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      CIO Recruiters | Technology Executive Search Firm

      The role of the chief information officer (CIO) is constantly evolving to address the latest tech trends and platform challenges.


      While CIO recruitment can be a great move for your company right now, your current needs, objections, and company IT infrastructure can impact whether a CIO and/or another technology executive would be the best new hire for your C-suite.


      At Cowen Partners, our experienced CIO recruiters know what it takes to identify the right leader to take your business’s IT infrastructure and overall technology strategy to the next level of success.


      That is why we consistently top best technology and CIO search firm lists — and why our CIO recruiters are regularly partnering with new clients and referrals to help them find their next chief information officer.


      CIO Recruiting with a Proven Record of Success


      CIO recruiting means looking for an experienced leader who is familiar with the latest industry trends, hardware innovations, software advancements, cybersecurity systems, and more.


      Our CIO search firm understands the role of the CIO on a deep level.


      That’s one reason why we can find the right candidates efficiently, matching your company with the best talent to upgrade your internal processes, streamline workflow, and truly advance your tech systems, protocols, and more.


      A CIO and a CTO are not to be confused, and our technology executive recruiting firm knows how important the difference is between these two roles. We help clients find the best CIO candidates by locating innovative technology experts who have the qualifications, skills, background, and experience our clients need.

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        Chief Information Officer vs. CISO vs. CTO

        Top CIO Recruiters Differentiate the CIO Role from the CISO & CTO Roles & Explain Why The Difference Matters


        When it comes to managing a company’s technology, the roles of the CIO, CISO, and CTO take the lead. Though many confuse these positions because they all involve technology, there are key differences.


        Below are summaries of each role that showcase the vast difference between the two positions.


        What Does a Chief Information Officer Do?


        A CIO is responsible for handling a company’s infrastructure as well as the IT operations. The CIO finds ways to implement new technology internally that will make business processes more efficient and effective. For example, if a business process can be automated, the CIO will determine the best automation system to use and how to implement it at the company. The CIO manages the security and operations for a business, as well.


        The role of a CIO is paramount to success in today’s technology-reliant world. If a business cannot keep up with the latest technology infrastructure updates, the company will eventually become obsolete. If your company has been struggling with productivity, this is a role that can improve internal business processes.


        CIO Responsibilities & Duties


        Generally, the chief information officer will have responsibilities that include (and are not necessarily limited to):


        • Managing all technology infrastructure
        • Overseeing IT operations and departments
        • Aligning and deploying technology to streamline business processes
        • Increasing the company’s bottom line
        • Focusing on the requirements of internal employees and internal business units


        CIO vs CISO vs CTO


        The chief information officer and chief information security officer are two C-level positions important to the success and security of a business. As technology evolves these two positions must help a business adapt to the current technology trends and updates. Both roles focus on using technology to build a company’s IT infrastructure, however, the positions play two very different roles. Below is a summary of the main differences between a CIO and a CISO within an organization.


        What Does a CISO Do?


        The CISO also works with IT but manages the security side of the business. Cybersecurity is vital to the wellbeing of a business, and the CISO role is responsible for managing data security risks. A solid risk management framework allows a business to successfully evaluate and prepare for risks involved with new deals and technology development. By developing a proper risk management system, a CISO will ultimately keep your company’s data safe and secure.


        What Does a Chief Technology Officer Do?


        Technology updates are vital inside the company, but they also need to happen for the customer. A CTO is responsible for identifying technology that can be used to enhance the customer experience. Since technology advances so quickly, the CTO role spends a significant amount of time researching the latest updates. The CTO also manages the research and development team to find innovative ways to improve offerings. Once a new solution is identified, the CTO then works with company engineers and developers to create the new product/service for customers.

        In any business, customers expect the latest tech updates. They want the shopping experience to be fast and easy, and the products or services have to include the latest tech advancements. If a company falls too far behind on tech updates, customers will seek out a more modern product. Clearly, the CTO role is another indispensable position that will keep a company relevant and competitive.



        CIO vs CISO vs CTO: Conclusion

        The CIO and CTO roles may sound similar at face value, but they clearly serve very different purposes. Bother executive-level positions bring immense value to a business, but your company may need one more than the other right now. When looking to hire a CIO or CTO, ask whether you need to enhance technology within the company or for your customers first. If you need to focus on external products and services while driving innovation, then consider hiring a CTO. If you need to improve internal processes and enhance productivity, then hire a CIO.

        Large companies would benefit from having both roles on staff. A CIO and CTO both contribute to company growth and both can positively impact revenue. If your business can afford it, these two C-suite positions have the potential to massively enhance your business by updating processes with the latest technology trends.

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        Our experienced technology recruiters have experience working with private, public, pre-IPO, and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically $50 million in revenue to Fortune 1000’s or have assets between $500 million to $15 billion. Successful placements span the entire C-Suite – CEO, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and include vice presidentgeneral counsel, and other director-level leadership roles.

        Clients span every industry, are typically $50 million plus in revenue or between $1B and $15B in assets and successful placements include Chief Information Officer CIO, Chief Technology Officer CTO SaaS, Chief Information Security Officer CISO, VP Cybersecurity, VP Information Technology, VP Product, and include and Director level leadership roles.

        Learn how our technology recruiters deliver top talent, no matter the need, with our industry-leading research and resources. Discover the strategy that made Cowen Partners a leader among the nation’s top technology executive search firms in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and beyond.

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