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      How to Create the Right Enterprise Sales Team

      Building an enterprise sales team is a process that takes careful consideration. Sales, particularly enterprise sales, are all about relationships. You need people who can connect with multiple prospective clients, including multiple decision makers, and get them excited about your product. Below are a few tips that will help you create the right enterprise sales team for your business. 

      Shawn Cole talks about building an enterprise sales team.
      Shawn Cole, President

      Look for candidates with the right qualities

      Three qualities you want your salespeople to have include assertiveness, empathy, and dedication. A sales representative who is assertive knows how to keep a deal moving without being overly aggressive. An assertive attitude exudes confidence and control, which in turn inspires trust from potential clients. 

      Empathy is another important quality you want to find in your salespeople. Empathy helps sales reps relate to their clients and listen to their needs. People appreciate feeling understood and heard during a business deal. A sense of understanding between the sales team and clients will help your company build lasting relationships and strong business partnerships. 

      The last must-have trait of every salesperson on your team is dedicated to their job. Sales do not end after a deal is closed, and you need people who are willing to continue troubleshooting any issues that come up after a sale has been made. As the main point of contact for many customers, a salesperson will be getting calls for assistance long after the deal is done. A hard-working salesperson will understand and accept the full responsibility required of an enterprise sales team member.

      Understand who you need

      It is important to recognize what types of sales representatives you need and why. Sales candidates will bring a variety of different skill sets to the table, and you need to make sure you are choosing people who fit your company’s goals. For instance, some sales representatives specialize in client services and are good at building strong relationships with your existing customers. They can increase sales through additional service offerings purchased from current customers. 

      Other enterprise sales representatives are better at lead generation. They know how to research and network to find sales leads and bring new business to your company. Lead generation sales representatives are good at locating untapped sales potential. 

      Both skill sets are beneficial for your business, but one role might be more beneficial to your company than the other right now. Determine the type of skill sets needed to fill your sales roles so you select the right candidate during the hiring process. 

      Recruit top candidates

      It can be difficult to track down proven salespeople on your own, which is why it is important to establish a reliable hiring process. An executive recruiting firm is an excellent option when building a team of experienced sales representatives. Sales recruiters know how to spot the qualities you want in a candidate and if necessary, locate “rainmakers” with a portfolio of established industry contacts to accelerate your sales growth.  

      Most of the time, rainmakers are not actively seeking a new role. A skilled recruiter knows how to approach proven sales talent and offer an employment opportunity that will entice the top salespeople to your team. Adding top-tier salespeople to your enterprise sales team will set your enterprise solution up for success.

      Create an effective training process

      The annual average turnover rate for sales representatives is 34 percent according to Bridge Group Research. Part of this turnover rate is due to poor onboarding practices. The onboarding process is crucial for setting your sales team up for success, and since sales reps are expected to ramp up fast, your onboarding process should be both efficient and thorough. Too often, companies neglect to create a structured onboarding process, leaving sales representatives with gaps in their knowledge about the business or about how the sales cycle works at the company. Take the time to create an effective training plan that accounts for different learning styles while also ensuring all necessary information is effectively conveyed to new hires. A well-structured onboarding process will get everyone started on the right foot and show new sales reps that you value their time and effort. 

      Building a strong enterprise sales team takes time, but if you follow the above tips, you will create a winning team from the start. If you need help locating the right people, connect with a recruiting firm to fill your business needs.


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