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What businesses can do about the lack of diversity in the workplace

Originally published in the Portland Business Journal Apr 19, 2018 From Uber to now Nike, you can’t deny diversity issues in corporate America are front and center in today’s news and on the minds of every executive of every major company in the nation. Uber experienced an embarrassing meltdown of its founder and CEO Travis

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The Boundaries Between Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Executive Search Are Blurring — What Does That Mean for Recruiters?

Written by Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners Executive Search Originally published by Recruiter Magazine January 2020 Private equity, venture capital, and executive search have always been intertwined at the intersection of value creation and human capital. Indeed, human capital is the most valuable asset of any organization: Without a team of talented individuals working in concert, it

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Succession Planning

If you have watched the HBO show “Succession”, you know how messy the succession process can be without a plan. Succession follows a multi-billion dollar family media conglomerate after the CEO/ Founder unexpectedly falls ill and chaos ensues. 5 Easy Steps to a Winning Executive Succession Plan  1. Involve the Current Executive as Much as Possible  2. Create a Written Succession

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Executive Recruiter Says Good CFOs are Hard to Come By (Especially IPO and PE / VC Experienced CFOs)

Feb 24, 2020 (Investing Alerts) — According to Pitchbook, a leading financial data provider that covers global venture capital, private equity (PE) and public markets, private equity’s IPO pipeline is filling up after a slow 2019. The number of private equity-backed IPOs in the US, according to PitchBook’s 2019 Annual US PE Breakdown, dropped 50 percent year over

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