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      Defining a CHRO

      What Is the Purpose of a Chief People Officer?

      The role of Chief People Officer is found in the HR department of a company. The responsibilities of a CPO vary on the basis of the nature and size of the company. The main responsibilities are to shape the principles of a company and maximize the potential of its employees.

      A CPO spends most of the time talking with the managers and employees of a company and receiving feedback on the improvements happening. However, CPO is also in charge of reviewing performances, hiring new employees, payroll, researching the team building activities and their implementation, and setting benefits packages.

      What Is the Difference Between CPO & a CHRO?

      With the increased importance of human resources to determine the nurturing of the people, some companies take the trusted and tried Human Resources approach and hire a Chief Human Resources Officer. However, some lean towards the approach of focusing on the talent management under the Chief People Officer.


      The modern CHRO is the head of the human resource (HR) department. CHRO manages every aspect of an employee’s lifecycle, from initial recruitment to separation. A CHRO is responsible for:

      • Developing the HR strategies for achieving the company’s goals
      • Incorporating recruitment, performance management, talent management, change management, and training and development

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      In comparison with the CHRO, a CPO is a more focused and streamlined role. This is developed in response to an increased need for a workplace to attract and retain top-level talent.

      In these years, companies cannot escape from the expectations of their people. Employees and job seekers are now demanding better experience at their workplace. They want themselves to be noted as valuable assets and insist they be reflected in their environment. For this, a CPO came up to provide the best experience to the employees.

      CPOs are consultants and advisors who are required to implement solutions. They are responsible for optimizing and planning people-focused activities like talent management, acquisition, performance management, and professionalism to benefit the company’s goals and ensure employee satisfaction.

      Is Chief People Officer the Same as CHRO?

      When it comes to the C-level roles in the HR department of a company, a CHRO was the only one for that. There have been multiple titles for CHRO by many companies like HR Leader, HR Director, Head of HR, and HR Manager. However, over the last decade, a new title has been taking over others, and it is Chief People Officer (CPO). So, it can be said that CPO is the same as CHRO because many companies simply change the CHRO name over to CPO.

      What Does a Chief Diversity Officer Do?

      A chief diversity officer is a focal person for inclusion initiatives and diversity in an organization. They are responsible for the creation, management, and optimization of all efforts to make the workplace environment better and fairer for all employees.

      A CDO needs to have the ability to do the analysis of the results of existing programs, act as an advisor, and suggest solutions and improvements for the whole team.

      A Chief Diversity Officer should have the ability to:

      • Create and manage the organization’s programs related to hiring, pay equity, promotion, employee coaching, etc.
      • Hiring the managers to implement the programs, analyzing data, and supporting the employees.
      • Manages budget and gets them approved by the executive team.
      • Representing the organization in the events and meetings.
      • How do you become a chief diversity officer?

      If you are focusing on the path of becoming a Chief Diversity Officer, it is quite important to note down the qualification, skills, experience, and time that it can take to make you a professional Chief Diversity Officer. One needs to know how to adhere and move forward in the career path. Below steps are required to begin and advance in the career of a Chief Diversity Officer.

      • Get a degree. A minimum bachelor’s degree is needed to start the career in the way of becoming a Chief Diversity Officer.
      • Choosing a specialty in your field is also important so that you can get a job easily.
      • Get an entry-level job as Chief Diversity Officer.
      • Get advancement in the Chief Diversity Officer career.
      • Get certifications and training.
      • Get an advanced degree in the career path.

      What Is the Meaning of CHRO?

      A Chief Human Resources (CHRO) is a corporate officer who is responsible to supervise the HR management of an organization along with the labour-related practices, policies, and operations. Many organizations prefer to call this position Chief People Officer (CPO).

      What Is CHRO’s Role?

      The roles and responsibilities of a CHRO in an organization include the following:

      • Communicating the HR goals and efforts of the company workforce clearly.
      • Devising and implementing the plan to uplift the workforce, including the HR.
      • Crafting the competitive compensation and benefits packages for enticing the new talent.
      • Having familiarity with the digital transformation goals of the organization.
      • Managing the new talent and professional development of existing employees.
      • Overseeing the digitization of the infrastructure of the company.
      • Deployment of the automation where needed along with efficiency in the human workforce.
      • Convincing the C-level team to support the HR solutions in solving the flaws of a company.
      • What does it take to be CHRO?

      If you are aiming to get yourself in the office of CHRO, it is important to invest in the future. It is better to think about the skills you will need to get the job done, like organizational development, strategy, and planning.

      You can also get the certification. Many companies look for candidates with SHRM certification as a plus. It is good to be a continuous learner if you are looking forward to becoming a CHRO in the future. Remind yourself that it is perfectly fine if you are not giving up on you due to the failures but learn and get up to be better.

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