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      Top 10 Video Interviewing Platforms in 2020

      Cowen Partners Recognizes the Top Video Interviewing Software

      Cowen Partners, a national executive search firm, announced today the winners of its 2020 Best-of Awards Program for video interviewing platforms. They have rounded up the best video interviewing software platforms for employers to interview top job candidates, all while working remotely and avoiding face-to-face interviews.

      Are you still interviewing and on the hunt for the best candidates?

      Video interviewing software and can significantly de-risk the candidate interview and hiring process accommodates those working from home.

      The goal of today’s guide is to give you a breakdown of the best video interview platforms on the market to save you hours of research time. By the end of this article, you will know which video interview platform gives you the best return on investment and how to avoid common pitfalls and acquire the best service provider.

      10 Best Options for Video Interview Software

      The best video interviewing software and platforms were selected based on pricing, application, and versatility. The top 10 video interviewing platforms include:

      1. Zoom
      2. Spark Hire
      3. Jobvite
      4. VidCruiter
      5. Breezy HR
      6. Interview Stream
      7. Lever
      8. GreenHouse
      9. Sonru
      10. HireVue

      Best Video Interview Software #1: Zoom

      Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zoom has been one of the most used video interviewing resources. The reason is the software’s all-in-one video conferencing platform that is easy to use and adapt.

      A standout feature is its screen sharing capability that allows users to view each other’s screen in real-time. Zoom also has the additional feature of recording and later exchanging zoom video calls. Some other features that attract users include its mobile-friendliness, efficiency, and budget-friendliness. the packages start from $14.99 and move up to $49.99 with a free trial period as well.

      Best Video Interview Software #2: Spark Hire

      This platform has one of the best analytical tools on the market. The dashboard in this software allows an interviewer to keep track of everything from interview conduction to rejection rate.

      Spark Hire’s data-driven characteristic is also a reason for major companies like Ikea and Honda to move towards this software. The subscription packages start from $49 and include unlimited access, but on the downside, they do not offer a free trial.

      Best Video Interview Software #3: Jobvite

      All recruiters face the problem of integration of your software with a third party Application Tracking System (ATS), but with Jobvite, this is not required. This video interview tool is a combination of both meaning no more video delays due to an incompatible ATS.

      Jobvite is famous for its user-friendliness and efficient working. Some of the top features include text recruiting, social recruiting, employee referrals, and a mobile application. It also offers a smart scheduler option which makes your life a lot easier. You can either get a 14-day free trial or get a custom quote according to your requirement.

      Best Video Interview Software #4: VidCruiter

      VidCruiter is a popular tool as it supports pre-recorded interviews in addition to live video interviews. The highlight is the ability to customize different features according to your liking. You can also solve multiple problems with the help of the recruiting suite feature.

      Best Video Interview Software #5: Sonru

      Sonru is among the global leaders and pioneers of automated interviewing software used for screening candidates. Sonru enables users to replicate a live interview leaving behind Skype and other platforms.

      Best Video Interview Software #6: Interview Stream

      This platform allows you to add up to 50 people to panel interviews in addition to the recording of live interviews and sharing screens. This software offers a free demo trial.

      Best Video Interview Software #7: Breezy HR

      This is an end to end recruiting software. The different features and functionalities like automated candidate emails, SMS, team collaboration feature in real-time, attract users to become loyal customers. The visual drag and drop interface is one that gives users a bird’s eye view of everything.

      Best Video Interview Software #8: Lever

      This is the best platform for integration with LinkedIn. Lever helps users to source, interview, and hire talent while minimizing interview costs and time. Lever recruitment process consists of three features, Lever Hire, Lever Nurture, and Lever Analytics. You can use it for any business type and size.

      Best Video Interview Software #9: Greenhouse

      Greenhouse is best for its reporting features. With the help of its Applicant tracking and Recruiting tool, you can optimize your hiring process. It also has a mobile app and suitable for any business.

      Notable features include pipeline view for any role, customizable email templates, career pages, and job boards. 

      Best Video Interview Software #10: HireVue

      Beyond being a video interviewing platform, HireVue is best utilized for pre-screening candidates saving hiring managers time with advanced AI technology. Additionally, interviews are recorded for record keeping and review. Used by big names such as Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan to screen large volume of candidates.

      Disclosure: While the products and solutions listed above represent the best offerings in their respective categories, Cowen Partners knows that each employer and their hiring situation is unique. To this end, employers should research the above service providers for best results.


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