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      By Scott Jacobs

      I have been talking and writing about CEO Succession Plans this month.  This week illustrates how real this is.  WeWorks, Juul , eBay and hours ago Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina all had their CEOs depart over the last three days.  Now to be fair, they are all for different reasons.  Whether it is a loss of confidence by the board, a devaluation, or reports your product is a major health danger, the company has to make an unplanned leadership change.


      This week’s examples are reminders that companies big and small are vulnerable and need to be ready for unexpected changes in leadership that can rock the company, culture and their stockholders. Whether you are a large Fortune 500 company or a $20m privately held business you cannot assume business as usual.  Q4 is upon us and there will be plenty more leadership changes that will disrupt many businesses.


      If your organization finds itself in this unplanned leadership departure or in a strategic succession plan, contact me to execute a plan to fill this critical void.


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