Shawn Cole on Stage

      “Our solutions are not limited to our known network” – Shawn Cole

      We are not in the business of knowing people, we are in the business of finding people. The list of who you know, or anyone else knows, is only so long. – Shawn Cole, President

      Cowen Partners supports executive leaders in the pursuit of exceptional talent. Having seen every aspect of the hiring process as managers, business owners and executive leaders, we focus on delivering stand-out candidates for executive and leadership positions across the country. No matter what industry you’re in, when we work for you, we focus on precision.

      This includes doing the quiet, behind-the-scenes work necessary to bring you the right mix of qualified candidates. Our laser focus is one of the main reasons clients call back when new positions open in their organizations.

      Our model is built on due diligence, process, critical review, and teamwork. Working this way allows us to extend our reach across the country to connect experts with experts, and help shape the way companies and professionals grow.

      To date, we have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in industries such as technology, real estate, healthcare, logistics, media and finance.

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