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      Case Study: Strategic Recruitment of VP of Marketing

      Executive Summary

      Storable, a leader in providing integrated technology solutions for the self-storage industry, including customer record management software, sought to enhance its market positioning and outreach. To achieve this, Storable collaborated with Cowen Partners Executive Search to recruit a seasoned VP of Marketing. This strategic hire was aimed at bolstering Storable’s marketing efforts specifically tailored to the unique needs of the self-storage market.

      Client Background

      Storable offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to empower self-storage facility operators to maximize their operational efficiency and profitability. Their product lineup includes customer record management software, which is crucial for managing customer data and optimizing customer service within the self-storage industry.

      The Challenge

      Storable’s growth trajectory and the increasingly competitive market landscape necessitated a refined marketing strategy. The company required a VP of Marketing who not only had deep expertise in marketing technology products but also a strong understanding of the self-storage industry’s specific challenges and opportunities.

      Search Objective

      The primary objectives for this executive search were:

      1. Expertise in Marketing Technology Products: Identify a candidate with substantial experience in marketing software solutions, with a preference for backgrounds in technology serving niche industries.
      2. Industry Acumen: Secure a professional who understands the self-storage industry, or similar verticals, to ensure effective communication and marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience.
      3. Leadership and Vision: Find a leader who can not only develop innovative marketing strategies but also inspire and manage a marketing team to execute these strategies effectively.

      Search Strategy

      Cowen Partners implemented a detailed search process:

      1. Market Analysis: Conducted an in-depth analysis to understand the competitive landscape and identify key players and talent within the technology marketing space.
      2. Targeted Recruitment: Utilized targeted recruitment strategies, including direct outreach to potential candidates and leveraging industry-specific networks.
      3. Comprehensive Evaluation: Designed a rigorous evaluation process that included interviews focusing on strategic vision and past marketing successes, assessments to gauge industry knowledge, and cultural fit within Storable.


      The search was characterized by several key phases:

      • Initial Screening: Candidates were first screened based on their resumes and initial interviews focused on background and experience.
      • In-depth Interviews: Shortlisted candidates underwent several rounds of interviews with senior leadership at Storable, focusing on strategic thinking and industry-specific knowledge.
      • Final Assessment: The top candidates participated in a strategic presentation to the executive team, proposing a marketing strategy for Storable’s customer record management software.


      Cowen Partners successfully placed an experienced VP of Marketing who brought over two decades of marketing leadership within the technology sector, including specific experience in marketing software solutions to niche industries. The new VP had a proven track record of developing and implementing successful marketing strategies that increased customer engagement and revenue.


      Within the first six months, the new VP of Marketing:

      • Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that increased lead generation by 30%.
      • Enhanced digital marketing initiatives, which improved customer engagement metrics across all platforms.
      • Launched several targeted campaigns that directly addressed the pain points and needs of self-storage facility operators, significantly increasing market penetration.


      The successful placement of a VP of Marketing by Cowen Partners has had a profound and immediate impact on Storable’s market presence and sales. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a meticulous executive search process and the importance of strategic alignment between a company’s goals and the expertise of its leadership team.

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