builder
      • High-Velocity Sales and Marketer
      • Strategic Thinker
      • International Experience
      • Experience in migrating the different lifecycle stages of a developing technology ecosystem
      • Infinitely curious and a hunger to continually improve

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      CRO Job Description: Role & Responsibilities

      • Drive new business wins through ownership of all external, new customer go-to-market efforts.
      • Lead sales, marketing and business development to align all new customer go-to-market efforts. Create standardized outreach for current and future clients and coordinate its implementation across sales channels, client management, and marketing and communication.
      • Increase sales velocity through improved targeting, activity, or win rates to exponentially increase the number of new accounts won annually.
      • Within 60 days, evaluate the current team and their processes and present a plan to (i) improve current workflows, (ii) better align sales, marketing and business development efforts, and (iii) establish measurable key metrics for each team.

      CRO Job Description: Optimize for Lifetime Value of New Customers

      • Support new contract negotiations and standard sales procedures to improve value to the company.
      • Partner with the CEO, CFO and Director of Marketing to support decisions around pricing, contract length, minimum guarantees, and level of customization to offer.
      • Leverage knowledge of customer base, channel partners, and inbound leads to improve account targeting and lead qualification efforts to increase the average size of new accounts.

      CRO Job Description: Optimize Go-to-Market Efforts

      • Analyze potential target segments and determine best division of resources to maximize new wins – i.e. in which market segments should we be focused and what is the best way to attack the markets (with geographical, content or market-specific focus).
      • Review current marketing budget allocation and determine the best ways to improve spend and drive down the cost of customer acquisition through improving efficiency in marketing spend, driving higher volume or improved targeting from the sales team, and enabling the alliance network to generate more qualified leads.
      • Review current third-party and partner alliances and determine the best way to expand growth through building an ecosystem of support. Work in tandem with key partners to develop a sales training program designed to develop and empower a growing channel and direct sales organization.
      • Improve Sales CRM management (activity tracking, data and pipeline integrity, etc.). Create accountability within the company by developing appropriate metrics and coordinating compensation and promotions with these metrics.
      • Make recommendations on ways to improve customer pitch and marketing materials to showcase our value proposition and competitive positioning, potentially including case studies, website enhancements, email marketing campaigns, etc.

      CRO Job Description: Oversee & Protect Company Culture, Make Us an Employer of Choice

      • Build on our unique legacy by always promoting a culture of growth, collaboration, leading edge client engagements and meritocracy through the organization.
      • Work with the CEO and CFO to continuously review, and when necessary, revise performance compensation programs to reward the right behaviors and the achievement of the company’s and the client’s desired outcomes.

      Chief Revenue Officer Skills

      As a CRO, you will need:

      • College degree required and MBA (or equivalent advanced degree) preferred.
      • 10+ years of hands-on sales management experience in a high-growth B2B software/SaaS environment.
      • Excellent leadership and mentoring skills.
      • Experience with sales strategy planning and execution, sales operations, customer success, marketing, channel and partner management, business planning, and sales support management in a global setting
      • Well-versed in complex direct and channel sales processes.
      • Highly motivated with an ability to create and work collaboratively with multiple skills leveled sales team.
      • Strategically view the marketplace, analyze opportunities and successfully manage the growth of a profitable enterprise software/content business.
      • Demonstrated financial acumen and a history of decision making based upon business metrics.
      • Ability to craft and execute a business strategy that will allow for future channel expansion
      • Track record of managing multiple projects with a demonstrated ability to prioritize efforts based on ROI to the business.
      • Strategic and highly analytical with a leaning towards data-driven decision making and execution.
      • Outstanding customer and partner facing communication skills.
      • Substantial experience in technology and software.
      • Ability to mobilize stakeholders outside of his/her individual span of control.
      • An outstanding listener and communicator. Someone who facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication.
      • Demonstrate strong people skills, including being perceived as genuinely caring, warm, empathetic, fair, motivating and positive.

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