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      Cowen Partners Recognizes the Top Video Interviewing Platforms and Personality Tests in 2020

      Cowen Partners, a national executive search firm, announced today the winners of its 2020 Best-of Awards Program for video interviewing platforms and personality tests. They have rounded up the best video interviewing software platforms and personality tests for employers to identify top job candidates, all while working remotely and avoiding face to face interviews.

      Are you still interviewing and on the hunt for the best candidates? Video interviewing software and personality tests can significantly de-risk the candidate interview and hiring process accommodates those working from home.

      The goal of today’s guide is to give you a breakdown of the best video interview platforms  and employment-based personality tests on the market to save you hours of research time.

      By the end of this article, you will know which video interview platform gives you the best return on investment, which preemployment personality test best fits your candidate screening needs, and how to avoid common pitfalls and acquire the best service provider.

      Below is a list of select winners from Cowen Partners 2020 Best-of Awards.

      Best Workplace Interview Software

      Winners were chosen based on pricing, application, and versatility. Top 10 video interviewing platforms include:

      • Best Interview Software: Zoom
      • Best Interview Software: Spark Hire
      • Best Interview Software: Jobvite
      • Best Interview Software: VidCruiter
      • Best Interview Software: Breezy HRBest Interview Software: Interview Stream
      • Best Interview Software: Lever
      • Best Interview Software: GreenHouse
      • Best Interview Software: Sonru
      • Best Interview Software: HireVue

      Best Workplace Personality Tests

      The best preemployment personality tests were chosen based on methodologies, longevity, and applicability. Top six personality tests include:

      • Best Personality Test: Myers-Briggs
      • Best Personality Test: Core Values Index (CVI)
      • Best Personality Test: DiSC
      • Best Personality Test: Calipher
      • Best Personality Test: Enneagram
      • Best Personality Test: Wonderic

      Why Workplace Personality Tests for Hiring?

      Personality tests give employers insight into the strengths and weaknesses of potential hires, including empathy, integrity, drive, and ambition. Used correctly a personality test can even promote objective hiring and prevent discrimination. However, employers should never rely on a personality test as the sole decision maker when hiring.

      Disclosure: While the products and solutions listed above represent the best offerings in their respective categories, Cowen Partners knows that each employer and their hiring situation is unique. To this end, employers should research the above service providers for best results.

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