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      Confidential Executive Search

      You don’t have to lose half your team or diminish your company’s reputation when replacing a leader. A successful transition is key to maintaining hard earned momentum and keeping your staff. It all starts with a confidential consultation, contact us about our executive search and interim solutions.

      How Our Confidential Executive Search Process Works

      As a 3rd party, we can confidentially recruit for your company without having to disclose the company name or reasons for the hire. Advantages of using our services;

      • You receive help from experienced executive recruiters, we conduct these searches 365 days a year
      • Your current executive can remain in their position longer while you conduct your search
      • You save time by only reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates who already meet your requirements
      • You have the chance to attract hard-to-reach, passive candidates who don’t apply to job ads
      • There may be faster turnaround since we may already have some qualified candidates on file
      • Specialized hiring experience will provide your company with strategic advice on interviewing, negotiating, and transition plans

      Interim Solutions

      Depending on the role, we can offer interim solutions as a stop gap and thus making for a smooth transition;

      • Objective assessment of the situation, our interim consultants are not connected to your previous employee, their systems and processes
      • Varied background and experience, our interim solutions are highly qualified, often more so than who they are filling in for
      • Emotional detachment prevents potential problems with existing staff disengaging or jockeying for position while you conduct your search
      • Keep momentum and stay on schedule; payroll, bills, financial forecasting and reporting all must go on while a search is underway

      Additionally, we offer you confidence in our services with our flat fees and industry leading 1-year replacement guarantees. Contact us for a confidential consultation, our search partners are available by phone and in person.

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