Cowen Partners Takes a Precise Approach to Executive Search


      Recruiting is not glamorous.


      It’s about constantly building a network of qualified candidates, and doing the behind-the-scenes work necessary to identify and connect experts with experts.

      Cowen Partners values the hands-on nature of executive recruiting.


      It’s how we maintain a deep well of talent to draw from, and help organizations fill leadership positions quickly and precisely.

      After all, an empty seat in your org chart can create a leadership vacuum and uncertainty that prevents you from meeting strategic goals. Our job is to manage this process so you can focus on everything else on your plate.

      You are our client.


      We get to know your organization’s needs, often with a brief phone call or email. We focus on maximizing your time so you don’t get bogged down in the process. We talk about the job title, salary expectations, perks, timing and the “must-haves.”

      We reach into our vast professional circles to match your opportunity with qualified candidates.


      As we uncover what candidates are interested in, and where they are at in their careers, we follow a system of checks and balances. This teamwork is critical. One team member’s list of 20 possible candidates soon becomes a list of the top 3 or 4.


      Then we continue.

      Process: 10-5-2 Search Model

      Cowen Partners 10-5-2 search model has been adapted from the model used to recruit Fortune 500 executives. Considering the competition for top talent and the challenges inherent in placing executive level candidates, ​the 10-5-2 model is the preferred method for success.

      How 10-5-2 Works

      • Cowen Partners will deliver a slate of 10 fully vetted, viable candidates to client 30 days from the first day of the search
      • Client will ​choose 5 candidates to phone interview
      • From those five, two will be chosen to bring onsite
      • ​The final selected candidate will receive an offer


      • Side-by-side comparison
      • Efficient interview schedule
      • Backup finalist if the first choice backs out

      Choose Cowen Partners for contingent, retained and hybrid searches.


      We present a pool of candidates that fit certain criteria, candidates we have met on previous retained searches. In a contingent capacity, we generally work the front-end of the process, presenting candidates, leaving the assessment and selection work to the client.


      The ultimate in market analysis and executive due diligence. On an exclusive and in an advisory capacity, we work on a limited number of engagements at one time. A retained search is a systematic approach to the executive search process whereby we research and identify every qualified candidate in the market and present fully vetted and viable candidates. While retained, we work with you to identify, assess and select the very best possible candidate for your company. And we are engaged in all aspects of the hiring process, from defining the search through candidate integration.

      Retained Hybrid

      Working with your internal recruiters, HR and ATS, we supplement your existing candidate sourcing methods with highly qualified candidates using retained search methods. Ideal for Clients with robust recruiting systems already in place who would like the benefits additional due diligence and our expertise.

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