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      Private Equity Executive Search

      At Cowen Partners Executive Search, we know you need great private equity executives. Whether you’re an HR leader, CEO, or company founder, private equity experienced executives create value and make a real difference in the business.

      As firms work to increase their operational value, they need to choose great operational leaders who are agile in the ever-changing market. Cowen Partners understands the importance of speed and the need to find executives who can maximize the commercial potential of their investments.

      Private equity is currently worth about seven trillion dollars globally. As a result, we’re seeing an increase and need for private equity executive search and private equity experienced candidates.

      Why Private Equity Experienced Executives are So Valuable

      Many companies are looking toward private equity executive search firms to fill their executive roles. Private equity experienced executives create immediate value at any portfolio company. The private equity executive plays a huge role in strategic leadership as they navigate complex situations such as:

      • Ownership dynamics
      • Human capital
      • Regulation hurdles
      • Acquisitions
      • Divestitures
      • Exit strategies

      As the private equity acquisitions grow, we’re seeing more and more private equity executive searches for portfolio companies. Our clients are seeing that a private equity experienced executive can create more value and mitigate risk often found in portfolio companies.

      When Do You Need Private Equity Executives?

      There are various situations in which companies and their leaders will want to hire private equity executives. Here are a handful of the most common reasons firms approach Cowen Partners for the nation’s best private equity executive search services.

      When You Need to Raise Capital

      The private equity executive plays a central role in navigating the process of raising capital and going public. They can also help set up securities for compliance and governance. They can also work closely with finance and treasury, managing transactions and keeping track of documentation. They’ll work closely with HR, investor relations, and stakeholders.

      Once the company actually goes public, they can stand up for public company governance and help manage the routine corporate disclosure, and even recruit new board members.

      When Your Industry Is Complex

      Some industries, like media, financial services, healthcare, and transportation are heavily regulated. In these cases, having an experienced private equity executive can make a difference for your company by being a key player on big issues. They can play defensive and offensive roles, such as protecting intellectual property. Someone with a background in regulations can help your company navigate risks and enable business growth.

      When You’d Like to Scale Up, Down, or Carve-Out

      Companies look toward the future by focusing on downsizing, growth, or an exit. If you’re looking for growth, your private equity executives need to enable its growth and come up with achievable business plans to achieve it.

      If you’re looking to scale down, your private equity executives need to be able to deal with legal complexities, such as those that come with severance and termination. These require careful handling.

      Of course, some companies are focusing on an exit. Your private equity executive should be able to face any challenges that include releasing non-core assets and downsizing.

      When You Have Multiple Sponsors

      Private equity executives need high emotional intelligence so they can deal with many different personalities from their different sponsors. They have to be able to juggle different incentives as well as legal considerations that come when portfolio companies are owned by multiple private equity firms.

      Now, more than ever, CEO’s and HR representatives need to focus on their vision to find the right executives for their team. The new white-collar “work-from-home” structure requires new practices, structures, and a collaborative working environment. Your executive team should be agile and ready to take on new challenges in the new working environment.

      What We Can Do

      As one of the top private equity executive search firms, we can help you find the right fit for your private equity-backed company. Our team specializes in recruitment, due diligence, and selection.

      Our experience and knowledge can help every company across geographies, functions, and vertical industries.

      As part of your private equity executive search, we can help private equity firms hire better investment professionals as well as strengthen their portfolio companies. We can advise the chairman, CEO, and board levels. We’ll help provide due diligence and management assessment.

      Hire the Best Investment Professionals

      Any private equity professional has to have a diverse skill set. Not only do they have to be good at what they do, but they must also have emotional intelligence, leadership skills, cultural sensitivity, and intelligence. A top-level education is absolutely essential, and they must be an amazing networker.

      Assess Top Management During Due Diligence

      Success in private equity requires top performance from its executives. Thus, being able to assess top management skills is essential for private equity firms. The private equity executive assesses the management team while also assessing its organization and structure to determine its potential success. They are required to identify potential problems and prepare management for success while analyzing their potential.

      Find the Best Management for Portfolio Companies

      The investment in a private equity firm must be managed once an investment has been made. The private equity professional will take their place on the board, and will be responsible for overseeing the finances, monitoring its strategy, and reporting. They may also be asked to hire top managers and see management audits.

      At Cowen Partners, we understand your company has unique needs that only the best private equity executive recruiters can fill. As your business grows, we vow to find you the best executive with relevant experience for your company so you can get the most out of your portfolio investment.

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