Cowen Partners in Axios: Even Your Boss Wants to Quit

      The Great Resignation is seeping into the corner office, with 70% of C-level executives telling Deloitte pollsters that they seriously might resign for a job that better supports their well-being.

      Between the lines: The Deloitte findings ring true to executive recruiters. “What we see is that people are resigning to try to find a better place, a better work-life balance, a better culture,” Shawn Cole, founder of Cowen Partners, tells Axios. “That’s the ‘great reshuffle,’ as we see it.”

      • Women executives have been hit particularly hard with job overload during the pandemic, and a disproportionate number are job-hunting — or stepping aside.
      • A recent LinkedIn survey found that mid-level managers and directors want a four-day workweek even more than their reports.

      But the “C-suite is an island” where corporate wellness policies — like unplugging and ignoring email — don’t necessarily apply, Cole said.

      • “To some extent, that’s what they’re paid for,” he noted.
      • “They really need to set boundaries for themselves” to stay happy and focused, Cole said.
      • Finding a new job isn’t always the answer: “The grass is not greener,” particularly for a CEO.

      What’s next: C-suite burnout could potentially translate to more enlightened workplace benefits and policies — or not, as an economic downturn puts more focus on the bottom line.

      Jennifer A. Kingson

      Jennifer is chief correspondent for Axios What’s Next. She oversees a team of reporters who cover everything from Wall Street and deal-making to employment and economics.

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