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  • Corporate Office: (360) 947-2804
  • Corporate Office: (360) 947-2804

Cowen Partner Venture Fund Investment Criteria


Investment Criteria for Cowen Partners Venture Fund


  • Location Focus: United States, Pacific Northwest
  • Sector Focus: niche markets, community businesses, and minority Cowen Partners Logoentrepreneurs with patent protected product/ technology; food, consumer, automotive, cleantech, medtech, artificial intelligence, apps, and software. Cowen Partners VF does not invest in retail, restaurants, or any brick and mortar businesses.
  • Investment Size: min. $10K – max. $50k first round (Cowen Partners can invest in joint investment follow-on rounds).
  • Stage: pre-seed, seed, early-stage.


Additional Criteria:


  • Is the solution scalable?
  • Is there a sizeable addressable market?
  • Is the product difficult to replicate?
  • Is the market niche and difficult to penetrate?
  • Is the solution protected by patents and difficult to duplicate?
  • Is the product/ technology a significant advancement or disruptive?


Cowen Partners VF Value-Add:


  • Well networked national executive search firm with significant expertise in venture finance and building world class sales teams.


Cowen Partners works directly with the local startup community to identify prospective investment opportunities.

Please no unsolicited invitations to invest.




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