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      Board leadership decides the overall strategy and trajectory of your business. Weak leadership in these important positions leads to inefficient management, poor recruitment, and at worse, business failure. For lasting business success, you need to recruit and develop strong board leadership within your company.


      Companies often struggle with succession planning for their leadership board, though. Board members are too busy handling business needs to search for promising candidates to fill open positions. This is where Cowen Partners board recruitment and succession planning services come into play.


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      Cowen Partners has extensive experience helping businesses build strong board leadership.  From board recruitment and CEO succession planning to director evaluations and beyond, we can help you with any of your executive board search needs.

      When working with clients, we create a customized experience to find the best board candidates based on a company’s needs. We carefully identify skill sets and backgrounds that would benefit your team as well as determine which candidates align with company values and goals.


      Our accomplished team also has experience with a wide variety of industries from consumer goods and financial services to healthcare and many others.


      No matter what industry you work in, it’s imperative to have a seamless transition when one board member leaves and a new one comes in. A vacant board seat only results in business setbacks and makes it more difficult for the incoming board member to adjust to the role. Stay on top of the executive recruitment process by hiring an experienced national executive search firm to fulfill your board recruitment needs. Below are some of the services we offer as well as an explanation of how each one of these services will benefit your company now and in the future.


      Board Recruitment Services


      When built effectively and run efficiently, corporate boards are a strategic asset and a source of continuous competitive advantage. A board with a portfolio of competencies and intellectual capital aligned with your organization’s toughest strategic and operational challenges will deliver the edge to drive continuous shareholder return.


      At Cowen Partners, we know how to locate candidates who will further your business goals and strengthen your board portfolio even more.

      Board Recruitment & Partner Executive Search Placements

      • Partner, Large Regional CPA Firm
      • Partner, Regional CPA Firm
      • Partner, Full-service, CPA Firm
      • Tax Partner, Full-service CPA Firm
      • Tax Partner, HNW CPA Firm
      • Board Member, $1B+ Credit Union
      • Board Member, $1B+ Bank
      • Board Member, Community Organization



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