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      Average CFO Salary by Revenue

      Cowen Partners is a national CFO search firm, driven to create value for our clients, and we have a long-standing record of placing exceptionally qualified Chief Financial Officers across all industries. In this post, we highlight the average cfo salary for both public and private companies based on revenue size. Other variables apply, such as location and industry.

      CFO Salary by Revenue

      Company RevenuePrivate CompanyPublic Company
      $10 – $50 Million$150,000 – $250,000$160,000 – $260,000
      $51 – $100 Million$170,000 – $275,000$175,000 – $300,000
      $101 – $300 Million$200,000 – $300,000$200,000 – $325,000
      $301 – $500 Million$225,000 – $350,000$240,000 – $375,000
      $501 – $999 Million$250,000 – $450,000$250,000 – $475,000
      $1 – $1.5 Billion$300,000 – $550,000$300,000 – $650,000
      $1.6 – $3 Billion$450,000 – $600,000$450,000 – $700,000

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      Cowen Partners is the nation’s executive search firm, enabling companies to harness the power of human capital to fuel their success. Cowen Partners gives our clients access to the top 1% of human capital to create opportunities that accelerate their growth and market share. With Cowen Partners, clients can grow at scale, create value, and drive results with world class talent.

      Our clients are both small and large, publicly traded, pre-IPO, private, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million to multi-billion dollar revenue Fortune 1000 companies or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite and include VP and Director-level leadership roles.

      With our proven processes and guaranteed results, we have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial services, and private equity.

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