HRD Quotes Cowen Partners on the Return to Office

      This week JP Morgan has told all of its Managing Directors to head back to the office for 5 days a week. The giant bank (which is also completing a giant office in Manhattan) has decided to bite the bullet and push for a five-day week back in the office. The announcement comes as no great surprise – CEO Jamie Dimon famously said that ‘WFH doesn’t suit those who want to hustle’ well over a year ago.

      “Our leaders play a critical role in reinforcing our culture and running our businesses,” the bank said in an email to staff. “They have to be visible on the floor, they must meet with clients, they need to teach and advise, and they should always be accessible for immediate feedback and impromptu meetings. We need them to lead by example, which is why we’re asking all managing directors to be in the office five days a week.”

      But as pressure grows in more companies for staff to head back to the office, it looks like the pressure may well not be equally applied. While many companies have called their employees back to the office, management level staff seem to be continuing to escape the daily commute – for now, at least.

      According to executive search firm Cowen Partners, 80 percent of executive jobs are currently available remotely, compared to only 25 percent before the pandemic. Many executives claim they are capable of working from home on technology like Zoom, Slack, and Teams, and that it allows them to work odd hours and maintain work-life balance.

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