Worklife Asks Cowen Partners About Executive Compensation

      “In any economic slowdown, CFOs are indispensable,” said Shawn Cole, president of boutique executive search firm Cowen Partners. “CEOs are dispensable and can be replaced. A CFO right now, is much more difficult to replace — especially for publicly-held companies — that looks really bad.”

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      About Cowen Partners Executive Search

      Cowen Partners is one of the nation’s leading executive search firms focusing on enabling companies to harness the power of human capital to fuel their success.

      Giving clients access to the top 1% of human capital, Cowen Partners is a leader in the private equity executive search space, creating opportunities to accelerate growth and market share while helping companies grow at scale, create value, and drive results with world-class talent.

      Cowen Partners serves clients across industries, including small and large, publicly-traded, pre-IPO, private, and non-profit organizations, with placements spanning the entire C-Suite and include private equity CEOs, VP and director level leadership roles.

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