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      The Hidden Market Candidate

      Today, the employment market has more opportunities than people looking for jobs.  That challenge can negatively impact the quality and quantity of candidates that apply for your position.  It can lengthen the time needed to hire the right person for the job.  To mitigate these risks, the value of a skilled and proven recruiting firm working with you to find the best candidates is a must.

      In today’s market, the best candidates may not be active job seekers but rather passive candidates.  With unemployment around 3% employers have a challenge. “Studies show that only 19% of the candidates are actively looking for a new job. The other 81% are referred to as passive candidates” (CareerArc).

      Do you have the time, processes and network to find the best person for your job opening?  Only a few years ago, a job posting would result in a large number of applicants and a handful of qualified and even overqualified job seekers.  Things have changed.  The need to have a mix of active and passive candidates is the best way to assure you find the right talent for the job.  Partnering with a successful recruiting firm is the way to find and hire the best talent. Cowen Partners, a leading executive search firm in Seattle & across the U.S., is your solution to finding the best candidates.

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