Why Use an Executive Search Firm

      1. Good is just not good enough.
      2. The search is incredibly important at the senior executive level.
      3. You are seeking a candidate with a rare mix of skills.
      4. You have a search for a senior executive position that you just created.
      5. You have to replace an under-performing executive while s/he is still in the role.
      6. You have to recruit from a target company with which your company has good relationships.
      7. Your senior leadership team lacks diversity.
      8. You lack internal bench strength and have few successors to your senior executives.
      9. You do not have the time or the resources to take on an executive search.
      10. You have tapped out your personal and company networks for candidate referrals.
      11. You have an important executive search that is taking too long.
      12. You want to give your company a strategic advantage through better hires.
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