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      Capable in-house legal talent is a vital part of your company’s executive team, and finding top legal talent is necessary if you expect to compete in today’s economy. You cannot afford to make mistakes when locating the right candidate for Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Counsel, General Counsel, or other key legal positions.

      National Legal Executive Search


      Your legal team is there to support your growth. They identify and handle problems before they happen. Your in-house legal team’s qualifications are key to getting, and staying, competitive in today’s economy.


      Cowen Partners is a recognized leader among the top legal executive search firms and has developed a 12-point process to place top legal talent matched to your needs and company culture. Our experienced recruiters specialize in sourcing and placing legal executives using a custom process with a proven track record of success.


      We search for and evaluate highly qualified executive-level candidates, identifying the ideal fit for your company’s objectives and culture.

      Top Legal Recruiters Placing World-Class Talent


      Traditional legal executive recruitment takes months for a search. In fact, when those legal recruiters place talent, it’s rarely the right fit.

      Cowen Partners places top talent, matched to your company’s objectives and culture, in 38 days, on average.


      You don’t have time to wait for new legal executives. That’s why our executive search process is proactive, senior partner led, and built to connect you with the top 1% of talent in the world, right away.


      Cowen Partners will bring you a list of qualified, company culture-matched candidates to grow your leadership in 38 days, on average (compared to the 100-day minimum industry standard).


      Leaders Among the Nation’s Top Legal Executive Search Firms


      Cowen Partners is one of the nation’s top legal executive search firms, enabling companies to harness the power of human capital to fuel their success. Cowen Partners gives our clients access to the top 1% of human capital to create opportunities that accelerate their growth and market share. With Cowen Partners, clients can grow at scale, create value, and drive results with world-class talent.


      Our clients are both small and large, publicly traded, pre-IPO, private, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million to multi-billion-dollar revenue Fortune 1000 companies or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion.


      With our proven processes and guaranteed results, our top legal recruiters have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in industries including technologyhealthcaremanufacturingCPG, retailfinancial servicesreal estate, and private equity.


      Cowen Partners places top talent for all essential legal positions, including (but not exclusive to):



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