Cowen Partners CFO Movement Study 2023

      Today’s CFOs are grappling with continued, rapid, digital disruption (both within their organizations and the finance function itself), along with a prolonged high-interest rate environment and continued fear of recession. Meanwhile, organizations continue to put an emphasis on, and investment in, bringing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to the c-suite. Amidst that backdrop, CFO movement for the first half of 2023 reveals how the current climate is putting pressure on companies to hire new CFOs and/or diverse CFOs and offers insights into how CFO hiring will playout for the remainder of the year.

      Key Findings

      • CFOs of color represented almost a quarter of new CFOs (22%), while women made up a third (34%), statistically stagnant from the prior year’s study.
      • First-time CFOs were almost evenly split between men (51%) and women (49%).
      • Most external hires had prior CFO experience (82%) and most internal hires were promoted from the Chief Accounting Officer or VP of Finance roles.
      • It hasn’t been a great year for internal promotions, thus far. The study found that over three-quarters of new CFOs were hired externally (72%). Women were almost as likely to get promoted from within (48%) than from outside (52%). This year’s study found that most new CFOs of color were much more likely to be external hires (62%).
      • Few external hires were first-time CFOs (18%); most first-time CFOs came from internal promotions (71%). This suggests that companies prefer outside hires to have a proven track record in the role and that few new CFOs are achieving this role outside their current organizations.
      • Nonwhite CFOs were more likely to have an MBA (67%) compared to white CFOs with an MBAs (55%) and MBAs overall (58%). Women were less likely to have an MBA (45%) compared to men (64%) and MBAs overall. Women, however, were more likely to hold a CPA (37%) compared to men (28%) and CPAs overall (30%).

      CFO Movement Study 2023

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