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Why Should My Company Use an Executive Recruiter?

When good isn’t good enough, or qualified talent isn’t available, we will provide you the candidate that meets all of your needs. Beyond that, there are many more reasons why our client companies engage our recruiting services. We offer a lot of expertise in the search; while this may be a company’s first executive hire in years, we do them all the time.

Not only do we know the market, but we know the key players. This directly improves your search by reducing time spent finding the right person and increasing the quality of hire.

Additionally, a client company may wish to keep the search confidential, for public relations reasons or otherwise, and only announce the leadership change after someone highly qualified has been selected. Using a recruiter is a proactive approach to contact passive talent and doesn’t limit your talent pool to just applicants; according to LinkedIn 79% of qualified candidates are passive and not applying to your job ads.

Engaging us on a search gives the client company total control of the search and ultimately who they want to hire. We have an excellent section about engaging our search services on our website if you want to read more.