At Cowen Partners, we embrace our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen.


      We value our profession by advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion; our communities with our commitment to give back; and our planet through commercial work, pro bono search engagements, and ever more sustainable operations.

      Pro Bono Executive Search


      We believe in advancing social issues by providing access to world-class leaders through pro bono executive search services.

      Our experience spans the globe, covering countries and major cities across nearly every continent. We also specialize in a multitude of industries and professions.

      Giving back is emblematic of who we are, and it reflects the values of our firm.

      That’s why we are proud to give back and contribute in several ways, supporting a variety of causes and organizations.

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      Community Service


      Our executive search consultants and staff have raised millions for charity and donated thousands of hours to community service.

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      We are honored to give our time, donate services, sponsor food and gift drives, and raise funds to support an array of important causes that we care about deeply.

      From hosting and participating in fundraising events to sponsoring sports teams and beyond, we are relentlessly committed to:

      1. Supporting both small and large charities
      2. Donating our time, energy, and resources
      3. Advancing underfunded causes
      4. Giving back in meaningful ways

      Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


      At Cowen Partners, we are on a mission to strengthen DEI as a distinguishing feature of corporate culture, advancing DEI in both our profession and our client’s communities.

      Women Enriching Business


      A network for growth, opportunity, and advancement.

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      Environmental Sustainability


      From our dedication to sustainable operations to helping our clients and communities cope with complex environmental challenges, environmental sustainability plays an important role in what it means to be an exemplary global citizen.

      & Best Practices


      At Cowen Partners we strive to make the world a better place via research and best practices. They contribute to advancements in leadership, diversity equity and inclusion, learning, evidence-based decision-making, corporate culture and education.

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