Pro Bono Executive Search

      We believe in advancing social issues by providing access to world-class leaders through pro bono executive search services.


      Every day, Cowen Partners stands up for fairness, equity, and the environment in important ways that impact communities and empower those most in need. We are committed to using our resources and experience firmwide to help increase access to executive leadership. To advance this commitment, our search consultants and professional staff:


      • Take on matters in nearly every area of public interest, including social entrepreneurship, community development, environmental issues, education, and microfinance
      • Advise and partner with a range of nonprofits, charities, and NGOs, enabling these organizations to fulfill vital missions in nearly every corner of the globe
      • Volunteer and fundraise for a variety of causes that matter to the communities where we live and work


      Our experience spans the globe, a multitude of industries and professions. Giving back is emblematic of who we are and reflects the values of our firm.

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      Why We Do Pro Bono


      Our NGO and non-profit executive recruiters have a deep and extensive knowledge of the executive recruitment industry, backed by vast resources and a pool of exceptionally qualified talent for nearly all placements across the C-suite.


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      At Cowen Partners, we believe deeply in the interconnectedness of all things, and we express this philosophy through our meaningful pro bono service in the community. For over three decades our founders have been dedicated to making a difference through community engagement, philanthropy, and volunteerism. By collaborating closely, we strive to create positive change by offering our time and expertise to organizations in dire need.


      Recognizing the profound influence a new leader can have on a nonprofit organization, we understand the importance of a meticulous recruitment and selection process. Our aim is to identify exceptionally qualified individuals who align perfectly with the organization, thereby ensuring a positive impact on the community and environment.

      Eligibility Criteria


      Cowen Partners will be accepting proposals from existing nonprofit organizations who require the services of an Executive Search Firm. Applicants must demonstrate the following criteria:


      • Applicant organization must be looking to hire a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Example: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, General Manager.
      • Applicant must be a non-profit or charitable organization.
      • Applicant organization must be willing to have the search named publicly and it must be pre-approved by the Board and requisite leadership.
      • Applicant organization must not be currently engaged with another recruitment firm.

      How to Apply


      Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until an applicant organization is selected. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by a panel of Cowen Partners team members who possess a diverse set of expertise. Reviewers will look to further understand your organizations’ mission, vision, and values.

      If selected to move to a second round, you will receive a phone call from Cowen Partners to learn more about your organization and your team. For more information about this initiative, please use the contact form.

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