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      Hunt Scanlon: The CHRO Trends for 2023

      March 7, 2023 – After several years of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain difficulties, and economic uncertainty, organizations are wondering what to expect in 2023. Unfortunately, there are still adverse remnants of the previous three years. Among others, the war in Ukraine continues, with no end yet in sight. Nor is there any shortage of changes underway in the world of work.

      “While there have been whispers of a recession this year, the government has taken action to tamp down inflation and lessen the negative impacts on the greater economy,” said a report from Cowen Partners Executive Search. “DEI remains vital to companies seeking to maintain and improve their brand reputations and culture. There’s also a greater emphasis on company benefits like flexibility and remote work.” 

      In its new study, Cowen Partners examines the forthcoming trends for 2023 from a CHRO’s perspective.

      2023: The Year of the Employee

      In past decades, workers were largely disadvantaged in the employee-employer relationship. Managers looked down on excessive use of vacation and sick leave, and employees fought hard to maintain their organizational status, lest they fall out of favor with their boss and risk not advancing in the company.

      “Today’s workforce is different,” the report said. “Due to various social movements, employees feel more comfortable voicing their need for self-care and attention to family. They’re no longer willing to work long hours in a bid for the next promotion. Instead, they’re looking for a relationship in the workplace that’s mutually beneficial.”

      Cowen Partners expects employee needs to impact how human resources executives oversee workplace culture in 2023. In its report, the firm provided some trends to expect:

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