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      Cowen Partners Executive Search Leverages AI for Faster Results Without Bias

      Cowen Partners aims to expedite the recruitment process with the assistance of AI tools that reduce potential hiring bias and expertly source candidates for executive leadership roles.

      Cowen Partners, a global executive search firm, announced today the launch of its AI recruiting solution. While traditional firms are limited to their networks and databases, Cowen Partners provides its clients with access to the entire market via robust market research. 

      The new AI recruiting solution will halve the time it takes to find qualified candidates for unique roles throughout all industry sectors. 

      Rather than relying on its existing portfolio of candidates, Cowen Partners can quickly locate skilled leaders for highly diverse roles that require specialized experience. AI will revolutionize the executive search process by replacing time-consuming tasks with systems that deliver instantaneous results.

      AI is the next evolution in accessing the top 1% of human capital in half the time as traditional research

      Shawn Cole, President Cowen Partners

      Cowen Partners will rely on an extensive suite of AI tools to expedite the recruitment process. Such tools can quickly match open roles with qualified candidates with the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform successfully. This system will analyze candidate profiles from multiple platforms to identify top individuals who fit the desired hiring criteria.

      Aside from matching top talent to open roles, this new process will harness AI to identify top global leadership skills, indicating what leaders need to look for when making their next executive hire. 

      Integrating AI into the executive recruiting process offers substantial benefits. It will automate the resume screening process, ensuring that hiring teams spend more time talking and learning about candidates than examining resumes. 

      The new tools will also make the sourcing process more effective, eliminating candidates who don’t possess the proper skills to handle the role.

      AI tools will make it much easier to source candidates who are likely to engage in the hiring process from beginning to end. A higher acceptance rate means a larger pool of candidates to select from when it comes time to make a hiring decision.

      With AI, it’s much easier to find candidates who truly are a match for any company and open position. There will be lower levels of turnover, something that all organizations can benefit from, especially when looking for a senior executive to stay on board for the long term.

      AI tools will reduce the time teams spend on redundant tasks, allowing them to concentrate on activities that add value to their organization’s hiring processes, like interviewing potential candidates and shortlisting the top ones. Companies will benefit from higher-quality leaders who are ideal fits for their leadership positions.

      Aside from reducing manual workload, AI allows Cowen Partners to benefit from stronger analytics to analyze the sourcing process and measure outcomes. 

      As AI continuously improves, organizations can expect only future benefits from the technology. 

      The industry sectors Cowen Partners specialize in include:

      • Consumer and retail
      • Distribution and logistics
      • Non-profit
      • Private equity
      • Financial services
      • Technology
      • Healthcare
      • Manufacturing
      • Real estate

      Powerful and robust AI systems will greatly improve the hiring process for executives in all of these industries.

      About Cowen Partners

      Cowen Partners is the nation’s executive search firm, enabling companies to harness the power of human capital to fuel their success. Cowen Partners gives clients access to the top 1% of human capital to create opportunities that accelerate their growth and market share. With Cowen Partners, clients can grow at scale, create value, and drive results with world-class talent.

      Clients are both small and large, publicly traded, pre-IPO, private, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million to multi-billion dollar revenue Fortune 1000 companies or have assets over one billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite and include VP and director-level leadership roles.

      With proven processes and guaranteed results, we have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial services, and private equity.

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