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      What Is a CFO Consultant?

      A CFO consultant is professional CFO who provides interim, fractional, and project-based CFO Consulting services to businesses.

      Our team of W2 consultants have a vested interest in your success. Many have worked at respected companies such as Deloitte, E&Y, the IRS, Citi, and Intel. They are highly educated with MBAs, CPAs, CFAs, and PhDs – and decades of experience as business, financial,and consulting leaders.

      What Is a CFO Search Consultant?

      CFO search consultants source and place exceptional, highly qualified talent for businesses’ chief financial officer needs. Streamlining the process of hiring CFOs, Cowen Partners conducts more Chief Financial Officer searches a month than most firms do all year. With a deep network of elite candidates, our CFO search consultants have a deep understanding of the market, using proven processes to deliver guaranteed results. We also have a reputation for excellence, diligence, and success.

      That’s why Cowen Partners is a leader among even the best CFO search consulting firms—and it’s why we are impressively effective at successfully placing top candidates across several industries, including technology, healthcaremanufacturing, retail, financial services, real estate, and private equity.

      What Is the Average CFO Consultant Salary?

      Compensation for CFO consultants can vary by industry, business, location, role-specific factors, and more. Nevertheless, the following shares an overview of average CFO salaries, providing a helpful starting point for executives who need some insight regarding the compensation for this role.

      CFO Consultant Salary | CFO Search Consultants

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