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      Case Study: Executive Recruitment for Ocean Beauty


      Ocean Beauty Seafoods, recognized as one of the nation’s largest seafood providers, recently expanded its operations with the construction of a new, state-of-the-art processing facility. To manage this critical expansion, Ocean Beauty sought to recruit a highly qualified General Manager capable of steering the new facility towards operational excellence and increased profitability. This case study explores the recruitment process managed by Cowen Partners Executive Search, detailing their strategic approach in securing a top-tier candidate for Ocean Beauty Seafoods.


      Ocean Beauty Seafoods has long been established as a leader in the seafood industry, known for its high-quality products and expansive distribution network. The decision to build a new processing facility was driven by the company’s goals to enhance production capabilities and adapt to the growing market demands. Recognizing the need for skilled leadership to manage this advanced facility, Ocean Beauty Seafoods enlisted the expertise of Cowen Partners, a reputable executive search firm known for their proficiency in high-stakes recruitment for key business positions.


      The primary objective for Cowen Partners was to identify and recruit a world-class General Manager who not only possessed extensive industry experience but also had a proven track record of managing large-scale operations effectively. The ideal candidate would need to drive operational efficiency, uphold the highest standards of product quality, and align with Ocean Beauty’s strategic business goals.

      The Recruitment Strategy

      Cowen Partners deployed a targeted recruitment strategy, which involved several key steps:

      1. Market Analysis and Competitor Benchmarking: Understanding the market and identifying key players within the industry were crucial. Cowen Partners conducted a thorough analysis to identify competitors with similar operational scale and management structures.
      2. Candidate Identification: Leveraging their comprehensive industry knowledge and networking capabilities, Cowen Partners identified four highly qualified candidates across the country, all of whom were currently employed by direct competitors, ensuring they met the specific leadership criteria required by Ocean Beauty.
      3. Screening and Interviews: Out of the four candidates, three were shortlisted and subjected to a rigorous interview process. The interviews were structured to assess not only the candidates’ technical capabilities but also their strategic thinking and cultural fit within Ocean Beauty.
      4. Selection and Offer: After careful consideration, two candidates stood out as potential fits. Over the course of three months, Cowen Partners facilitated discussions and negotiations between Ocean Beauty and the candidates, culminating in an accepted offer from the chosen candidate.


      The recruitment process concluded successfully with the onboarding of a General Manager who brought over 15 years of industry-specific experience along with a strategic vision that aligned perfectly with Ocean Beauty’s operational goals and cultural values. The new General Manager’s leadership was pivotal in streamlining operations at the new facility, significantly enhancing production efficiency, and thereby impacting the overall profitability positively.


      Cowen Partners’ strategic approach in identifying and recruiting a highly skilled General Manager for Ocean Beauty Seafoods exemplifies the critical role of specialized executive search firms in bridging the gap between industry leaders and exceptional talent. This successful recruitment not only filled a key position at Ocean Beauty but also set a strong foundation for future growth and innovation within the company.

      About Ocean Beauty Seafoods

      Ocean Beauty Seafoods began in 1910 as a small seafood shop known as the Washington Fish & Oyster Company. Over a century later, we have grown to become one of the largest and most successful seafood companies in North America, with seven distribution locations across the Western United States, and two smoking and processing plants in Washington state.

      We are owned by the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) and an accomplished group of seafood industry veterans. A non-profit corporation established in 1992, the BBEDC promotes fishery-related economic development opportunities for residents of select Alaskan communities through the sustainable management of Bering Sea resources. Our ownership shapes Ocean Beauty’s long-term view of sustainable fisheries and guides our mission for success.

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