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      Case Study: Roundstone’s Chief Marketing Officer Search

      Company Background

      Roundstone Insurance is a leader in health benefits management, specializing in self-funded solutions for small to mid-sized employers. By operating a self-funded medical group captive, Roundstone bands these employers together to fund their benefits similarly to larger Fortune 500 companies. Initially a stop-loss reinsurer, Roundstone has evolved into a pioneering force in the medical group captive industry.

      The Need

      With a remarkable track record of achieving 30% growth year over year for half a decade, Roundstone reached a pivotal moment in its expansion. This sustained growth necessitated the introduction of a corporate-level Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to steer the company through its next phases of development. The new CMO would be Roundstone’s first, marking a significant step in the company’s strategic evolution.

      The Solution

      To find a candidate equipped with the necessary skills and experience, Roundstone engaged Cowen Partners, a renowned executive search firm. The search was led in partnership with Roundstone’s CEO, Michael Schroeder. Together, they crafted a profile for the ideal candidate who would bring scalable and proven marketing systems to propel Roundstone forward.

      The criteria were stringent and specific. The ideal candidate needed to excel in cutting-edge category design, customer success strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and brand building. These skills were critical to enhance Roundstone’s market presence and continue its trajectory of rapid growth.

      Cowen Partners conducted an extensive search across the Midwest, applying rigorous assessment techniques to ensure candidates not only matched the technical requirements but also aligned with Roundstone’s corporate culture and vision. After a comprehensive search process, a finalist who stood out for their expertise and fit with the company’s objectives was identified.


      The selected candidate accepted the offer, bringing to Roundstone a wealth of experience in marketing systems and strategies tailored for significant growth. This strategic hire was poised to launch Roundstone into a new era of innovation and market leadership, fully equipped to handle the challenges of an expanding marketplace.


      Roundstone Insurance’s decision to retain Cowen Partners for their CMO executive search highlights the importance of strategic partnership and expert guidance in talent acquisition. By meticulously defining the role and comprehensively searching for the right talent, Roundstone ensured they were well-positioned to continue their impressive growth with a skilled marketing leader at the helm.

      About Cowen Partners Executive Search

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      Clients are typically $50 million to multi-billion dollar revenue Fortune 1000 companies or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite and include VP and director level leadership roles.

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