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      The Ultimate COO Leadership Guide

      How Chief Operating Officers Power C-Suite Success

      Chief operating officers (COOs) are forward-thinking, future-oriented executives who devise strategic plans
      to leverage key business opportunities and set organizations up for success. Sometimes referred as “chief operations officers,” COOs generally manage the administrative, operational, and management procedures of a company, investing in efficiency and productivity while focusing on overcoming modern obstacles and complex challenges, from turnover and supply chain disruptions to volatile economic conditions and more.

      That’s true for businesses across several industries, and it makes COO recruitment a mission-critical need for leaders focused on filling C-suites with extraordinary talent that can truly fuel exceptional performance and growth.

      Highlighting the importance and value of recruiting the best candidates for C-suites, this guide on COO leadership provides a deep dive into the following topics (simply click on a title or phrase to jump to any section).

      COO Role

      The role of chief operating officer can look different from company to company, with specific skills and experience essential to a given role, based on that organization’s short- and long-term goals.

      Still, the COO, who may also be referred to as the VP of operations, is often a right-hand person to the CEO, overseeing day-to-day business operations while
      developing strategies to improve efficiency.

      Additionally, COOs typically work closely with other executives, like CFOs and CTOs, to support, refine, and at times transform employee activities in an effort to drive next-level success.

      Consequently, today’s COOs are often charged with mapping out the game plan to get organizations from point A to point B, innovating key plans to execute and realize bigger-picture corporate objectives. That’s why finding the right candidate to fill the COO role and lead an executive team can be more critical than ever before.

      COO Interviews

      Interviewing COO candidates provides the perfect opportunity for leaders and hiring professionals to screen executive-level candidates for their experience, skills, ability to think on their feet, and company culture alignment.

      To identify outstanding candidates and make sure the most important qualities, skills, and knowledge are uncovered in the COO interview process, it’s crucial to ask certain questions while knowing what different responses will be acceptable or even outstanding. To turbo-charge the effectiveness of executive interviews for a VP of operations, here are some key questions to include in your COO interviews.

      COO Salary & Compensation

      Recruiting, hiring, and retaining world-class talent for the position of chief operating officer can be challenging for an organization, from new-found startups to established major corporations. Key to executive recruiting, COO salaries and compensation packages can be an important piece of the hiring puzzle, giving companies an opportunity to attract the best candidates and outshine their competitors as a better place for talent to sign on with.

      While COO salaries can vary widely across industries and different companies, typically, the best COO compensation includes some combination of a COO salary base, bonuses, benefits, and maybe more.

      Here’s a closer look at average COO salaries, with a deeper dive into how leaders craft competitive and attractive compensation packages to interest and retain the best candidates for their chief operating officer positions.

      COO Recruiting

      What does it take to identify, screen, and recruit the best talent for the role of chief operating officer? It takes far more than just a basic knowledge of operations, management, efficiency, and the COO role in general.

      In fact, executive turnover has been skyrocketing recently, with several key C-suite positions, including the COO, seeing tremendous turnover in recent years. That has put a spotlight on how vital COO recruiting can be and how hiring a great COO can pave the way to greater success, exceptional efficiency, and more optimal performance.

      COO Skills & Qualities

      Motivating leaders, great communicators, prudent decision-makers, and creative problem solvers — that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the skills and qualities that underlie the best COOs. In fact, regardless of industry and the specific makeup of a C-suite, COOs need to have a growth mindset, an eye toward the future, tech knowledge, and excellent organizational skills.

      That has opened up a distinct and growing demand for top COO search firms to deliver highly qualified talent with extensive experience, specific qualities, and the right skill set. And more and more leaders are turning to COO recruiters, relying on them to act fast, with strategic precision to zero in on top talent.

      COOs in the C-Suite

      Focused on smooth operations and maximum efficiency, COOs are cornerstones of C-suites, typically serving as second in the chain of command to the CEO. Often charged with executing the CEO’s vision, the COO can be involved in nearly every aspect of executive oversight, from payroll and recruitment to legal, administration, and beyond.

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