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Why Would I Pay a Search Fee When I Can Just Post a Job Ad & Find Someone Myself?

As seen in American Business Journals – July 2018


With unemployment so low, job applicants only make up about 5-10% of available talent and are just scraping the surface of qualified candidates. This means the most qualified candidates may not be applying to your job ads! Furthermore, job applicants are inbound and are not always qualified or best suited for the job at hand. To this end, our recruiters proactively engage with the other 90% of qualified people on your behalf, soliciting and ultimately selling them on your opportunity.


Secondly, our recruiters offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in hiring and recruiting top talent specific to your area; we spend 365 days a year conducting searches all day, every day, which is something most of our clients don’t do regularly. Many of our clients have not hired a “CXO” in years and or lack the institutional knowledge to do so. We, on the other hand, are well qualified to not only identify but attract and vet top talent for your company.