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      Cowen Partners Launches Family Business Center

      Cowen Partners recognizes the impact that family businesses have on our economy and their local communities.

      Family businesses are at the heart of the U.S. economy. They contribute over half of our nation’s GDP and employ over 60% of the country’s workforce. Family business owners are among the most committed to their employees since they often hire other family members, friends, and relatives to support their operations.

      A significant number of our clients are family owned and we are excited to launch our family business center to support our current and future clients.

      Shawn Cole, President

      Cowen Partners‘ new Family Business Center is dedicated to supporting the needs of founders and their staff in all areas of the organization. They offer a full suite of helpful guides and articles that can assist founders, CEOs, and other management team members in their family business endeavors.

      The Cowen Partners Family Business Center provides information on family business leadership, recruiting, navigating through significant transitions, succession planning, and business development. They aim to provide all the resources you need to answer pressing questions as you prepare for the next stage in your business, whatever it may be.

      Too often, family business owners struggle to obtain the advice and guidance they need. Cowen Partners objective is to provide a supportive network CEOs and owners can turn to whenever they require mentorship.

      A few of the topics we cover include:

      • Building a robust and effective C-suite, from CEOs, CFOS, and COOs to CHROs
      • Deciding on the next CEO for a family business
      • Minimizing the risk of bad hires
      • Finding top talent for specialized and complex roles
      • Developing a unique, purpose-driven company culture
      • Planning for proper family business succession
      • Knowing when to hire family members or external agents
      • Selling a family business
      • Avoiding mistakes when selling the family business
      • Sourcing qualified legal talent
      • Combating loneliness as a CEO
      • Finding the right tax professionals for your family business
      • Thriving during a recession

      A trusted resource, Cowen Partners wants to be the organization owners and CEOs of family businesses turn to when they need guidance and support. If you have questions you can’t find the answer to through our Family Business Center, reach out to us. We’re happy to answer your inquiries and be a professional shoulder to lean on when you need it.

      In the future, you can expect more authoritative advice on family business leadership and operations garnered from our years of experience working with founders and C-level executives. We understand the needs of business owners, as we regularly partner with them as they scale their organizations for the next stage of growth.

      Our hope is that you’ll find our resources beneficial no matter what stage your family business is in, from start-up to second- or third-generation organizations. Remember, as a family business owner, you’re never alone — thousands of founders face the same questions you do every day.

      About Cowen Partners

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