Paul Belanger, Interim & Fractional CFO | CFO Search Case Study

      Paul Belanger 

      Chief Financial Officer | Interim & Fractional Services

      I provide fractional services that give start-ups around $75MM solutions to solve these problems on an as needed basis at a fraction of the cost. My proprietary method helps mid-sized companies double revenue and cash. I work on both the operational and transactional side of finance for industries including E-commerce, Tech. SaaS, Bio-Tech, Professional Services, Manufacturing & Distribution, Retail, Automotive, Construction and Nonprofits.

      Operational Highlights:

      ▪️ Financial statements published in one business day, 50% department staff reduction saving $300k annually.

      ▪️ Implemented multi-site based cost system, saving $1MM annually by closing underperforming locations. ▪️ Daily Cash Report and Weekly KPI reports ▪️ Short-term 13-week rolling cash forecast

      ▪️ Long-term business plan with liquidity focus—including profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

      ▪️ Point of contact for Audit, Legal, Insurance, and PE firms. Strategic exit planning, often for family-run businesses.

      Transactional Highlights:

      ▪️ Funded $40MM for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz with PE Group Colony Capital. Transaction Value $40MM.

      ▪️ Raised over $20MM to fund various SaaS startups

      ▪️ Converted a $15MM distribution organization to an asset-based line of credit ▪️ Sale of Northern CA-based Construction Company to several key employees. Transaction Value $15MM.

      ▪️ Several large transactions for the Big Apple Circus including the sale of Big Apple Circus traveling show to PE Firm Compass Equity Group. Transaction Value $1.5MM and the transition of the philanthropic division of Big Apple Circus to a new Ownership group to maintain community programs.

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