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      Cowen Partners Announces 2020 Winners of HealthTech

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      Cowen Partners Recognizes the Top HealthTech Companies of 2020 – Cowen Partners | Executive Search + Consulting

      NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 13, 2020 / — Cowen Partners, a national executive search and consulting firm, announced today the winners of its 2020 Best-of Awards Program for technology-based healthcare solution companies.

      The goal of today’s “best of” guide is to provide an industry breakdown of the best HealthTech companies by category who are revolutionizing the field.

      What is HealthTech & Why Does It Matter to All of Us?

      HealthTech, or digital health, uses technology (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase the development and commercialization of medicinal products.

      Below is a list of select winners from Cowen Partners 2020 Best-of Awards. A complete list of winners can be found here.

      Electronic Health Records

      The Best Healthcare Records Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Electronic Health Records: CareCloud
      2. Best of Electronic Health Records: Phreesia
      3. Best of Electronic Health Records: Clarify Health Solutions
      4. Best of Electronic Health Records: MyHealth Record

      Fitness Apps

      The Best Fitness Apps of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Fitness Apps: Noom
      2. Best of Fitness Apps: Aduro
      3. Best of Fitness Apps: Strava
      4. Best of Fitness Apps: Aaptiv

      Remote Monitoring

      The Best Remote Monitoring Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Remote Monitoring: Health Recovery Solutions
      2. Best of Remote Monitoring: Skynet Healthcare Technologies
      3. Best of Remote Monitoring: Medically Home
      4. Best of Remote Monitoring: Secure Medical


      The Best Nutrition Companies of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Nutrition: Double Wood
      2. Best of Nutrition: Olly
      3. Best of Nutrition: Amy Myers MD
      4. Best of Nutrition: On Target Health
      5. Best of Nutrition: Seeking Health


      The Best of Genomics in 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Genomics: Gateway Genomics
      2. Best of Genomics: 10x Genomics
      3. Best of Genomics: Nebula Genomics
      4. Best of Genomics: Genome Medical

      Community Health

      The Best Population Health Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Community Health:
      2. Best of Community Health: Health Union
      3. Best of Community Health: Flatiron Health
      4. Best of Community Health: K4 Connect


      The Best Telehealth Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Telehealth: First Stop Health
      2. Best of Telehealth: Lemonaid Health
      3. Best of Telehealth: Teledoc
      4. Best of Telehealth: Anthem
      5. Best of Telehealth: ZocDoc


      The Best Healthcare Marketing Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Marketing: Patient Pop
      2. Best of Marketing: Crystal Clear Digital Marketing
      3. Best of Marketing: Einstein Medical
      4. Best of Marketing: Practis

      Insurance and Payments

      The Best Insurance and Payment Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Insurance and Payments: Centauri Health Solutions
      2. Best of Insurance and Payments: Alivi
      3. Best of Insurance and Payments:
      4. Best of Insurance and Payments: Eden Health

      Patient Engagement

      The Best Patient Engagement Platforms of 2020 Include:

      1. Best of Patient Engagement: NovuHealth
      2. Best of Patient Engagement: CheckedUp
      3. Best of Patient Engagement: Welltok
      4. Best of Patient Engagement: SonicBoom

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      Disclosure: While the company’s products and solutions listed above represent the best offerings in their respective categories, Cowen Partners is not affiliated and makes no guarantees.

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