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      Cowen Partners Highlights Global Executives Changing the Face of Business

      Cowen Partners has spent the last half-year profiling executives who embody the inspirational traits that make great leaders.

      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, October 2, 2023 — Executive search firm Cowen Partners is highlighting its Origin Stories series, which profiles executives who embody the traits that inspire leaders to be great and lead well. The series shares the life stories of today’s top executives, putting their exceptional journeys and undeniable leadership skills in the business spotlight.

      This journalistic endeavor is currently available on the Cowen Partners website and features seven executives from some of the world’s top companies.

      The Cowen Partners Origin Series profiles executives from across the globe who are changing the face of business.

      — Shawn Cole, President of Cowen Partners

      Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Pushing for Change in the People Business

      Many of the executives featured in the series are of gender or ethnic minorities and thus push for the inclusion of people like themselves into the workforce and leadership positions.

      Jenny Dearborn, former Chief Talent Officer at SAP, is a wonderful example of outstanding mentorship in the face of struggles with learning disorders. Despite the odds, she achieved success at the highest level and now pushes for neurodiversity in the workforce.

      Melody Zhang, another of the executives profiled in the series, is an immigrant who grappled with a lack of diversity early in her career. Now, as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Chateau Ste Michelle, she does plenty of work to encourage conversations about how being different brings value to the workplace.

      For the Love of People: Executives Who Make Impact through Empathy

      Another common thread throughout the series is empathetic leaders who are passionate about people. Rafael Perez, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Consumer Reports, for instance, was so excited about learning how to lead well that he returned to school to obtain his organizational psychology degree after spending more than two decades in his career.

      Ana Maria Sencovici, Chief Talent Officer of Royal Caribbean, is an ambitious Romanian immigrant who has focused her entire career on the human element. She credits her passion for effecting change to positively impact people as the thing that keeps her going.

      Sandy Carter, Chief Operating Officer of Unstoppable Domains, shares that sentiment as she draws energy from helping others, a trait that helps tremendously in her role of driving strategic partnerships.

      Making the Commitment to Constant Learning by Becoming a Student of Your Craft

      Cowen Partners seeks out executives who value excellence and want to be great at their work. Executives like Foot Locker CHRO Elizabeth Norberg, for instance, who has always been a working student and didn’t obtain her undergraduate degree until 2016, set a worthy example for those following in her footsteps.

      Being consistently willing to learn is the key to success, and these executives’ lives and rich work histories will help others find the inspiration and motivation to apply these principles and succeed in their journeys.

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