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      What the Future Holds for CEOs

      Macro and microeconomic shifts require that CEOs stay agile if they want to succeed in today’s uncertain environment. The months and years ahead will offer little relief, says a report from Cowen Partners Executive Search. CEOs will need to be mindful of digital disruptions, economic risks, and geopolitical difficulties, to name just a few of the challenges.

      March 31, 2023 – The past three years have been up and down for business across the globe. Macroeconomic shocks affected by a global pandemic, large-scale riots and protests, and Russia’s war in Ukraine, have changed expectations for the role of a CEO. Other factors, such as the shift to remote work, the reopening of offices, and the Great Resignation have caused additional friction for executives nationwide, according to a new report from Cowen Partners Executive Search

      The firm says that the U.S. deftly navigated through rising inflation and increasing interest rates over the past year. Cracks in the banking system were exposed as several well-known financial institutions collapsed after classic bank runs. New technology, known as generative AI, can potentially upend the internet as we know it and cause widespread shifts in the job market. 

      Where does this leave CEOs? “CEOs have been the guiding pillars for their companies during the past three years, but many of them are nearing retirement age, and some are simply tired,” the Cowen Partners’ report said.

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