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      As businesses grow, their financial needs become more complicated. Businesses usually start out managing basic transactions, but as they expand their transactions become more complex, often requiring a heightened level of analysis and more robust systems and processes.

      Eventually, the company needs to move beyond the basics and create a more sophisticated financial strategy. While more basic financial needs can be handled by most finance professionals, a CFO will be necessary when it comes to complex transactions or strategic moves.

      This article will help any business with the strategic goal of an initial public offering (IPO) or other type of exit (such as an acquisition or buy-out) by showing them the benefits and process of hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as part of their preparation.

      A CFO with the right background and insight is critical. CFOs with IPO experience can be hard to come by, but they can provide valuable insights into expanding your business or obtaining funding.

      In addition, it is the CEO and CFO who will actually be verbally selling the company to prospective investors in the IPO. If the CFO can’t fulfill that role effectively, the IPO will fail. This article will help you, as a leader in your company, understand the following elements of hiring a CFO, especially in preparation for an IPO.


      The IPOhub team provides plain-English articles outlining technical insights and other valuable information for businesses approaching the complexities of an initial public offering.

      About Cowen Partners CFO Executive Search Practice

      Cowen Partners does more CFO searches in a month than other firms do in a year for one reason: our process works.

      Our senior partner led, due diligence driven process has made us a top CFO search firm. Our record of placing exceptionally qualified Chief Financial Officers is our guarantee. We will send you 3X more qualified candidates than other firms.

      Our secret? Shawn Cole. He is our president, co-founder, and thought leader on the ‘modern CFO’. His contributions in the field have been featured in Forbes, CFO.com, IPOHub, CFO Dive, Fortune, and Bloomberg.

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