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      Who wouldn’t like to work with one of the top Credit Union Search firms? After all, better efficiency in the executive recruiting process is what our credit union clients are looking for, and there isn’t a better way to achieve this than engaging a top executive search firm. It isn’t easy spotting great talent. How do you explore the complicated landscape of expertise as you attempt to build a great team? Executive search firms offer the perfect help. Considering our specialty in this niche, we utilize industry-specific knowledge and experience to match you with the perfect executive for your credit union. Learn more from one of the top credit union executive search firms.


      Credit Union Executive Search

      Cowen Partners Credit Union Executive Search


      Cowen Partners is a national executive search and consulting firm. Our credit union clients typically have assets between $1 and $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, CLO, CMO, CTO, etc.) and include VP and director level leadership roles. Cowen Partners Executive Search has been featured in Forbes, the Credit Union Times, Inc., and SHRM’s HR Today.


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      What role do you need filled? Do you need:


      • A CEO with the talent to guide your growth no matter where the economy goes?
      • A modern CFO who can manage accounting, finance, and ALM?
      • A CTO to transform your organization?
      • CMO to lead your marketing team?
      • A Chief Lending Officer to break your most ambitious growth targets?
      • A VP to head up your talent acquisition and recruiting?


      Interested in learning more? Let’s talk. Our partner-owned model is the guarantee you need to get the credit union executive you need. We deliver on our guarantee by matching an experienced senior partner to every engagement, from the first call to final placement. Start the journey to find & place your next executive by filling out the contact form.


      Cowen Partners Defines The Modern Credit Union CFO


      Credit Union Times logoA successful CFO candidate synthesizes old-school accounting with new-age technologies to successfully lead the CU toward a better bottom line. By Shawn Cole


      With increased market volatility and advancing digital infrastructures appearing across all industries, credit unions, traditionally regional and relatively conservative financial institutions, are emerging as one of the most transitional and rapidly-evolving subsets of the financial sector. Their risk-averse, nonprofit statuses have steadily deteriorated in the face of changing consumer behavior and digitally-driven global economies. Credit unions need to be as adaptable and innovative as their commercial bank counterparts to retain a stable position in the marketplace and survive the onslaught of economic shifts.

      The demands of the credit union CFO, therefore, have modernized alongside the broader organization. Finding the right candidate for the job has become increasingly difficult.

      In this new dawn of 21st-century credit unions, a CFO must embrace many dichotomies at once: The spirit of local, small business and the competition of global economic marketplaces; data-driven examinations of financial risks and creative strategy development; specialized financial expertise and a broad understanding of an entire operation. A successful, modern credit union CFO synthesizes old-school accounting with new-age technologies to actively lead the institution, both internally and externally, toward a better bottom line and more lucrative position in the marketplace. READ MORE HERE

      National Credit Union Executive Search Firm


      Our hands-on executive recruiters have experience working with credit unions across the country. Clients are typically have assets between $1 billion and $15 Billion. 


      National Credit Union Executive Search Firm

      Successful placements span the entire C-Suite – CEOChief Operating OfficerChief Financial Officer, Chief Lending Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and include vice president HR, general counsel, and other director-level leadership roles.


      Cowen Partners delivers 3X more qualified candidates than the competition. Through our proven retained executive search process, we find, vet, and deliver the top 1% of candidates for positions across the C-suite. 


      Learn how we deliver top talent to credit unions, no matter the need, with our industry-leading research and resources. Discover the strategy that made Cowen Partners the top executive search firm in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and beyond.

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