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      Legal Executive Search: General Counsel Job Description

      We are looking for an analytical general counsel to optimize our organizational efficiency regarding legal matters. The general counsel will examine and draft IT, employment, real estate and vendor contracts, manage copyrights and trademarks, and preserve business records such as minutes of meetings and resolutions.

      General counsel will be responsible for:

      • The negotiation and management of customer contracts, insurance matters and employee relations
      • Legal compliance regarding mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, labeling, employee safety and consumer protection
      • Compliance with corporate governance and establish the prudence of defending lawsuits and prosecuting.

      To ensure success you need to have sound knowledge and understanding of applicable laws and regulations, and the ability to make prudent legal decisions. Top candidates will be team players with outstanding advocacy and people skills.

      General Counsel Job Description: About the Company

      Cowen Partners is a leader among the nation’s legal executive search firms. Nothing drives results and creates value for our clients like finding them their next chief counsel. Our hands-on executive recruiters have deep experience working with start-ups and pre-IPO companies, providing top talent and diverse candidates to fit an array of C-suite recruitment needs.

      Cities include New York CityChicagoAtlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Anchorage, Seattle, and beyond.

      Clients are typically $50 million plus in revenue and successful placements span the entire C-Suite (CEOChief Financial OfficerChief Operating OfficerChief Human Resources OfficerOperating Partner, etc.) and include vice president and director level leadership roles.

      General Counsel Job Description: Responsibilities

      • Advising executive, senior management and board on various matters such as legal rights, and new and existing laws.
      • Managing organization’s legal matters.
      • Examining and creating draft agreements, such as employment and vendor agreements.
      • Maintaining knowledge of organization’s operations and legal documents.
      • Conducting legal research and reviewing company’s litigation strategy pertaining to legal actions.
      • Promulgating and creating directives of corporate acts and decisions.
      • Preserving all corporate records.
      • Handling statutory filings, such as licensing forms.
      • Liaising with outside counsel regarding their assignments.
      • Creating new entities and managing organization’s intellectual property.

      General Counsel Job Description: Experience

      • Juris Doctor degree from accredited, top-tier law school.
      • 4+ years of practice with an established law firm.
      • Proficient legal experience in fund investments, venture capital financing and M&A.
      • Experience with corporate governance issues and corporate secretarial duties.
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      • Knowledge of statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to businesses.
      • Proficient understanding of business sensitivities and confidentiality.

      Recruit the Right General Counsel for Swift, Safe Growth

      General and chief counsel roles carry more responsibility than ever before. Your legal counsel guides your growth strategy. That’s why Cowen Partners curates candidates with top industry experience. Every candidate we connect you with will have the acumen and legal experience to effectively manage risks, strategize for maximum growth, and evolve with your legal needs.

      General and chief counsel are different roles and need to be curated to each company’s needs. That’s why our search process is led by a senior partner. Their experience ensures the candidates we provide excel at the competencies required for each role.

      Identifying What You Need in General Counsel & a Chief Legal Officer

      You know growth is supported by an in-house legal team. You want a team experienced in the nuance of your industry so they can anticipate and prevent exposure to risk before it arises. That’s why Cowen Partners specializes in placing high-level talent in top roles for your legal needs.

      That’s why we not only place top talent but also help you identify if you need legal support or a legal leader. Below are the key differences we look for when placing in-house legal talent.

      If you are looking for legal talent to manage compliance and governance, you need a general counsel. General counsel is there to ensure all your company’s legal obligations are met.

      General counsel responsibilities generally include:

      • Representing the company in court
      • Conveying legal advice to company executives
      • Leading and managing the legal team
      • Communicating & overseeing compliance regulations with government agencies

      The chief legal officer is a c-suite role with duties that focus on the legal department but also providing analysis to grow the company’s business models. They work to align legal and business strategies to ensure flawless execution, suggest innovative business solutions, mitigate risk, and ensure legal efficiency. The CLO is a legal business partner, not just a lawyer.

      Chief legal officer duties include (and are not limited to):

      • Monitoring legal changes that affect the company or business industry
      • Developing training to convey legal matters to employees
      • Overseeing the hiring of internal and external legal teams
      • Managing compliance
      • Advising top executives on legal matters

      Our hands-on experienced legal recruiters have experience working with private, public, pre-IPO, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million in revenue to Fortune 1000’s or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite – CEOChief Operating OfficerChief Financial Officer, and include vice presidentgeneral counsel, and other director-level leadership roles.

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